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  1. Is there an internal fuse in the Xantrex Freedom XC PRO 3000 Question?
  2. You know we all wish you the best. Do come back and share with us about your travels. We expect to hit Italy, France, Spain, UK, etc. someday ourselves. I'll consider you our expeditionary mission.
  3. I second CSP. Loved it there. The breakfast buffet at the lodge was great In the park up from where we camped in the mountainous Black Hills of South Dakota https://blackhillsvisitor.com/learn/the-summer-white-house-of-1927/ We were sitting on the grand front porch late one afternoon enjoying the company of new friends and a young girl handed me her camera and asked me to take her picture. I looked over at one of the fellows sitting next to me and laughed. He was a world famous photographer.
  4. I had the same question. Sounds like a good idea for a factory change
  5. First, Congrats Second, Welcome Your story sounds a lot like ours
  6. I wish Phil all the luck and success, but I hate to see him go. It is a great loss to all of us.
  7. Great thread. I am new to all this and am very interested in hearing veteran stories.
  8. It is a ritual. I go slow. I have learned exactly when to remove the heat. It makes two perfect cups, or at least to perfect as I have come to coffee. I have a friend with some fancy $1,000 rig that makes the best coffee I have had. I can't commit to something like that even at home. Our home pot makes good coffee, but the Moka pot is mo' betta.
  9. We love coffee and we love our Oliver coffee. I know you said you did not want one of these but we love ours.
  10. Can we register for the 2024 rally now? Is it at Lake Guntersville again?
  11. Thank you. Are they far enough along to announce prices?
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