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  1. A sympathetic ear is sometimes all that is needed. So, thanks. I am still learning. I know many of you have cracked the code. You helped by describing your approach. I will make it my own
  2. This is my first time taking a large trip in my Oliver trailer. I'm excited but also a little nervous. I'm looking forward to exploring new places and meeting new people. The trip is about 3,000 miles over 20 days with 12 stops. I am not liking the efforts here. Paint me exasperated. I used to do long motorcycle trips. I like being spontaneous. Motorcycle trips were easy. Trailer trips are not spontaneous. Trailer trips are not easy. They require meticulous planning. Am I doing this wrong? The number of accounts I had to set up, the number of crappy websites and the number of voice messages I left makes this almost bad as going to the dentist.
  3. We have reconsidered our trek through that part of Canada. The objective of this trip is visiting friends on Lake Ontario on the NY side. We already have 12 stops planned over this 3,000 mile trip. I did not see anything close to our route that prompted me to go through Canada. All that said, we will do Canada soon, maybe next year, to see the things ya'll have mentioned. This is our first big trip and that one will be a big one too, with our focus on Canada. I hope we can do another biggie this year to the Rockies. Ya'll pray for me and my wife.
  4. Bee keepers love when folks call to have a hive removed.
  5. I doubt they are Carpenter Bees or Wood Bees. I'd bet they are honey bees. You win. I had Dirt Daubers. They built nests on the fan blades which threw them off balance. It was a matter of removing the Truma top and removing the nests. I now turn the AC on periodically when it is stored to discourage them from doing it a gain. You have taken it to the next level.
  6. We have never RVed into Canada. We have passports. What do we need to know to roll through Canada?
  7. I have the Anderson leveling blocks. I am simply wondering why Oliver did not equip the trailer with something more robust. I have to think someone here on the forum has beefed up the stock system.
  8. I guess that is one more thing one learns about our Oliver through "ancestral knowledge".
  9. Quoting - VIP 3,000 Power Jack is designed to lift up to 3,000 pounds a full 18". Oliver calls these "stabilizing jacks". How much are you comfortable using them to level the trailer? How high are you comfortable raising one side? An inch? Two inches?
  10. Does anyone know which manual has info about the rear stabilizer jacks? I can find the front hitch jack but not the two rear jacks. Thanks
  11. Good info I have fallen into a routine with RV Parky. https://www.rvparky.com/ I signed up for Harvest Hosts but have not yet stayed in one of their campgrounds. When I plan a trip I never find anything using Harvest Host. Maybe some states are better with HH than my surrounding states.
  12. Congratulations on all accounts. Enjoy!
  13. Oh, you ain't a fellow.
  14. Just curious, were you camping at Norfork lake in Arkansas last year? We met a fellow that sure sounds like you
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