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  1. Factory Tour: Elite tour: Elite II Trailer tour: Thanks go to Dori & Mena. Great job
  2. https://www.huskytow.com/towing-calculator/ Here is a very detailed towing calculator. You'll need all the Ram specs. That 3.0 diesel was a great motor, surprised it's gone for '19. Hope the link helps.
  3. Welcome aboard, I can't tell you how jealous I am. Enjoy
  4. They look great! Ordered up one. First part for the 2020 Mighty O?
  5. Thanks for the offer but day tripping off the island is a pain and excessively expensive. I did check put your website. It's wicked, you do get all over the the place. Makes me want to step-up my plans earlier..... Have a great trip through New England, I'll be following you in spirit and online. Wise choice coming up after Labor Day. The Oliver looks great. Paul
  6. Hi all, Not an owner yet, going to change that in 2020 with an Elite I. I'm going it solo with 2 dogs. Research brought me here with quality at the top of my trailer list. I like the construction process, seems the most durable by far. Reading about Oliver's customer service is very reassuring, they seem great. Enjoying the forum a lot, nice people and great info. Here's to 2020! Glad to be aboard, Paul
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