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  1. Hi Folks, I have watched some of the videos on Youtube pertaining to the Oliver trailers. Great advertising for the company from actual owners. Maybe an owner could post a video tour for those who have never seen inside an Oliver . In this day of stiff competition , any leg up would be helpful, I think. Signed, Tigrrr
  2. Northwoods, Thank you for answering my question fully. I had no idea of the circumstances related to the lag time. I will pray for the families involved. signed, Tigrrr
  3. Bugeyedriver, After writing my first response , I realized that I did not fully answer your questions. So here goes. Your question: "What temps and length of cold are you concerned about?". Answer- Above freezing(33) to the mid 50s, and for a month. I was not as concerned about keeping the pipes warm as I was keeping Me warm. And with saving my propane for other valuable uses. I know from survival training that a candle puts out an enormous amount of heat for its weight and size. That is why they suggest folks who live in cold climates carry a candle in their autos. Just in case they get stuck, they can keep the interior of the car above freezing. So I was reasoning (there I go again) that if the insulation factor was high enough in the Oliver I could keep it warm with candles (emergency or not). Now, Buffalobob, r-factor possible in the Oliver? R-what? Thank you in advance, Tigrrr
  4. Bugeyedriver, When I had read questions about different kinds of insulation that is used in the Oliver I naturally wanted to know what would be the maximum r-factor that could be put in. Just like your home, added insulation is never a bad idea. But unlike your home, trailers have a finite amount that can be used due to space restrictions. And added insulation also acts as a sound barrier against loud early morning sounds, etc. I reasoned that the more insulation I had, meant the less heat source I had to use to heat the trailer. And with the cubic feet of space in the Oliver, was it possible to "heat it with a match". Or in other words, use a minimum heat source to keep the trailer warm enough to be in for extended periods of time without using shore power , my battery , or my precious propane. After reading others' letters about "boondocking" for relatively long periods of time, I thought it might be notable to know the maximum r-factor one could request in the Oliver. Signed, Tigrrr
  5. Dear Mountainborn, I was sorry to hear about Roberts condition. I hope he will be up and around soon. Maybe some camping and fresh air will speed his recovery. Yes it was my question on the maximum r-factor that can be put into the Oliver. Or in other words, between the inside and outside shells, what is the maximun r-factor insulation possible. I know it will add weight, how much? Oops another question. Know that double pane windows is a GREAT idea. I have never found anyone say that an Oliver is a four season trailer, like a bigfoot. I just think it would be another selling point. signed, Tigrrr
  6. Hello Folks, I think everyone who reads these pages can agree that the Oliver is a wonderful product. Cutting edge technology, and the factory has been responsive to the needs of the customer. Your wish is their desire, if you will. And these pages can be a wonder source of information. But also a source of misinformation. And this misinformation can potentially hurt Olivers bottom line. And I think no one would want that. If we have a question, I guess we could always call the factory. But it seems the response would reach more people if the factory called us. I mean by this, if the factory had a rep whose job it was to answer questions in these pages in a timely manner. Good information is a wonderful thing. I find other peoples' questions interesting and the responses informative. I have learned a lot about travel trailers in these pages over the last few weeks. You people, are an informed group. But to stay informed we need timely answers to our questions. And it has been almost two weeks since I posed one of my questions, without a response. This must be a very busy season for Oliver. With the growing demand for their product,dealing with the increased cost of doing business, and trying to setup their dealer network, they must feel swamped at times. So as they say "patience is a virtue". I would love to hear other peoples ideas as to how we all can stay better informed about this wonderful product. Signed, Tigrrr
  7. Dear Yvon,Northwoods, Carolann,Tumbleweed,Boler Fun,beeser,and ashley meadow, I did not mean to start a firestorm! So please do not kill the messenger! I received my info packet from the factory the third week of June,2008 and was passing on the info within the packet. The Legacy classic page lists the standard features and the options and their prices. On top of the second column on the page it says "STARTING at $32,750.00" . I consider this to be the base price. The Legacy Elite is listed on a different sheet. It lists the standard features of the Elite but NOT the options. On the top of the second column it says "STARTING at $37,750.00" . I consider this to be the base price. The base price for an item is well, the base price. It is without the personal options. It is the item that you would receive ,as I would , without any added features. And the price should be the same for you, me, or a third party. Excluding, of course, any shipping expenses or other destination charge that might be added on to the base price. So I am not sure about the wide variety of prices. In April, Northwood quotes $17,500, the new price sheet states $32,750 and $37,750 , and others have talked to the factory and gotten varied responses. My advice would be to talk to the factory directly. My sales rep included her card. Her name is Tiffany Moon. I hope this clears up any confusion I may have cause inadvertly and states the FACTS as I know them to be. Signed, Tigrrr P.S. The factory should probably put out a response to this issue and include it in these pages.
  8. What is the R-factor of the insulation that can be maximized in the oliver? Signed, Tigrrr
  9. Yvon, $32,750, and $37,750 says the new catalog received the third week of June,2008. signed, Tigrrr
  10. Thank you Earthdancer for taking the time to answer my queries. The web site for eggcampers is- http://www.eggcamper.com. The web site for the sprayed on insulation, lizard skin -www.lizardskin.com signed, Tigrrr
  11. Hi Everyone. Does anyone have any experience with Eggcampers, made in Michigan? Next question- What R-factor insulation can be stuffed (sprayed) into the oliver? Would love to heat it with a match. Thank you in advance. signed, Tigrrr
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