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  1. When Betty and I bought the first retail available Oliver back in 07', we made it a geocaching travel bug. Here is a look at the back window of our "Ollie". As time went by and we wrote about our travels, often referring to our Ollie, it began to become generally used in the Oliver community as a common descriptive term around campfires. Soon it became a map on the Oliver web site for where we were located when touring the Nation for Oliver showing their latest offerings.
  2. Back in the day, when Oliver was just beginning to have a presence on the internet, I started the Oliver and molded fiberglass facebook page. Here is the link to it, note the URL It's actual name was "Oliver Posse" ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/oliverposse/
  3. Camp Food Stamp folded up today after a month of fish fry's and dutch oven cooking. Here is a look for those that couldn't make it this year.
  4. Eating good in the neighborhood ! Camp food stamp 2017. Turnip greens, purple hull peas, mashed potatoes and Dutch oven meatloaf. All cooked over a open campfire.
  5. Each of the spring fed jug fountains has the chemical analysis and all of the particulars listed on it.
  6. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/coffee-camping-staple-larry-mountainborn-harmon/
  7. Hey Stan ! I understand, life has a way of doing that alright. We caught six nice catfish this morning but lost two trying to land them. Four good ones in the live box.
  8. Camp Food Stamp 2017 the surface of lake Ouachita is like glass this morning ! A cool morning around the campfire sipping on coffee.
  9. Steve & Tali, you guys are in a mighty pretty place ! Here is the boat just before we dumped it in the lake.
  10. 0400 hours 7-1-17 a line of thunder showers passed quickly through our part of the Ouachita mountains, cooling things off and sending me scratching for covers while laying in bed listening to natures majesty. First order of business this morning, pump boat bilge to clear rainfall then a hearty breakfast on the lake as we plan the days adventures !
  11. You will know that you are getting close when you see this sign !
  12. On our way to the campsite we passed a couple of nice ladies with a farm fresh produce stand. We just could not pass it up ! That roadside produce stand is located just west of Mount Ida on US Hwy 270 just before you turn north on Arkansas 27 when headed towards the boondocking location.
  13. Boondocking chores. Picnic table scrub and bleach water rinse. Because you just never know if someone may have cleaned fish there ! The link below is to a very brief look at the process.
  14. That gravel road is a all weather road and plenty wide for two way traffic. Nearby grocery shopping for any last minute items you might need. And, did I mention, camping is free !
  15. Here it is folks, the first photo from "CAMP FOOD STAMP" 2017 . We are boondocking on lake Ouachita ! We are located about 1/3 of the way down lake Ouachita, with a gentle breeze coming off of the water. Slept with the windows open last night and the fantastic fan on low and it was ever so nice to hear all of the great night sounds coming across the lake !
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