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  1. LOL on the ‘dog farts’. I do travel in the fall with bird dogs, but don’t think this is the source of the problem. The alarm drives them nuts, of course.
  2. Have been experiencing recurrent and spontaneous false propane alarms from the Atwood detector in my two-year-old Elite. Often requires a half dozen resets before the alarm ceases to repeat. Valves on propane tanks closed, windows open, fans running...doesn’t matter. Anyone else had this problem? Any ‘fix’ short of replacing the unit?
  3. “Rolled my own” neutral bonding plug as per suggestions and (presto!) problem solved. Thanks to the helpful members who offered their advice.
  4. Thanks to mossemi, Overland, AndrewK and Ken_Judy for the quick and specific replies. Will follow-up on the suggestions tomorrow and let you know if the issue is resolved. Thanks again!
  5. I have a 2019 Elite with solar which I use almost exclusively for boondocking. The solar usually keeps up with my minimum power requirements, but on the last trip I needed additional battery charging during cold and overcast weather. I discovered that my generator was not providing any charge. Generator is a new Honda 2200i. Tested it by running a portable hair dryer and it revs to power the appliance. Tested the power cord and it is functioning perfectly. Shore power (at home) charges the batteries efficiently. But still nothing when connected to the generator. Any suggestions?
  6. Trainman, thanks for your response. I’ve decided to just buy a replacement for mine and send the original unit back to the factory for repair.
  7. Overland and topgun2, thanks for your responses. Yes, will give Jason a call on Monday.
  8. I took delivery of my Elite in May of 2018, and the Maxxfan has been a disappointment. It began with the fan spontaneously activating its closing function—even though it was already closed—-then additional malfunctions accumulated from there. While the unit is still covered by the two-year warranty, I see that Airxcel makes their (up to 45-day) process of repair or replacement time-consuming and inconvenient at best. I’m wondering if any forum member has been similarly disappointed with the Maxxfan, and has chosen to replace it with another brand’s unit that they have judged to be more reliable? I would be willing to do just that, while also having the Maxxfan unit repaired or replaced and then kept as a back-up fan to be used as needed in the future. (Meanwhile, I would not have to deal with having a hole in my trailer’s roof for the next 45 days.) Any thoughts or experiences on this issue...?
  9. Hi fellow Oliver travel trailers owners. I took delivery of my Elite I (Hull #340) on 5/30/2018. I’m based in the Seattle area, but travel extensively throughout the American West during all seasons of the year. Here’s my first question on the forum: Has anyone had significant experience with cold weather boon-docking, by which I mean three or more consecutive days in below freezing weather? If so, have you devised any modifications to help with heating the space between the hulls when without access to power? Thanks for any replies. Skylar
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