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Found 3 results

  1. I took delivery of my Elite in May of 2018, and the Maxxfan has been a disappointment. It began with the fan spontaneously activating its closing function—even though it was already closed—-then additional malfunctions accumulated from there. While the unit is still covered by the two-year warranty, I see that Airxcel makes their (up to 45-day) process of repair or replacement time-consuming and inconvenient at best. I’m wondering if any forum member has been similarly disappointed with the Maxxfan, and has chosen to replace it with another brand’s unit that they have judged to be more reliable? I would be willing to do just that, while also having the Maxxfan unit repaired or replaced and then kept as a back-up fan to be used as needed in the future. (Meanwhile, I would not have to deal with having a hole in my trailer’s roof for the next 45 days.) Any thoughts or experiences on this issue...?
  2. Issue 1: Fan inoperative Issue 2: Fruit Flies or Gnats in toilet Models Impacted: All models delivered before 8/8/2018 Information: Nature's Head recommends using a 2-5 amp fuse for the composting toilet fan. Many models may have been produced with a 1 amp fuse in the converter for the fan and may result in it blowing. Fruit flies and/or Gnats may become a problem in the composting toilet gaining access via the top roof plumbing vent. Resolution 1: Replace the 1 amp fuse with a 5 amp fuse. You can use a 2, 3, or 4 amp fuse as well just as long as it is within Nature's Head recommended size of 2-5amps. Resolution 2: *Place a mesh screen, like the material used in the window screens, over the top plumbing vent pipe. You can also use products such as Diatomaceous Earth or Gnatrol as well. You would need to refer to the Nature's Head Compost Toilet manual for the recommended process for adding these products to your toilet. Please see attached manual. *By placing a mesh screen over the vent pipe you will need to periodically clean this to keep it from becoming clogged and causing a plumbing issue. Natures-Head-Composting-Toilet-Manual.pdf
  3. Issue: A/C Fan runs when mode set to furnace Models Impacted: Dometic Penguin II equipped Information: The on-board thermostat communicates with the Dometic Penguin II A/C unit and the A/C unit then communicates with the Furnace. When the mode is set to Furnace the A/C fan should not run if set to AUTO. If the fan speed is set to LOW or HIGH, this will cause the A/C unit fan to run with the Furnace as a means to distribute the inside air flow. If you are experiencing this issue, please ensure that the fan speed on the A/C is set to AUTO. Resolution: Normal Operation *If the A/C fan runs when set to Auto and mode is set to Furnace, then another issue exists and the Dometic A/C unit should be inspected by a Dometic certified technician.
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