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  1. We towed our Elite II with a 2019 Duramax diesel 6.5 ft bed over the Beartooth pass in Sept. of 2019 without issue. I wont lie, I experienced some anxiety in anticipation of the trip and my blood pressure may have been elevated a tad as we motored on, but it was worth it. We set the pace we were comfortable with, pulled over to enjoy the scenery and to let others pass at several of numerous overlooks. I must admit that having an engine brake makes mountain travel much easier. We were not the longest rig on the pass. I would suggest to be on the pass earlier in the day to avoid the masses.
  2. SeeDawg, yes I should have included that we towed with a 2019 Chevrolet duramax. We certainly had the power and the engine brake has been an added bonus while traveling in the mountains. We initially bought the diesel to haul our boat and have discovered that more power makes our life easier with the Ollie also. Moved into a 21 GMC duramax.
  3. We pulled our Elite II on the Beartooth Hwy two years ago, no problem.
  4. Some of my best memories of Oshkosh are taking a tent and camping under our wings.
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