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  1. According to Service Dept the board part # for my MaxxAir is : 10C21275K I've ordered and perhaps will do a video for install though there are a ton already on YT etc. I will be doing some extra water-proofing. thx y'all
  2. My MaxxAir main cabin fan seems to have a bad main board. Internet says that in order to get the model number of the fan I'll need to climb on top of the coach as the model number is not accessible from within. Perhaps someone has already done this exercise and can share the model # of the fan install in the '19 E2? I have a ticket in with Service as well but I don't know if Oliver tracks that sort of info for individual model years. We'll see. thx
  3. I'm not following how the last few posts to this thread have anything to do with the curbside window and how it might have water between the panes. Perhaps the issue of a less-than-good install of the rear window deserves its own thread?
  4. Your eyes are better than mine. I looked at those pictures a couple of times and came away thinking they were not even for an Oliver! Back to the original topic, I live in a town of about 30k with a couple of glass shops and an RV repair place and nobody will touch my window repair. There's another town nearby of about 100k and with a Camping World and so I suppose I'll call down there and see what I can find out. Just documenting for posterity / anyone in the future who has this issue...
  5. Thanks, Frank. I guess I'll call Parts on Monday and see what it would run for a new.
  6. Hey, y'all. In doing my Spring maintenance work I've noted that my EII's curbside sliding window has a leak and there's now water in between the panes. Curious if anyone else has seen this -- I've read about windows leaking but don't see anything about water inside the pane -- and have any advice as to where I might order a replacement and if I should try to do the swap myself? I imagine these are probably standard-sized windows. Hope that's not wrong.
  7. I have some left-over silicon mat from another project and I'm going to cut a piece to cover that hole for when I reinstall the composter.
  8. I didn't realize that's what those were! I did find a little drain -- I guess that's the other side of the "scupper" you mention -- under the North dinette seat but that whole area doesn't really look like its designed to be handle any sort of *real* moisture. To your point. Sort of a surprising design honestly. I guess I'll check to see if the hardware store has some sort of plug that might fight in that hole without making it really hard to remount the composter. Thx!
  9. I did crawl around under the trailer today looking for any sort of drain for the hull area where the black tank sits and I didn't see much of anything.
  10. I'm also going to pull @John E Davies into this thread since he has an old thread about doing the install himself, is extremely thorough, and I'm sure he considered the consequences of getting water in this portal to the black water tank. John, I hope that's ok. I tried to flatter you a little to smooth it over if not. ;)
  11. I'm doing Spring cleaning. I've removed the composting toilet and I'm looking at the hole in the hull which is above the port for my (unused) black tank and which would normally be under the composting toilet. There's really no gasket around the bottom of the composting toilet and thus I would expect that water from the shower must get under the toilet, drop down onto the black tank, and thus there must be a drain under there somewhere, yes? Looking at the manuals, it *kinda* looks like that is the case. To be honest the reason why I'm asking is I would like to be able to do all of the cleaning and then rinse down the bathroom and not have to worry that any water which dropped down over the black tank would then be trapped in the hull. Thx y'all.
  12. In fairness to the manufacturer of the pump, I was full timing for 2+ years and cooked and washed dishes nearly every night in a hard water area. I'm sure I blew through the typical mean-time-between-failures. I'm actually very curious to see what it looks like inside.
  13. Both of the ones I've had made a bit of sound but by the end the OEM-installed one was making *much* louder noises. And after I installed the new one it was a ton quieter. I think the video doesn't do well to demonstrate the sound level. Before I remove the old one it was chattering enough to make me, as a bit of a motorcycle mechanic, uncomfortable. Visions of the pump internals being shredded. 😉
  14. I turned off the valve just on the other side of the pump and then opened a faucet for a second. It spilled a little bit of water when I opened it but not much. Nothing a wash cloth couldn't handle.
  15. Thanks, folks. The 60A was easy to find. I've not yet located the 20A for the pigtail ... just some 30s under the bunk and the 10s under the dinette seat. I'll keep looking.
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