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  1. I've been using the pinhole reset about once a month. But always because BT has stopped working. I should try it the next time I get these audio drops and see if it changes anything. Thanks for the idea.
  2. Audio drops are back even though the audio completely bypasses the TV and is routed to the receiver over analog RCA cables. There are no audio drops when playing a DVD so that suggests the issue is not a loose connection between the receiver and the speakers. By process of elimination it seems that the receiver may be faulty. Going rate for JWM40 is north of $175. It would be an expensive experiment to get a replacement unit hoping that is the fix. I'm going to let that decision bake for a while and I'll report back later. Another option might be to replace the receiver with something other than Jensen as this has left a rather bad taste in my mouth re the brand. This and having to use the factory reset button on the unit once a month or so when it stops playing nicely with Bluetooth devices. There is a headphone jack on the front of the receiver so I suppose I could feed audio into the receive from a trusted device like an mp3 player and see if I can repro the audio drops via that input and thus further point the blame at the receiver. Annoying...
  3. If I'm able to make some nice racking I'll post that up on its own thread. :D
  4. Alright, closing the loop on this one. I'll spare the details as to how but with some spare HDMI and RCA audio cables I was able to isolate the source of the problem to somewhere between the HDMI input of the Jensen TV and the analog audio out of the TV. All other cables and components passed testing. So a new Jensen TV is > $250 bucks. Or perhaps I can take it to an electronics repair place but I doubt it. In any case, I have other priorities right now so what I did was instead run a 12ft RCA cable from the back of the receiver to the attic and then mounted an HDMI audio extractor box (and and HDMI splitter for other devices living in the attic) and that's working like a charm. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XJITK7E/ I suppose I need to come up with some nice racking with cable management for the attic since I have a PS4, Vero, Raspberry Pi, surge protector, HDMI splitter, and audio extractor up there now. Time to break out the 3D printer. ;)
  5. That's right. Thanks for the eyes on. As of this morning I'm not getting any audio from HDMI through the house speakers so perhaps I have a loose connection. Would be great if it just worked out to be a loose connection but, like you say, I suspect its an issue with D/A conversion. Currently looking through my pile of AV equipment in storage to see if I can put something other than the TV inline between the Vero and the head unit to isolate the problem to the TV. Will update as I figure out. A replacement Jensen TV is ~$200 retail. Sort of considering just replacing the TV to see if that resolves.
  6. I don't know much about the audio and video formats themselves but I've tried a number of videos with similar results. Here's the audio section output of the 'mediainfo' command run against one of the files: Doesn't look like anything super fancy to me but, I dunno. The container formats for all of the files is VP9.
  7. Just looping back on this with the latest results... So I have a little Vero 4K+ media player I hooked up today with a couple of different HDMI cables for testing the connection with between the media player and the TV. Regardless of cable and regardless of audio settings on the TV (mainly Automatic Volume Control on or off) I'm still getting audio cuts on the HDMI connection. I turned on the speakers on the TV so I could get audio through both the TV speakers and the house speakers to verify that the problems were not with any of the videos themselves and while the TV speakers are 100% reliable the house speakers would cut out. Oddly enough, in the same parts of the video(s) every test run. I removed the Jensen head unit from the wall and verified that the cabling from the TV into Aux 2 on the head unit is in fact the red and white RCA-style cables. I believe those are analog cables and thus my current guess is that there's something wrong with the TV not when it comes to decoding the audio from the HDMI input but in converting it to an analog signal and sending it to the head unit. The audio never cuts out when playing a DVD which makes me think that Jensen head unit is probably ok. I'm well beyond warranty period for the Jensen kit though the system has demonstrated this behavior since the day I rolled out of the factory. My bad, I guess. I have an LCD computer monitor in storage that will mount up to the folding arm the TV currently inhabits so I may just swap the LCD monitor up and see how that works out.
  8. Only one HDMI on my model but I do have a computer monitor I could bring in. Heck, if I could figure out a way to power it I'd consider swapping it out with the Jensen permanently. ;) It's pretty funny that @rideandflysuggested the RCA cables as several times while debugging I've sworn under my breath along the lines of "...never had problems like this with the analog sh*t..." ;) Will post here when I make some progress...
  9. I have a '19 LEII. I'm getting annoyingly frequent audio drops through the Jensen TV and radio setup whenever I'm using the HDMI input on the TV. I've looked at other forums -- even some that are not RV-related -- and have tried replacing cables, cleaning and checking contacts, making sure the sending HDMI device has clean power, etc but the problem persists. Starting to expect the problem might be the HDMI input on the TV. I should also mention that I have no problems with audio when using a DVD so that seems to imply that the radio/DVD player and speakers themselves are ok. Anyone else had this problem and have any advice?
  10. So when I went to NAPA to get grease today they had one of the air-driven grease guns on sale. Y, I gotta say, that was a good purchase. The angled zerks I installed previously actually gave me more problems than the new gun. I guess I'll be keeping it. ;)
  11. There was quite a bit of plastic shaving in the filter -- I assume I must have hit some rough roads that shook things loose that didn't shake loose when I first set sail. Cleaned that out and it does seem to have helped a little bit but see attached video. I'll order a rebuild kit today and maybe film the service to post here after I'm done. VID_20201226_135906.mp4
  12. My trailer suspension starts to creak a bit if I let it go more than 3k miles. Its like clockwork. I figure a tube of grease is cheap.
  13. I know you weren't asking me but I have a hand-pump that's nearly the size of these charged ones and I carry it and a couple of tubes of grease with me (FTer). Home Depot has small black+yellow plastic lid bins and I dedicated one to all of the "dirty stuff" and then also double-wrap the gun and the tubes in gallon ziplocks. Usually have a box of HF garage gloves knocking about as well. 3k mile service intervals on that axle goes fast. :\
  14. Thanks for the tip. No whooshing here. Sounds more like a woodpecker. I'll record it when I get a chance. Going to order a new pump and a repair kit today. The pumps are not that expensive to have on the shelf and one thing I've learned this year is parts on a shelf beats relying on the "supply chain". ;)
  15. Those are the same ones I picked up. I have a big bag of them now. I've had a hard time getting them to seat and stay on if i'm honest.
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