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  1. In fairness to the manufacturer of the pump, I was full timing for 2+ years and cooked and washed dishes nearly every night in a hard water area. I'm sure I blew through the typical mean-time-between-failures. I'm actually very curious to see what it looks like inside.
  2. Both of the ones I've had made a bit of sound but by the end the OEM-installed one was making *much* louder noises. And after I installed the new one it was a ton quieter. I think the video doesn't do well to demonstrate the sound level. Before I remove the old one it was chattering enough to make me, as a bit of a motorcycle mechanic, uncomfortable. Visions of the pump internals being shredded. 😉
  3. I turned off the valve just on the other side of the pump and then opened a faucet for a second. It spilled a little bit of water when I opened it but not much. Nothing a wash cloth couldn't handle.
  4. Thanks, folks. The 60A was easy to find. I've not yet located the 20A for the pigtail ... just some 30s under the bunk and the 10s under the dinette seat. I'll keep looking.
  5. I had my doubts about that 30A breaker being relevant. I'll have to go back through the manual to spot the location of that 60A. I did see it in the key of one of the diagrams but didn't see its placement. Thx
  6. So both my bathroom and overhead fans on my '19 EII seem to have failed. I see that at least on the overhead this is commonly a moisture issue and usually involves a board replacement (and some custom water-proofing work). Anyone have a recommended place to order a replacement bathroom fan and the board for the overhead MaxxAir? Given the "supply chain issues" I've had with motorcycles etc these last two years I'm inclined to just order complete replacement units and then pull the existing units for later refurb and or parting out for the parts shelf. Thx
  7. I forgot to update this thread. I ended up ordering a new water pump and replacing and everything seems a lot better. I may go through the old pump soon and rebuild it just to have a somewhat trustworthy spare on the shelf.
  8. Hey, folks. I need to disconnect power from the trailer pigtail in order to clean the contacts and also to do a better job of water sealing that whole apparatus. Looking at the manual and wiring diagrams it seems to me like if I'm trying to be careful I should not only flip the 30A main breaker under the dinette but there's also a breaker that sits between the the 7-way and the batteries which should be flipped. Correct? Did I miss anything? Thx
  9. Congrats on the new rig! Glad you found the thread useful. Please make sure not to miss the Shower Beer section. 😉 I'm no longer full-timing and about 2 weeks ago I emptied the trailer while doing some routing maintenance. It took like 3 days to organize all of the junk I had been carrying in the Oliver for full-timing. Some of which I had put in there the first week I rolled out, never used, and then prompty forgotten about until I hauled it out again. So that's a data point at least. 😉
  10. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it another run this weekend and let the thread know...
  11. Interesting...I wondered about the length of the house/strength of the pump so I shortened my hose a bit and then put the jug on the bumper. Haven't made a difference for me either. I guess I'll call Oliver service this week to see if they have any ideas.
  12. Not strictly about storage but more about space-efficiency. And, besides, I started this thread and it has been roughtly since we were talking about "shower beers" since it has been offtopic. 😜 So when I was full-timing I never really did come up with a way to handle dish drying that satisified my. I ended up stacking 2 drying mats on top of the the open area next to the sink with a bit of overlap over the stove cover. 2 mats because it helped soak up any wetness and keep the counter + stove from getting anything beyond moist and *not* a catch tray because I didn't find one that would store well. Today while watching a video on re-seasoning cast iron I stumbled across a video where I spotted this.... : https://www.amazon.com/LLygezze-Large-Stainless-Drying-Kitchen/dp/B01HRJ5HI6/ref=sr_1_5 There are similar work-alikes on the site. I ordered one for my kitchen though I will definitely take in on trips with the trailer too to see how this compares.
  13. Ha ha! No dumb questions. For sure. It's one of the first things I looked at when I wasn't getting the expected results. You know what I didn't check though? If the hose or the filter on the inlet port somehow clogged after getting enough fluid to flush the cold in the kitchen. I will have to check that when I get back out there today. I can't imagine how it could have since the hose is quite short and was inserted directly into a fresh A/F bottle but...
  14. That's the interesting part. It went down to about half of the jug and that's when I got the cold water winterized in the kitchen. Nothing else has moved the line in the jug. I'm rather flummoxed. I'm considering just taking the trailer to low-elevation NV for the winter(It's not far...lol).
  15. Yes, sir. I actually never changed it back after sterlizing the system a couple of days ago.
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