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  1. Yes, that's right. This particular park was built back in the early 70s. I suspect the 50A circuits are quite a bit newer. The park is also sort of sorted into 30A and 50A sections and I suspect the 50A section got a bit more design consideration. I guess it'd be interesting to plug into 30A on the post in a 50A section and compare the voltage versus that coming from the 50A plug and through the dog bone. Over the last year or so I've noticed that the scenario I've described is pretty common at many other parks as well...if I'm plugged into 30A the AC kicks off so frequently that its basi
  2. The same here. I've only noticed that fan kicking on when the batteries are charging. It did *not* kick on when the temp was up above 100F. Now that the temp has dropped (thanks to clouds/smoke) I've not been noticing the smell. I will keep an eye on it though.
  3. Hey, folks. QQ about something I've noticed this weekend... If I run the overhead fan in exhaust mode (while cooking on the range top, for instance) with the AC running I notice a smell that I will call "hot electricals". Sort of ozone-y, I guess. If I turn the exhaust fan off the smell goes away. I started pulling panels and sticking my face in the cubbies to identify the source and it does seem to be coming from the compartment with the Progressive unit. I also have the AC quickstart option on my trailer. Now, its been ~110F here for the last few days so I expect the electrical sys
  4. This may be an option : https://dancarrphotography.com/blog/2017/08/04/how-to-wire-goal-zero-solar-panel-zamp-connector/ Another project on the pile of projects...
  5. Clarifying just in case anyone stumbles on this thread later... solar generator: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CRQX9KW charge controller: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076631RKH/ suitcase: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3TC113/ That setup has two(?) issues with connecting to ZAMP system in Oliver: 1) Would require an 8mm-to-SAE adapter except ZAMP wires their SAE connectors backwards because "single vendor". 2) It's unclear that the external solar port on the Oliver passes through the on-board charge controller. Thanks, everyone.
  6. This reminds me of Apple hardware versus everyone else. Are there no standards? And where there are can you please follow them! 😉 Thanks for the info. I guess I'll likely have to give up on the idea of having a single suitcase for all use-cases.
  7. The controller is an add-on installed in the "generator". I was hoping to carry the panel back and forth between my Oliver and my overland rig. Sounds like that'll require some creative wiring at the least. Glad I asked! Thanks for the info!
  8. Howdy, folks. I did a quick forum search and didn't get any results so perhaps its time for a topic? Anybody hooked up a Goal Zero panel to the ZAMP controller using the 8mm-to-SAE adapter here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1366342-REG/goal_zero_98063_8mm_to_sae_connector.html/DFF/d10-v21-t1-x851970/SID/EZ Is it safe/smart to assume the ZAMP controller is "downstream" of the external solar connector and will thus do its thing for this non-ZAMP panel?
  9. Not sure if you mean in the current incarnation but attached a pic. Nothing fancy...some 3M product basically. May never ever ever come off of there though. 😉 I've been joking that I'm just going to lay the stainless over top of it instead of spending hours with a heat gun and plastic scraper. At the time I just wanted to break up some of the white.
  10. Ok, so I'll finally contribute to my own thread. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I don't have much to add except perhaps re the closet. I was on my way down to LA to spend some time with a buddy with a 3D printer and a wood shop when govt lockdowns started. The plan was to prototype some free-standing shelves for the closet. So that project is on hold for the time being. In the meantime, I picked up some hanging shelves from Amazon. They stunk and ripped out after a matter of weeks. I kept the cloth drawers and ordered a different set of hanging shelves with metal loops and that h
  11. Dad and I have been doing a lot of research on them. I've been thinking of getting one with a solid drivetrain and a decent interior (probably in the neighborhood of $25k or so) to lend to him until he's done with the RVing thing. I know he'll take good care of/improve it because that's just what he does. I *really* like the ones with the green/avocado exterior but Dad says they look like the Scoobie Doo van. 😄 Apparently a lot of the folks responsible for early Corvettes (C1, C2) came over to the team to make the GMC RVs. Anyway, thanks for the input. Given that we have some real "t
  12. I'm going to post my closet system over in the original thread. Nothing revolutionary but it works for now...
  13. Seems like we have some folks around these parts with a lot of experience. Anybody ever owned one of the GMC motorcoaches from the 70s with the Olds powertrain? If so, what're your thoughts aside from "Well, its a 40yro coach." Particularly, how do they compare in terms of storage and table top space compared to your Oliver? There are a couple up for sale around my area and I may pay a few visits.
  14. I was under the impression that you were not supposed to run the AC off of the batteries because they wires aren''t quite spec'ed for that sort of a load?
  15. Sitting here with guy lines ratcheted to a picnic table to keep the awning from peeling back. Thanks for the post about the Carefree poles. Might order some this weekend.
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