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  1. Has anyone changed this floor flange out? any tips to removing floor flange? Mine is cracked at one of the screws. Need to replace.
  2. Being from California, we will try and make next year Rally. Yes, We have been reading about the Oliver and it will be fantastic to learn more from everyone at a Rall. So looking forward. Val & Nikki
  3. Sniff! Won't be Oliver owners til June. Everyone be safe and see you all soon someday. Have a great time!
  4. Athough we may miss this Rally, I want to thank you Coy for showing us the Oliver out there in Quartzsite. We were the couple that live in Riverside and made our way back to Quartzsite , from being there the week earlier. We met up with you the day you came from Death Valley. Just to let you know, our Ollie goes into production 4/01/19. Thank you again and thank all the other Oliver owners we met. Everyone was so nice. Hope to meet up with you again in the future. Val & Nikki.
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