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  1. John You are correct, we need to update our website. if you look carefully at the top of the Rover, there is a double T . This is intended for two purposes. The first is to stake the Rover down. It can tilt over if a high wind hits it. I have a 150 watt suitcase model. On mine, I put a long metal tent stake in the ground .. Also, I put a bicycle chain inside the double T and secure it to either my truck or my trailer. I have a long security cable that I have used and it works quite well. The Rover is amazingly strong. I tried to upload a video showing it crawling over ob
  2. SOLAR ROVER - Photos/video below IMG-8491.MOV IMG-8491.MOV The Rover (patent pending) is a unique lightweight portable inexpensive ve of Happy Camper Solar’s initial Solar Tracker (patent pending). Both the Solar Tracker, (rooftop mounted) and Solar Rover (ground mounted only) will be debuted at the 2021 Oliver NOT Rally at Lake Guntersville State Park, Guntersville, AL. The rally occurs May 13-16. However, the Solar Tracker and the Solar Rover will be on display for only one day during the rally. The Solar Rover is: ENERGY EFFICIENT- The Solar Rover works l
  3. For those of you attending the 2021 Oliver Travel Trailer NOT Rally on May 13-16, at Lake Guntersville State Park in Guntersville, AL, please let me tell you about two events that might interest you. 1. In the past, we have traditionally had vendors at the Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally in Guntersville Alabama that support Oliver Travel Trailer owners. One of them, Happy Camper Solar displayed a Solar Tracker prototype made for Oliver Travel Trailers at the last official Oliver Rally. After 2 years of development and listening to customer input, there are now fully functiona
  4. The Oliver Travel Trailers Owners Rally traditionally occurs at Lake Guntersville State Park, (LGSP) Guntersville Al the 3rd week of May on an annual basis. Because of concern over Corona Virus, Oliver, understandably, will not be sponsoring the rally for 2021 out of concern for Oliver Owners. However, you are encouraged to come to Guntersville May 13-16 2021. ( Date corrected ). I will be contacting LGSP administration to request we get our rally discount during this time as well as a pavilion for us to safely gather. If you are considering coming, I encourage you to go ahead and mak
  5. Criteria for a great Oliver Rally Venue First, THANKS to Lexi, Matt and Oliver for putting together a Western Oliver Rally It is important that we have a venue that promotes socialization and sharing of all things Oliver. It does need to be a venue that promotes sharing of ideas, making new friends and seeing old friends. We have alot we can learn from each other and this is one of the greatest values offered by the rallies, wherever they may occur. Also, human nature and needs dictate we come to gather for dining and sharing. A campground without such resources will be adve
  6. A Oliver Rally in the Western US sounds Great! The Location is not as important to me as much as I want warm, not cold weather and do not want to travel through snow or potential of ice/ snow. Having lived and traveled in the West, I know snow in the Fall is not unusual. I like the idea of Salt Lake City, but not surrounding mountians if weather in the Fall is “Iffy”. When we planned the Lake Guntersville Oliver Rally, much thought was put into the safety and convenience of those traveling long distances. Salt Lake City is easily accessed in the Fall without bad weather. Most people
  7. Rvtravel.com is an excellent resource for RV information. Sign up for the daily newsletter, and you may want to aalso join their Facebook page for casino camping. Lots of really good information and helpful hints . It is all free!!
  8. At the Oliver Trailer Rally, Anderson is one of our primary sponsors. I got a set of the red buckets from the Anderson Reps. When I ask about what side is up, they told me, definitely do not put the jack stands inside the bucket. It is a engineering design. I carry a 3/4 " piece of plywood a bit larger than my buckets. That works great with the jack on top !
  9. Jim I have a 2003 Tundra that is very near your TACO. My Tundra has a 280 hp engine. I have an Elite and have towed several Elite IIs for Oliver, to Winnipeg Canada, Quartzsite AZ and beyond. While you may have enough HP to tow the Elite, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Choose your route carefully. I recommend returning on I-40 as far as possible. It is flat, not too much elevation. For your sized truck, it is not as important about pulling the trailer up as keeping it slow going down. Avoid as many downward mountains as possible. A 5k lb. trailer will push yo
  10. Challenge For those of you that have read this post, for those of you that have a concern about improvements in Federal prosperities and where the funding comes from: HAVE YOU CONTACTED YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES? Please note - In this post I have not expressed my personal opinion, given you guidance on what to say to your Congressional Representative or otherwise given personal opinion(s). As a democracy, we can bring about change. In my career, I visited Capital Hill in DC many times to seek support for specific bills that provided funding to US Department of Defense
  11. To further assist in understanding the funding of this legislation, below is a excerpt from CONGRESS.GOV With this, you may have a better understanding of the funding of the spending on this legislation. Please note, I have posted this as information, neither advocating nor dissenting support. My goal is to make members aware that the legislation is being voted upon and as citizens you can decide whether or not to support. If you need further information, you can access many articles on the legislation. S.3422 - Great American Outdoors Act116th Congress (20
  12. Currently, Congress is in the process of approving the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA). Below is an excerpt from the website article on Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. As a camper, this legislation will have a direct impact on our camping experiences across the US. It directly impacts every state in the US, all states has property that will receive federal dollars for improvements. You may want to consider contacting your US Congressional Representative regarding support for this legislation. To read the entire article, go to: https://www.rvia.org/news-insights/senate
  13. The actual blades, black and gray, are lubricated when you apply the drain valvelubricant. However, you may find despite adding the blade lubricant, the valve becomes difficult to open/close. The cable occasionally needs to be greased. Not real difficult, but not easy to undo the cable, slide it out, put white lithium grease on it and put it back. The valve handle / cable will be much easier, so know that if the valve may feel stuck/sticking, it may be your cable. good luck coy
  14. If Lithium ion batteries with 400 AHs are installed on a Elite II and the air conditioner runs down the batteries half way or more, how many hours will it take to recharge the batteries to full capacity using the standard Zamp solar configuration? This is not intended to be a trick question or self promoting. My point is one of the key elements , recharging the batteries in minimum time has not been discussed. Recharging is a key factor in the solution equation. I am interested in your input as I try to understand increasing the efficiency of using solar to recharge the batteries.
  15. Update - I have contacted Oliver regarding obtaining a different cover for my 2016 Elite spare tire cover. It seems that Oliver changed the mold in the past of the Elite TRAILER AND SPARE COVER to accommodate a larger spare tire. There is no retro kit for updating earlier Oliver Elite Trailers. Now, Oliver recommends the Cooper Discoverer HT 3 LT 235/65/16 tire. This Tire has a higher weight capacity than the tires that were original to my Elite. These tires are now being placed on new Oliver Elite Trailers. regardless, Oliver Travel Trailers handle superbly under bad conditions,
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