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  1. Sounds like y'all had a great time. Sorry I couldn't make it down there, but between a blown transmission and doing pre-op for cataract surgery, there just wasn't any way. To top it off, after doing all the pre-op, at the last minute, the eye surgeon decided he didn't want to do the surgery. Hopefully there's another eye surgeon there at the VA that will do it. Mountainborn, since you like jugfishing maybe you'd like to attend the Brotherhood of Catfishermen gathering at Lake DeGray May 1-3. You can click on http://www.catfish1.com to find out more about it. I won't be attending that gathering, because my youngest daughter is having a memorial for her daughter who would have been 16 on May 2. She died 3 years ago. I was planning to attend the gathering, but family comes first.
  2. Here's some info on the regs concerning jugfishing in Arkansas. An anchored jug is considered to be a trotline, and falls under the same regulations; they only have to be checked once a day. Freefloating jugs must be 'attended' at all times during daylight hours; they may be left unattended from sunset to dawn. Only 20 freefloating jugs per person are allowed, with no regs concerning number or size of hooks on each jug. A limit is 10 catfish consisting of any combination of blues, channels, and/or flatheads. Here's a link to the fishing guidebook put out by the Arkansas F&G: http://www.agfc.com/data-facts-maps/pub ... ebook.aspx
  3. Forgot to ask. Is there a potluck meal I need to bring food for? Oh yeah, I'll bring some skipjack for bait, too.
  4. Nice looking campground. Unfortunately, I've got doctors appointments on the 14th and 15th, right in the middle. I'll shoot for making either the first part or the last part; preferably the first part.
  5. I got the same results! But, since I did my experiment using a fountain Mountain Dew, I was going to repeat it using the bottled version before I yelled 'Fake'. Too bad. Guess I'm stuck with using my $.10 chemlights.
  6. Now that is downright slick. I've gotta give that a try to see how long it lasts, and whether or not it washes off easily. I'm thinking that if it would stay on, it would be great to coat a float for night fishing; also coat the tip of your rod so you could see a bite. And make up some clear jugs for nighttime jugfishing and put that inside. Lots of possibilities here, it seems. I wonder what part the Mountain Dew plays.
  7. Thanks. I know that DeGray has a number of 'humps' that come up pretty near the surface way out in the lake, and I was wondering if Greeson has some too.
  8. A large catfishing group I belong to is having a big get-together in May on Lake DeGray, and I found a really nice map of that lake that shows contours and man-made fish attractors; it cost only a few dollars, so it's well worth it for someone who isn't familiar with the lake. Do you know if they sell such a lake map of Lake Greeson?
  9. I use 2-liter soda jugs painted bright yellow on the outside, with 3 or 4 ounces of clean gravel, scrap lead, etc. inside so that when I get a hit the weights slide down into the neck of the jug and keep it in a 'flagged' position. My line is tied to the neck, and I have hooks at 3', 6', 9', & 12', with a 16p or 20p nail a foot below the bottom hook for a weight. The nail is cheap, and doesn't hang up as much as a regular sinker. This rig works great for freefloating jugs in the Arkansas River, up at the nuclear power plant, and over below Pickwick dam on the Tennessee River. That's where most of my jugging is done. But I do have some other jugs rigged a little differently for deep lakes and/or anchoring. They have 75' of line on them, with dropper loops every 3'. The dropper loops are not only for hooks, but I fastened a clip to the cap of the jug so that I can clip a loop into it. That way, I can let out as much line as I want, in 3' increments. When anchoring them, I use a 2# lead cannonball. Of course, if I'm simply wanting to freefloat them, I can simply use a one ounce sinker, and keep the line short enough that it's off the bottom.
  10. There seem to be 3 distinct sections to the campground. I assume that everyone will try to get in the same section. Which one?
  11. Mountainborn, from the looks of your jugs, you seem to have your bait down about 20'-25'. Is that about right? Do you prefer using live bream, or live bullheads? IMO, bream are easier to catch, but bullheads will stay alive a lot longer. I don't have an opinion as to which produces the most fish, because I generally bait with cut skipjack. But then, I don't catch many flatheads, either.
  12. I found this site while doing a search on jugfishing. Your spring jugfishing trip looks interesting, and I'd like to get down there for it if possible. All my camping is for fishing trips; I don't camp just for the sake of camping. Nothing against camping, because it is fun, but I just like to combine it with my fishing. I,m retired, and live in central Arkansas, so Greeson probably only an hour or hour and a half from my house. Do y'all ever get together at other times for jugfishing. I do rod & reel fish some, and even trotline a little, but mostly jugfish. I've been jugfishing since 1983.
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