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  1. Two Medicine is a fabulous part of the Park. Have a meal in the Many Glacier Lodge, or drive out of the Park to St Marys Lodge. Both built by the Great Northern Train Company to bring visitors. We are thinking about an Elite II. Have not decided, but seems about the right size for both Forest Service campgrounds and bushwhacking. Just have not decided. Make sure you search for the Flathead National Forest on youTube.
  2. I was in charge of the National Forest, which borders Glacier on the west side - the Flathead National Forest. I am very familiar with Glacier. It is difficult to find space, and often they are small and quite close. An alternative is to camp in National Forest campgrounds outside the park, and make day trips if you cannot find something inside the park. You can bushwhack up the North Fork of the Flathead River, and go in thru the Polebridge entry. There are also National Forest camp grounds. Across Highway 2 in Hungry Horse, is the Hungry Horse Reservoir.. Check out places there. For real adventure, Drive up the East side of the Reservior to Spotted Bear Campground. Very remote feeling, but you are long a few miles down from the ranger station. The South Fork of the Flathead River is knock-down-dead beautiful. Go to youTube and search Flathead National Forest. There is a short video with amazing. landscape, an the fly over of the trail and river are in it. The scene of the fly fishing off the big rock in the river is just up from the Camp Ground. If you need to, you can call me for more details. I am a retired Forest Service Supervisor. We are considering a Oliver to take to Montana each summer.
  3. I just looked at an Elite LL.  Very impressive.  My wife and I are looking for a real clean recent year.  Not shire where to look.  Any help.

    i am a retired Forest Service and was to get back to old haunts.



    1. SeaDawg


      Hi, Eddie, and welcome. 

      There are a couple of Olivers for sale in Classifieds.  Keep watching! Hope you find your dream trailer.

  4. we are prospective buyers of an Oliver. Not decided, and also looking at options, but Oliver looks so good to me. We have family living in Montana, and plan to travel for up to 3 months at a time in this trailer.
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