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  1. Waiting for the day when the hot question won't be " can I run my ac on this generator." Replaced by, "how do I charge my truck while boondocking?"
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this. America's number one truck, electric! The front end photo is a little Rivianish, unsurprisingly. But, it will be an undisputed Ford design. For people like me, primarily local driving/work truck, I'm sure it will be excellent, based on the new hybrid capabilities. We'll wait and see about the towing. The mandated Electrify America project should help, but without Tesla's extensive network, it's still a question. Sherry
  3. Technomadia's latest youtube popped up on my phone yesterday, discussing the flaws in their Travato. The ac (a Coleman Mach 10, old style) and its noise level and flimsy vents were some of their dislikes. Cheri mentioned both the new Coleman Mach 10 NDQ (NON DUCTED QUIET) and the Houghton unit from Advanced RV as possible replacements, noting the extremely high price of the Quiet AC from Advanced. I remembered this youtube from James at Fit RV, measuring the db from his Dometic Penguin, then the Coleman NDQ. I thought it might be interesting to compare with your numbers.
  4. If you're moving around all ski season, I can see why the airskirt might be an attractive product. I doubt anything else would set up as quickly. Unfortunately, it's so new that I haven't been able to find a single review for it anywhere. Just a couple press releases, a fb page, and a few questions on the airstream forum, with no users there, either. Not even a YouTube from one of the rv shows they've participated in. I did notice slightly lower pricing on their fb page on a few kits. But, the wheel wedges are yet another $300+. Ouch.
  5. Northern Tool stores in my area have the Honda in stock. Free shipping lower 48, I think. You might try them. I don't think they have any stores in your area. Costco.com still has the powered by Yamaha ai , 52db ar 1/4 load, with many of the Yamaha features. With Costco's great return policy, I wouldn't hesitate to give it a try, personally. Availability may go up after burricane season. Sherry
  6. Where are you planning to camp in the winter months that you'll want skirts? There are certainly less expensive alternatives than the airskirts. Maybe not as "cool." Also, important to know where you will be done spending the winter. Is this for several months? Are you planning to full time? If si, you need a solution that fits the park's rules, unless camping on your own land.
  7. So happy for you! Hope the rain continues!
  8. Kind of cool. I must be different, but I like the spin.😅
  9. Thanks for that. The Glomex mount looks much beefier than the Shakespeare. Price isn't much different. Hodges and others carry them. As to the Air 360 (new version,) I'm not concerned about the number of wires. I think(?) the kingdome already has 4, but we can always pull additional cable, since some are already there. I think it's (a) really big,, and somewhat ugly, and (b) we're unlikely to expand the capabilities with the inside units. I'll look further at the glomex ranges, and reviews. I like the automatic gain control. Is the magnadyne the current Oliver choice?
  10. I agree, John. Read that one, too. It is technical, but not so deep that most folks can't "get it." I actually thought it was one of the better speculative reports out there. My hope is for better, longer lasting, cheaper batteries. I will say the two years in, I'm really, really happy with our Tesla powerwall installation. BUT, hopefully, it will be "old school" soon. A week away is not a long time to wait. Lots of speculation. Sherry
  11. BTW, I have no idea what Oliver is installing these days for TV antenna. Do any if you know?
  12. That looks really nice. Have you had to do any tight turns yet? If so, how did that work out? Ps. Is that a jeep gladiator truck? Elite I or II? Sherry
  13. I'm looking forward to livestreaming the Tesla Battery Day announcements. If Elon is saying it "blows his mind," I'm sure we're looking at some major tech advances. I don't think that will include a new rv battery chemistry, 😆, but there's always hope for a new, scaleable, more affordable alternative. Sherry
  14. Good luck with the smoke, John. Looking forward to your results when it's safe to do your test. Thanks to both of you!
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