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  1. In Ouray, we stayed at 4j +1. It's really close to town. Walking distance to lots of things. Very clean gravel sites. Nice laundry. Really nice owners. We don't often stay in rv parks, but the state park near town was closed Deer every night on the hill behind our site . It was a very pleasant experience, except for the lack of grass, and lots of cottonwood stickers in the late spring .
  2. Telluride has a nice city park . I don't remember having any hookups, but it was close to town. Small, maybe 20 or so sites? Don't miss Molas Lake, outside Silverton. It's so beautiful!
  3. I'm so ready! It's been a long winter. (Even though we live in Florida. )
  4. Since everything changes, year to year, you may want to ask your rep if any antenna , and wiring, is included in the base package . Just a thought.
  5. "Boosters" typically require 110 hookup, which we normally don't have. Another reason streaming is more efficient for us. If we have signal. If not, downloaded movies, or dvds, work well.
  6. Paul and I have done a lot of work on both the Oliver and the boat this winter. We looked at the calendar, and realized we're just a few (6?) weeks out from the beginning of our usual camping season. We still have to install new ac, sort camping gear, get fogged windows repaired. Wash , clean, and wax the trailer. Time is getting short. At least, at the rate we work these days. Are you ready? What's on your list? Oh, and we are soooo ready to pull the trailer out of the sideyard.
  7. Yup, even if we just emptied tanks, I close the shower valve. Open it at arrival. Part of the list.
  8. Hi, Jaydee, and Welcome. Now that you're registered, you can monitor the classified ads. You could post there, too.
  9. There are many manufactured varieties of window awnings that can be added. I'd probably try a "homemade" version first, and see if it worked for me. If it's a "try it and see "venture, white pvc, schedule 80, already in the garage, would be fine for me. If you're worried about uv resistance, which I'm not, I'd hang it from a branch, and hit it with a coat of Krylon paint. Those frames are simple to make, and replace. If you wanted super easy to break down, and set up, I'd probably thread shock cord through, like tent poles. Or just carry the lightweight things flat, in the truc
  10. That's a beautiful vehicle. Our very good sailing and camping friends from up north tow an Elite with their GL450, and really say it's a "don't know it's there" kind of thing. Plus, they're always chiding us on their great fuel mileage. Even in Colorado, where we camped together a few years back. (They passed us on a wide portion of the Million dollar highway. Yes, we let them.) Yes, the II is heavier, and heavier tongue. Load the car and trailer appropriately, and I think you will really enjoy the ride. The seats in their GL, even the back seats, are awesome. Unlike some on
  11. You're not the first. Won't likely be the last. But really kind of you to make others aware. I think it's also important to not feel "hurried" at the dump station, just because there is a line. We wait our turns. Those behind us will wait theirs.
  12. The only real advantage is the wiring is already run, should you decide you want a better antenna, and like watching broadcast TV. I did a lot if research on antenna models when we decided to remove our unused KingDome last year. I decided to just stick with the small portable we stuck in the attic, as we never watch brodcast TV, anyway. We do stream Netflix or Amazon TV, occasionally, but usually on a tablet or phone, as we like different types of shows.
  13. Thanks, Susan. A different model of Discoverer (srx) and size. But, if you have any question at all, you can search your tire identification number on the website. Always better safe than sorry. https://recallinfo.ustires.org/
  14. That looks great, Frankc! The black makes a nice frame, even seems to make the window look larger. And I'm sure it will be easier to keep clean. Do you recall how many feet you ordered and used?
  15. Maybe in your part of the country, but, around here, many, if not most contractors I know drive half-tons. Today's half-tons can tow the construction trailer to the jobsite, especially in my flat urban/suburban area. And, the trucks themselves are comfortable daily drivers. In my area, most of the few 2005 (or was it ) 6 to 2008 Chevy first gen half ton hybrids sold to contractors. Idling, they could run or charge power tools .
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