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  1. I think Good Sam's is underwritten by several companies, depending on your state and policy type.
  2. Good Sam's gives us a credit if we notify them that the trailer is off the road and in storage at our home. I think this is limited to once a year, but not sure of that.
  3. Jo, from some of your other comments on other threads, I'm guessing you boaters. We are , too. And, weve camped in tents, vans, and a variety of motorhomes. The Oliver ( and we have the little one), is both big and small enough for everything we want to do on two week to three month trips. Cozy and warm on crummy weather days, it lives really big on the outside. Inside, we have everything we need, in a compact floorplan. It's been a great 12 years traveling with our Ollie in the US and Canada.. Looking forward to the next 12. I would say, if you plan to camp in buggy areas for extended periods, a good quick deploy screen room would be nice. Sherry
  4. The ac in pretty much every rv we've ever used is "noisy". They're all roof mounted, so the vibration travels. I don't think the ac in the oliver is any noisier than it is in the rvs we deliver to alaska. Though the location of the ac, over the bed, may make it seem so. Some people call it good white noise for sleeping. We rarely use ac, as we don't camp where we have electricity to run it. The furnace is more important to me than ac. 🙃 Sherry
  5. Looks like Lucas and Joie had a great time. Glad you did, too. Happy travels! Sherry
  6. Mike, I saw a Nexgrill today at Costco, about the same size as the Weber q1000, but two 304 stainless burners, shielded by horsehoe shaped covers, piezo ignition, cast aluminum body. Cast iron grates, which weren't super heavy, but probably close to the weight of the Weber's. So, theoretically, two zones, 6500 btu each, much higher btu than the q1000. $129 in my store, $139 delivered, including shipping from costco. Com. Recent reviews were overall good, even from Weber owners. Older reviews complained about the unshielded burners, and food sticking to the grates, primarily. I suspect they've made some changes to the product, at least for Costco. With Costco's generous return policy, I don't think I'd be afraid to give it a try. I didn't look, but I'd guess it's made in China. Or elsewhere offshore. Anyone bought a Nexgrill Fortress portable grill recently? Sherry
  7. As to the question about lines at the dump station, that's usually worst on Sunday, around checkout, when weekend campers are leaving . And other days, around checkout time is lighter than Sunday, but busier than early morning. Leaving on a weekday, early, is pretty much golden. And, seriously, no one has ever, ever honked or acted impatient, that I've seen. Honestly, if in doubt, someone behind you will probably help you. Just ask. My mother in law told me that when she and poppy flew to California and picked up their Dolphin camper in the 70s, they were surprised at how helpful fellow campers were, as they knew "zero,". I don't think much has changed. We're all pretty willing to help.
  8. Hi, Nan. I want to find a way to do the lagun mount in the small dinette, that won't be in the way, and will allow me to use the small dinette tabletop as a standup , counterheight, foldout top for prep and work. I think i may have figured it out. The issue is the small space, and no access for backing plate and bolts on an older trailer on the street side. Our south side compartment is chock full of electronics,chargers, etc.. I may be able to mount it on the north side, outboard, and still have room for our legs under the table. We keep the big dinette set up as a bed. The small dinette is our only indoor table. Maybe, Another few mornings of coffee in the trailer, thinking and sketching, will get me there. And then, time . This year, we're upgrading 200 watts of solar on the trailer to 400, and adding 600 watts solar and a hardtop bimini to the boat. We've exhausted time, mostly on the boat, with solar and a dozen other repairs and upgrades to our 40 year old fiberglass boat. And, weve had dozens of northern houseguests-friends and family- very welcome visitors who have interrupted the processes, but we wouldn't have it any other way. I'll look forward to your photos of Foy's table top. He does such beautiful work! We're so fortunate to have him in our group. Sherry
  9. We keep a dozen or so lengths of 2 x 6 lumber in a milk crate in the bed of the truck. Aling with our chocks.
  10. The Oliver has wonderful electric jacks, at the tingue, and stabilizer jacks on each side at the rear. Many of us use Andersons, or lengths of 2 x 6, to drive onto to keep the wheels on solid ground if the site is off level. (Which is many/most sites). Many of us also use some spare 2 x 6 stacked chunks, or maybe 6 x 6 chunks, , or purchased plastic bits, to shorten the throw of the electric jacks. Saves battery, saves some time setting up, and leaving. Sherry
  11. If you're totally new to the dumping procedure, you might try a suggestion I've made to a few friends. Spend your first few nights at a full hookup site. Get set up, rest a bit, then fill both tanks at least halfway with clean water. Then, try dumping for the first time, at your own site, and at your leisure. We've camped the first few nights with a few new owners ( my sister, neighbors) of different brands, and this has been very helpful to them. Trying out your new dumping procedure with clean water is a bit wasteful, but a heck of a lot lesss intimidating. Should you fail to get the hose on right, oh well. It's all clean, anyway. Jo, full hookups means you have water, sewer, and electric at your site. So, you can dump where you are parked. Newer owners, is the black tank rinse feature standard now?
  12. We won't be at the rally (another Alaska delivery), but we do spend a fair bit of time in western NC. Hope we'll catch up one day. Congratulations . Sherry
  13. Welcome, and hope you find your dream trailer. Found ours 12 years ago, (2008 Oliver Elite), and haven't changed our minds. The Elite is big enough, and small enough, for all we love to do. Sherry Ps, Do you still have horses?
  14. I'm actually surprised at the number if people in rvs who have chaged out to nature's head and other composting toilets. They make so much sense on boats, where pumpout can be difficult to find, and awkward. Jo, you can change out later, if you find the rv dump system isn't to your liking , or doesn't meet your needs. It's not that hard, as I've read. We still have the standard toilet and dump system, 12 years in. I'm totally onboard with the nature's head, but til something breaks, we'll stay with what we already own and have. I've seen the nature's head, at shows, love the simplicity, and ine day, I'm sure one of the heads on the boat, at least, will be converted. Dumping isn't rocket science, nor is it as bad as Robin Williams made it look. If this is your first rv, take a bit of time to discover your camping style, and what works for you. Ditto on the portable rhino/ blue boy. We've never felt the need for one, in 12 years of camping without hookups.
  15. Mattnan, your table is beautiful ! Great installation, and your local craftsman is just that--a true craftsman. The bookmatched grain is so lovely. What finish did he/you use on the tabletop? Does he usually work on boats? Thanks for the photos. I think I'll go sit in the trailer to finish my coffee, and try to figure out how we could do this in the small dinette area, someday. (Sigh) Sherry
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