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  1. I'd still recommend trying to make some reservations for Florida. The Canadians probably won't be here, as they usually are, but March is a very busy time in Florida campgrounds. Especially if you want to visit the highlights. St. Augustine, the Florida keys, etc . Our local favorite, Fort Desoto Park, is usually booked solid in March. The panhandle will likely have more availability, but it's still cold (to me.) In March
  2. We're working on several projects now. Solar panel replacement, vent fan, a few others All of our parts have been or on tracking to be delivered in a timely manner (a week or less, standard ups delivery). Even with Thanksgiving holiday.
  3. Welcome to the forum! March will be here before you know it. I'd be tempted to get the hybrid, personally, for the price difference. We had a long discussion on this when the 2021 was announced. I'll try to find it for you. In the meantime, plenty of new folks here since that discussion! Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Apples and hatch chiles? I'd be tempted to skip the turkey and head straight for the pie.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving ! It has indeed been a year for the books. We still have many reasons to be thankful, though. This year's dinner is much smaller, just immediate family, and we'll be eating outdoors. Thankful for a beautiful Florida day that makes this possible.
  6. And, it may have changed. We haven't taken ours on the road in a number if years.
  7. Interesting. We've made lots of connections in boondocking spots. Well, probably because we rarely camp in organized campgrounds/rv parks. Just not our thing.
  8. That's beautiful , Maniac! Could I ask where?
  9. We've had the good Sam's coverage on the trailer , both insurance and roadside, for over a decade. Have never, fortunately, needed the tug and tow roadside or towing, but I do know others have found it to be good, in years past. The premium coverage also covers us in Canada when we do Alaska deliveries. There is no mileage limit, just closest qualified repair shop. That can be a long ways in the Yukon. Good Sam's gives a credit for layup time. We call in when we store the trailer, and call in again when we get back on the road in the spring. We've used the roadside for the vehicle
  10. We have fiberglass lp tanks on the boat. Bought them for dual use in the trailer, but we found it can be hard to get fiberglass tanks refilled. Erring on the side of caution, refillers have refused us in several places outside of marine areas. We use 20 lb standard steel tanks in the trailer. They're easier to lift in and out. You can always carry a third, in a crate to keep it upright, in the truck bed if you think you'll need it. They're easy to get refilled, or swap out if necessary. I do know that a number of people carry 30 lb tanks. Hopefully, they'll see your post.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
  12. No, it's mostly a chemistry thing. The anode is sacrificial, dissolving instead of the steel tank rusting. I do think use of electricity may accelerate the dissolving of the anode. We never used the water heater on electricity, and our anodes lasted a really long time. We have an instantaneous heater (not a truma) for the last three or four years.
  13. Beautiful photos. We had a similar experience with the gnats. Early May. We built a fire, and I wore long pants, long sleeves, a cap and a hoodie, and still got enough bites to trigger an allergic reaction. The park is beautiful, but I would only return in colder weather before the gnats are out .
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