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  1. Obviously, not talking about an Oliver. These are posts I normally just fly through.
  2. That depends on which side the gas tank of your tow vehicle is on: driver or passenger. Our Tundra tow vehicle has a gas tank on the driver side. Our Subaru Outback's gas tank is on the passenger side. Oliver strongly recommends running an absorption fridge only on DC when on the road. I expect this is because a possible ignition while in a gas station could have a very bad result. It would arguably be like smoking at a gas station. Does anyone know Oliver's position on running the furnace while on the road? Like every other manufacturer, the lawyers tell them to recommend dc, I'm sure. Real life, most of us with 3 ways run on gas. We always did. Furnace? Probably same. You're on your own.
  3. We added vents to the closet, first year. We live in Florida. Airflow is always a critical thought.
  4. Indeed. I love the neat and clean concept, but for us, the cost would be outrageous. 150 days last year, x $3 per day, =$450. @Katjo, love the "jiffypop" comparison. Maybe "jiffypoop"? Lol. Everything is a tradeoff. We all just have to figure out our own best way. And, absolutely everything depends on your camping style. Each of us have to weigh the merits, work, and benefits. It's cool that we can all share what works best for us.
  5. It's not on the gas pump side. Some people go into the trailer, turn off the fridge, in an abundance of caution, and turn it back on after leaving the pump. It's not an open pilot flame, like the old days. It's electronic ignition, doesn't run all the time. And, as stated before, opposite side if the trailer. Furnace is also opposite side of the trailer, for us. I've never run with the furnace going, as we winterize if we think lines will freeze.
  6. Yes, I understood that. I was actually pretty excited to see you were good at zero. We've never camped in those temps. Actually, probably wouldn't enjoy it, either.
  7. Back in the day, we called high maintenance cost on lesser entry cost a "razor blade" marketing plan. The laveo is a cool concept, but high per flush cost. If you rarely use the toilet, seriously easier to maintain than a composter. Everything is a tradeoff. We all just have to pick what works for our own camping styles.
  8. Down to zero seems pretty good to me. I don't like camping below freezing, but it happens to us sometimes.
  9. I'll be interested in your local towing experience . I've seen only two rivians in my county. Neither towing.
  10. We've not ever locked ours, but if we had a spare lock, might. 15 years in, no issues yet. Tanks are a target for meth cookers. If you Google rv tanks stolen. Probably depends on where you camp. Most tanks seem to be stolen from tank swap sites, not rvs . But, it does apparently happen, on occasion.
  11. So, basically guessing you have a truma water heater, although you didn't say so. This isn't an app. Its a forum. And, welcome. Hopefully, someone can help you. Giving more info could help
  12. Like the early 2000s gm quadrasteer? I don't think it ever got a lot of public traction, but a neat idea. A forum member who camped with us way back in the day (2009?) had that feature, and it truly was interesting. I read that at least one of the ev trucks was reviving that idea. It's challenging sometimes in little awkward spots, like the one you described, and others we've been assigned in Canada. But if we hold our breath, use spotters, and are patient, omg, how sweet it is!
  13. I don't know if the double pane small window these days is the same as our bath double pane, but I wish I had stuck with our original single pane, which had a complete frame, top and bottom. We had the double pane installed some years back. The moveable pane has no frame but the top, which is mostly silicon adhered. It separated from the top bars last summer. I forced it back into position. No fogging issues. It's just a tiny window.
  14. We gave the only part we knew was absolutely good (eyebrow board,, only a month old) to @ScubaRx. He paid it forward with his help to someone. You can feel good about that.
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