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  1. Since this is a fairly rare occurrence, I don't personally see it as a big issue. The Oliver folks have always tried to be very fair, imo, in my 14 years of dealing with the family, and staff. A contract is a contract. A slot is a slot. The factory needs a schedule, too . Most manufacturers don't allow selling a slot. Actually, none that I know of. The contract wording is pretty straightforward and clear.
  2. I'm guessing, the latter. Short-handed seems to be the rule, these days. Everywhere. I was on hold for 45 minutes, last night, with a vendor. Customer service agent apologized, as usual. Not enough people. I'm looking forward to more normal days, soon.
  3. There are other no option Oliver trailers out there. The base model is hardly "base" compared to most. A base model is really, really nice, imo. My experience has been, the more people who ask, the more likely something is to change, eventually. But, it can take time. Especially in these days of fragile supply chains, and covid. Considering all the new trucks sitting on lots without chips, and all the sob brand rv dealers sitting without or with limited inventory to sell, I think Oliver has done a remarkable job, keeping up, personally. It will get better. I'm sure of that.
  4. @wolfdds, that's interesting news on spray 9. Thanks. I've never used it. Somehow, I've missed it in Practical Sailor reports. It's always done well. Cruising forums report marine and household formulas to be similar/same. Practical Sailor warns against use on glass and lcd, so I'd be very careful to not get it on surfaces other than the fiberglass, and make sure to rinse well, as you do. (Marine formula is as typical, 2 to 3 x the price... household formula is under $5 at my local Lowe's) https://www.practical-sailor.com/boat-maintenance/marine-maintenance-multi-purpose-cleaners-test
  5. Scubarx brought up an important point on the Norcold. I, too, advise owners to manually select the power source each time. The older dometics didn't ever default to dc. The norcold will, if left in auto, and can leave some with depleted batteries unknowingly. There are a few areas where you must turn off propane tanks, not just the fridge. Many ferries require it, and some check and tag the bottle at boarding. Some tunnels, either because they're heavily trafficked, or don't have the typical little rise in the center. They're usually clearly marked, and have an alternative route, or have a pullout area to turn off tanks. Most can be avoided with planning, and if not, it's just a minor inconvenience.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. It would be a perfect opportunity for Oliver to see the differences in the Dometic and the Houghton. I know they haven't installed any other brands since around 2017 or so, but it's not totally surprising, but disappointing.
  7. Hi, John, and welcome to the forum! I see this is your first post. I think you'll find the combination of the 3 way and your National Luna to be a great pairing for boondocking. The gas fridge uses so little power on propane, and your national luna is quite economical (power-wise), as extra storage/backup. There is a bit of a learning curve with 3 ways, but you'll get used to it in a hurry, I'm sure. We don't have a dc portable, but we do have a dc compressor Truck fridge that we installed in our Elite. We've run it, and our friend's electric coleman (thermoelectric) on our trailer's batteries for a few days at a time. I'll defer to the folks with lithium and National Lunas and similar for answers there. We tried running our old 3way on 12v a few times, and it drained our 2 agm batteries too quickly. I don't remember the power draw, but I suspect you'd be ok with lithium. When we had a 3way, we drove with the fridge on propane (turning it off, of course, where required or a danger.) Again, welcome, and congratulations!
  8. I get a bit concerned when I read comments like these, as Dometic just keeps on acquiring major brands. Eight companies so far this year, and many times with cash on hand. This month, it's Igloo. Earlier this year, Valterra/Gopower Solar and Zamp Solar, along with five other companies around the globe... I hope their acquired companies keep up their previous levels of customer service.
  9. And, you'd be offering a complete system if/when you sell your used Dometic.
  10. @Landrover, thanks. I was trying to remember who posted this. Great inexpensive solution for use while camping. Here's a link to Landrovers post:
  11. From your photo,, it does look like your door sits a bit proud, and the latch could be tighter, or the gasket material needs replacing. Does the door move when pressed, after latching? You're the first I've ever heard of with this issue. So sorry.
  12. My quick camping recipe for creole jambalaya, that I forgot to include with the photo : I saute diced sausage (andouille or kielbasa) with a diced bell pepper, diced small onion, diced celery if I have it, and sometimes diced eggplant or summer squash. I add a small can of diced tomatoes (like rotel), a bag of precooked microwaveable rice. If I have Mexican bagged rice, I just add a little oregano and thyme. If white rice, I add chili powder, thyme, oregano and garlic, and a bit of crushed red pepper. Toss in any leftover diced chicken, or precooked shrimp, if I have some on hand. Ready in ten minutes, because the rice was precooked. One pan to clean- my wok skillet, or my small pot.
  13. You could "try" compressed air. The hair dryer was a good idea, but likely not all that strong. Open windows, etc. At 3 or 4 years, it shouldn't be dead with age, but all things are possible. The top off the seat, and results, are a bit baffling to me. Ideas? Others?
  14. Some of us (sensitive to "age") prefer the term "experienced." I can live with "seasoned," as well. 🤣🤣🤣 Btw, which size rivnuts did you use in your installation? Did you use backer material, or, just the fiberglass sidewall? I ask, because I'm really only familiar with these in furniture/wood. Thank you.
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