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  1. Will Prowse has some great videos on his YouTube channel on the Epochs. This, from a week ago, compares features, and costs, of LiTime and Epoch. I think I've posted this one before in another thread, but it's an interesting teardown of the Epoch 460. He's been very impressed with the case and components. Good luck with your install. That's a whopping amount of amphours!
  2. Looks nice. I would add that I don't own one, and won't ever likely need one. But, comments I've read on other forums is that many campground owners don't like them, so best to have it inside, and not mention the hefty price tag outside, totally available. Good job bringing it inside, and out of view.
  3. True. Unless you crawl under and over other trailers, you may not appreciate the construction. 16 years in, we are very happy with our choice.
  4. Good luck, Alberta, and keep us posted on results.
  5. Old school internal sensors failed early, and always. SeeLevel is awesome, imo. We used them in our boat, too, when we upgraded our system, based onbl their reliability in our camper. As everyone has noted, including @Jason Fosterthey still have to rely on sending through the wall. You said you rarely use the black tank. Change that up, and do follow @Mike and Carol practices. DON'T dump that black tank when only a bit full. Do add calgon, or borax mixed with warm water first, and drive it around to the next camp site. (The old school ice in the tank has never worked for us, in used rentals that we've delivered.) If you follow Mike and Carol's procedures, several times, with a mostly full tank ( you can see it, on visual inspection), you have a bad sensor , imo. Contact SeeLevel. Replacing the sensor with a poop pyramid, or unclean tank walls, will yield the same results. So, do try to clean it up first, imo.
  6. I know. I think a number of manufacturers have moved to 12v dc compressor fridges, because of their superb performance and reliability, with the increasing availability and favorable pricing of higher amp hour lifepo4 batteries . We've had dometic and norcold 3 ways. Used webasto/indel and indel b in various trailers and camper vans. Best performance and reliability for us has been any fridge with dc compressor/danfoss/ secop. I do wish there was still an option for those who love 3way. For many camping styles, it's a sturdy, uncomplicated way to go, and totally sips amps, on gas. I used to think it was the best boondock option. Still is, if no solar or genset. 60 ah a day draw is tough to manage boondocking, without solar. Requires recharging with a genset.
  7. In my experience, many systems will have a "safety cutout" somewhere around 10.6 to 12v. Furnace won't work. 3way fridge won't work. To protect the battery. I've actually never seen a battety at 3v. Good on you that you brought it back. We have brought back batteries at 10 and 10.5 v. They were fairly new, which probably helped.
  8. It has been at the same location for a number of years. It conflicts with our plans, most years. The Maine group started a regional rally that has been very well attended, and successful. The rally is a long distance for you. We formed little rallies, back in the day, in Florida an North Carolina. Maybe consider putting something out there?
  9. Smart move. You can still get significant tax credits. We haven't had a power bill in nine years since installing solar. (Just the connection/grid fees). My home system paid for itself a few years ago. I encourage all my friends to install rooftop solar, and many have.
  10. In all fairness, @John Dorrer, the compressor fridges, like home fridges, do need room to breathe. Just not to the outside, as @mountainoliver explained. Just like your home fridge. We installed "rails" or "ledges" epoxied to the cavity sides, and kept the fridge off the floor. Bonus, I have a nice shallow drawer under the fridge, where I keep flat pans, BBQ tools, flashlights, some miscellaneous items. It's open to the base of the fridge. We allowed twice the recommended venting in our install, but if we ever got caught in high temps, I can crack the drawer open a few inches, and double it again. (Not likely for us, as we chase cool weather, but who knows?) Thanks for your thoughts. They actually helped a lot in furthering discussions.
  11. Agm, and fla batteries really do best when not fully discharged to 50 per cent limits, and fully charged daily. I think that's why our solar has given us "extra life" on both the boat and trailer batteries. Lithium is much more forgiving on deep discharge, and only occasionally brought back to 100 per cent. Lithium, in my experience, actually likes hanging out somewhere in the 75 to 80 per cent zone, which is a slow death for lead acid batteries. Different chemistry, different quirks.
  12. I think I'd call the Lakeland truma center, and check on price. You could probably have a fun camping trip, and still be less. If not, I'd check with a local dealer on price to install a traditional 6 gallon (will require changing out the access door, as vents are different), or a different brand instantaneous, if you love it. I think the whole swap was about that price, when we went from a 6 gallon to the Girard instantaneous, though it was years ago. With most 6 gallons, you can run the heater on "free" campground electricity, if you're plugged in. I'm really sorry for your experience, so far. But, I'd encourage you to look into options for service and replacement. Every newbie makes mistakes. Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll not likely do it again.
  13. Eva Cassidy plays a lot in our home. Our Norwegian cousins introduced us tp her, many years ago. On the way to music bingo tonight, we listened to a favorite. Andrea Bocelli and Cristina Aguilera, Somos Novios. (We are lovers, for those who don't speak Spanish.) On the way home, another favorite of mine. Older, but still a fave. Donny Hathaway and the inimitable Roberta Flack. I'll never forget the joy of that concert.
  14. Honestly, there are many times I wish we had skipped the complicated install of the separett, and just put a luggable loo (home depot bucket and a snap seat and cover) in the corner. Easy to clean. No worries. Rarely used,,anyway. And, I'd be $900 ahead, at least . For the extra money, I get a more "attractive " and stable install, no smell. Don't have to dump it evey day. In the barn, we installed a urinal for the guys. Pee bottles + luggable loo would still be many $ ahead.
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