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  1. Seems like Texas is growing at an amazing rate.
  2. Hi, and welcome aboard! We have family in Houston, and friends all over Texas. Great state for exploration. Tons of state and Iocal parks. Lots of folks here to answer your questions. You have time. Start digging into Oliver University videos, would be my suggestion. Again, welcome!
  3. Those darn weepholes are important, and a pita to clean. I've used pipe cleaners, line trimmer string lengths, and a variety of implements. Even dental picks. Don't use qtips. They can leave cotton fibers behind. Once or twice a year, I use air pressure. Paul has a tiny nozzle for the garage air compressor, with many feet of hose,, and I use that. It's great. Blows all the gunk out. ( I clean the track, before and after.) I often use an old, soft brustle toothbrush to clean the tracks. Don't use yours, lol. Use an old one It's really important to keep the weep holes, and track
  4. Duct tape is a good temporary fix. It's also a good isolation tool. If you "think" you know where the leak is, tape it. Best when it's warm, and press with a rolled rag, or roll well with a wallpaper seam tool.. If the leak no longer appears, you found it. If it's still there, look elsewhere. Third light above is a known culprit. We replaced ours, bedded it with butyl, and I've been enjoying a dry attic and dry corner of the bed ever since.
  5. Order the white butyl, which is actually kind of grey. Don't get black. Butyl is good in both cold and heat. Good quality butyl is a synthetic hybrid, so it doesn't "ooze" in the sun. If you have leftover, store it in the garage fridge , not on a garage shelf. It lasts a long time that way. And, its easier to work with if the butyl tape is cold, rather than warm. In my opinion.
  6. Are you talking about caulking around the window, after install? Don't use 3m 4000 to install/bed.. Use a good quality butyl. 3m 4000 uv is fine for caulk. Not bedding, imo. It's really tough to remove, which someday you will probably have to do. Easier with a heat gun and plastic scraper. Let the butyl rest a day or two, trim, with a plastic blade . Then caulk. With butyl, it's mostly just to protect the exposed edge from uv. Or, you "could " do like most of the world, and bed with clear silicon. I hate that too, but it works. I'm not a silicon fan, because of the hassl
  7. Here's link to a search for the phrase "generator box." @theOrca's thread is the first one. Several other ideas as well. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/search/?&q="Generator box"&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy We don't carry anything on the tongue, so I can't personally help.
  8. Perhaps I misunderstood, but are you looking at 6 months here/ six months Sweden for a number of years after retirement? Store the trailer and vehicle here, not take it back to Sweden, right? One if my friends spent six months each year in Norway on the family homestead, and six months here after retirement, for over 25 years. Now he's here pretty much permanently.
  9. Hi, Tony and Lena, and welcome. We don't full time, but we've spent several months at a time on the road in our 2008 Elite. The larger Elite II gives you more interior space, and more storage, and a bigger battery tray. And requires a larger tow vehicle. I'd probably recommend the twin bed Elite II for full timing, as it gives a bigger interior space feeling in inclement weather. By "new to this," do you mean new to camping, or new to the forum? One of my best friends from high school lives in a smaller city outside Stockholm. You have a beautiful country, I hear. We have
  10. I doubt you will feel the need for a third battery. Just my opinion.
  11. We have no cicadas yet. But yikes. You're probably looking at first frost late August/ early September? Usually 90 to 110 days up here, after we hear the first cicadas . Its another weird year.
  12. I actually like the grey, better. Personal preference. Hate the price tag though. That will never land in my garage. At least, not new.
  13. I like everything about it, including the color. Except the price tag. Thanks for the share.
  14. Yes, I totally get that, with 210 ah totak agms, only 105 useable, and I like to stay within 30 to 50 ah deficit. It is a balancing act, for sure. Tonight, after sundown, I'm minus 3 ah. By morning, ill be down 25 to 30. Fridge doesn't run as much in cool weather. Probably won't hear the furnace kick in at all. Low is probably in the 40s. Edit to add: we don't have an inverter. We've tried to be totally honest, but explain our stringent power parameters. Most people, I think, wouldn't want a dc fridge, and our setup. Honestly. I think lithium is probably more importan
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