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  1. After almost a year of having our Ollie II we have done the different ways to hook up the whale tail. It's always been a little difficult every time with a few times no problem. Mostly backing up under the ball hook up and then pulling forward to get on the ball. Tried the raising the jack but sometimes that doesn't work either and don't like the stress on the jack either. WELL we camped this past weekend and unhooked being totally straight for the pin no problem, and it was a good level site. WHEN we went to leave there was no method going to give us the slack to hook up the whale tail. It was like we were inch or so short and there was no way it was going to go on. Visually you could see we were too short to hook up. So we hooked to the hitch and pulled out of the campsite and tried 3 locations where it was level to try and hook up the whale tail. Nothing was working...needless to say it was raining all this time. I love the security of the hitch and we don't overpack our truck or camper, but this time it was about all we could take with the frustration. We did make it home using the hitch but was glad we had a bungie cord to secure the whale tail. Luckily we were not too far from home. So in desperation my question is does the chains tighten over time? What is the best way to fix this? I have read many posts but wanted to get a fresh idea on what we need to do to fix this. Thank you in advance.
  2. We stayed at Davy Crockett 2 nights. Yes pickup was at new sales Center but it will be 2 more weeks before they complete remodeling. Pickup was wonderful and informative but they didn't have electricity in delivery area yet, at least where we were. Also if you are seeing this we just got our name in forum updated to our Ollie hull name Pilots Lounge. N0673. Hope to meet other Ollie Owners in our adventures.
  3. UPDATE: I've been checking the lock all day...... it's like a child going to the doctor.... they will be sick as a dog but walk into the doctor's office and be just fine. That is how the ollie is today. The lock has worked just fine so far all day. I will grease it with lithium later today but it seems to be doing good. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. We just picked our Ollie II up this week and spent a few days camping. This morning the door would not open. I locked it and unlocked it from the inside several times and finally got out. I did not think much of this as the rest of the day it opened fine..... Until this evening when we pulled home. Used the code and heard the lock operate but it did not unlock. I used the key with the same effect. After five or six time the door finally opened. The camper is level. That is when I came to the forum to see if I need to do anything. We will call Jason Monday to see if we he can do anything. I thought at first the door latch maybe sticking on the metal latch holder. Causing to much pressure and not allowing it to pull open. It seems to be intermitting as Debra just went out there as I am writing this and it worked fine. Thing that make you go HUMMMMM. Hull #673 The Pilots Lounge
  5. Picked up our Ollie Thursday and enjoyed a few days at Davy Crockett. Met another Ollie couple that was just driving through (I don't remember their hull number --- I think 256) It was cool and nice seeing and talking with them --- Considering there are only 673 Olivers out in the world.
  6. Thank you so much for the response. I didn't think about the conversion aspect of the king to twin or vise versa. We Just don't like to sleep separate. Also, I was afraid it was rumored about the larger unit because the comment on Facebook. We go to the plant in 2 weeks so will be glad to see one E2 close up and I will ask them. Have a blessed day!
  7. Hi everyone, Chip and Debra here looking to purchase an Oliver. We are planning a trip to the factory in a few weeks, but wanted to see if there are any used Olivers out there. We know they are hard to find, so thought the best place was to start here. We may end up getting a new one, and did read on Facebook they maybe making a larger unit in a year or so with a dry bath. Might be worth the wait if that is true. If anyone has any advice we welcome it. We have been camping for 20 years from tent, pop-up, hybrid and now small 24 foot camper. Looking now for some low maintenance and quality.
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