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  1. I will search around a little on the forum, thank you for letting me know about those threads. We had a really loud A/C in our last RV and like you, it was last resort. I see your point on the oven. I have no problem changing things that don't work, it just ends up costing extra to do things like change out the A/C or fridge. If they did a ducted version it might even open up the option of a skylight where the A/C is now and it would be much quieter. A Truma-Combi would be the perfect fit for the Oliver and it would open up quite a bit of storage space. The combi is not much bigger than their
  2. Hello everyone. I am in the process of looking for our next trailer and I am convinced it is going to be an Oliver, I just don't know when yet. I think it is almost a perfect trailer, but there are a few things that I would love to change and I would love to see Oliver make an option. Here are the items I would like to change to make my perfect camper. Lithium was top of my list, but they are offering that now which is great. 1. Awning style windows. This is actually almost a deal-breaker for me, but I hear they are working on it. Maybe it will be an option next year. I do not see them as
  3. I would really want double the solar. I think the price is fair. I just can't stand the sound of a generator, even with the quiet versions and hate being that guy when in a campground. I think I would find myself using more 110v resources with some capacity and a good inverter. Most of our campsites in AK have zero hookups, so the more self-contained the better. I am just debating the component quality and if I would want to do some of this on my own. I wish you could get a credit for not having some of it, but having some of the infrastructure in place.
  4. They just sent me the new build sheet and it has this for Lithium: LITHIUM PRO PACKAGE - SAVE $498 • Two LifeBlue Lithium Batteries (400 AH total) • 340 Watt Solar Panels with Charge Controller • Micro-Air Easy Start • 3000 Watt Xantrex Inverter $8999.00
  5. Hello Everyone. We just sold our class b van and we are starting to look at trailers now. Ollie's are at the top of my list, but the three things I really do not like are - No lithium option, not awning style windows and no compressor fridge. It sounds like they might be getting ready to solve all three of these concerns! At least I read on Facebook that they are engineering the awning style windows. The compressor fridge is just a guess as most offer that with a lithium option. This forum has been an invaluable tool and it looks like Ollie owners are a great bunch. I am looking forward to joi
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