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  1. Hey Steve, A very wise move to spend a few extra days at David Crocket SP. As I recall site numbers 81 & 82 in CG 2 the new loop has nice paved level sites. They both are fairly long paved spacious sites that back up to the woods. A nice SP to shake down your Ollies systems with W/E only and naturally a dump station readily available as you exit the park. We opted to stay at the Hampton Inn in Columbia, Tenn the night before our delivery day for a great nights rest. Delivery day will be here before you know it! Patriot🇺🇸
  2. There a number of owners that use the nocked out receiver (including me) with thousands of miles carrying their bicycles. I have yet to read about any failures of using the knocked out receiver. I took it a step further and called and spoke to Oliver Service and was told they have not had any bike rack failures reported. Based on this information and talking with other owners and having 4000 miles using this hitch mod, I am not overly concerned about a failure. With periodic inspections, I have not observed any wear and tear that would cause me to discontinue using the Oliver 2” receiver. Naturally one has to proceed with what one is comfortable and their risk tolerance level is when it comes to securing your bikes. We cover our bikes when traveling and our rear Ollie lights are still very visible. We have also added the 1Up license plate bracket holder. We really like the 1Up bike rack with is certified for use on a TT. Travel safe and 🚲Bike On! 😊
  3. dewdev, Along with @topgun2 I have not heard of any Oliver owners having their tanks stolen. And hope it remains that way. This mod along with the fact that my 30# tanks are not as common as the 20# tanks may possibly serve as a real deterrent or may not. I also write my hull# on the tanks as I don’t swap them out I just get them refilled. Patriot🇺🇸
  4. That does not seem normal at all. If nothing else you could give OTT Service a call in the morning and ask if it’s normal or what the cause could be? Maybe email Jason or Mike a photo, just a thought. Please let us know what you learn and hopefully it’s a minor repair. And thank you for the reminder, I need to get busy and do maintenance on mine. 😊 Patriot🇺🇸
  5. @RichM Enjoy your delivery day and ask lots of questions. It will be like trying to take sips of water from a fire hose there will be so much new info coming at you on delivery day. Enjoy it and have fun! If time allows schedule in a few extra days of camping locally near Oliver at David Crocket SP. here - https://campgrounds.rvlife.com/regions/tennessee/lawrenceburg/david-crockett-state-park-2647 This will give you an opportunity for a decent shake down of your Olivers systems. Any issues can be quickly addressed by Oliver Service before heading back home. Trust when I suggest this extra few days of Oliver “shakedown time” is well spent if you can make time for it. Congrats on your delivery day and welcome! Safe Travels! Patriot🇺🇸
  6. Thanks! As a side note I have no intention of ever bumping up to 40# LP tanks. 30 pounders are plenty for our needs. I was curious to just measure and see if 40# would fit to help answer dewdev’s question. I’ll take a pass on be bending the wing nut up as it really has not posed any concerns for me when removing it. Once it’s loose it just about spins off. Onward! Patriot🇺🇸
  7. dewdev, a great question. I looked up the 40# specs and found this one at HD. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Flame-King-40-lbs-Empty-Propane-Cylinder-with-Overfill-Protection-Device-Valve-YSN401/301699250?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&&mtc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D28I-028_022_GRILLS-NA-MULTI-NA-SMART-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NA-SMART_SHP&cm_mmc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D28I-028_022_GRILLS-NA-MULTI-NA-SMART-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NA-SMART_SHP-71700000090520815-58700007648833922-92700069174188843&gclid=CjwKCAiArNOeBhAHEiwAze_nKE7thvm6-nQqzY5KP5vU_5dhlDWToHMxiA-90qxxIUQAdbWZO8m_AxoCkrMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds The 30# LP specs - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Flame-King-30-lbs-Empty-Propane-Cylinder-with-Overfill-Protection-Device-Valve-YSN301/302560758 So a 7” height difference from a 30# to a 40#. The circumference is just smidge larger on the 30# vs the 40#. I stepped out back and took a photo of my current 30# tank height of 23” in comparison to a 40# measuring 30” tall. (pic) It looks like a 40# might fit, but without actual trying to fit one I can’t say for certain. It looks pretty close.
  8. That’s all a part of making your Ollie yours! 👍🏻👍🏻😊
  9. @dewdev, I honestly don’t know of 40# are available or if they will fit. I bumped up to 30# tanks since I recently converted my Honda gen over to LP.
  10. @MainiacI actually switched over from 20# to 30# which are a bit taller and just got the right size threaded rod.
  11. I opted to go a different route and use the wing nut as a lock. I used a drill bit and an old firearms cable lock to at least try and secure the tanks. I could have used a padlock I suppose. This cable lock has molded plastic around the lock and won’t rattle or bang on the tanks under tow. Can it be defeated? Yes as most locks can be. It may slow a thief down. When I switched over to 30# tanks I installed a shorter threaded rod readily available at Lowe’s or HD. Patriot🇺🇸
  12. @taylor.coyote Hope all works out and you find a solution. There does not appear to be an available inexpensive fix for your headlight issue. Keep us posted on what you come up with! Good luck! Patriot🇺🇸
  13. A very creative idea for sure and please post up on how it works out long term. The only initial concern I would have with this mod is does this invalidate a new Truma furnace warranty? For those out of the Truma warranty period certainly not a warranty claim concern any longer. Interesting mod!👍🏻 here- https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1357660/Truma-Varioheat-Eco-Au.html?page=12 Patriot🇺🇸
  14. @dennis Glad you got to tour an LEll! In the summer of 2021 we traveled from our home in Western NC to Gulf Shores Alabama, then back home to restock. We then left on a trip to New England and camped in NY, NH, Vt, and Me reserving campgrounds along our route. In total we visited 16 states and 22 CG’s and were never turned away do to the size/length of our Oliver. So it really depends on what your travel and camping needs are going to be. We are totally fine with the wet bath vs a dry bath. Based on our experience and we are not experts by any stretch, the Oliver LEll works great for our needs. And as @johnwen mentioned the resale of an Oliver vs a stick built is worthy of consideration. All the best in your decision, Patriot 🇺🇸
  15. @johnwen that is great news! We are scheduled on the books at Oliver service for the retrofit in May. PM sent! 😊 Patriot 🇺🇸
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