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  1. Cool! You can do the clean museum tour and discuss it over a brew. 🍻😊
  2. Here is a free app we find very handy when deciding on fuel stops. It works great if we are traveling on the superslab which we do try to usually avoid. We typically prefer the roads less traveled. It’s called IExit.
  3. Connor77, ☕️ I looked on our 2020 delivery day component info sheet the for the model number for our identical Dometic Penguin. This is what Oliver has listed on our sheet. I did not see any other model info anywhere in the manuals.
  4. It’s adjustable so you can dial in the rear cam adjustment where you want it. It works as good if not better than the Voyager giving about the same coverage with a sharper picture imo. I can see a fairly long distance behind me on the interstate where it’s presently mounted. I have the lens set so I can also see our bicycles mounted on our rear bike carrier as well as down the interstate. If it was mounted lower when it rains road spray would wash out the lens and rear view. Mounted high has worked best for both the Voyager and this new Furrion in my experience.
  5. I really like the Meguiars products and the one step 67 really removed the mild oxidation we had on our Ollie with very little effort. 👍🏻
  6. No you only use the fuel card and your pin. You may want to take a look at the link, it answers a lot of FAQs. 😊
  7. QuestionMark, Thank you for the positive feedback. We look forward to the fuel cost savings and the convenience and safety of using the larger lanes and rapid fill pumps. A game changer for sure.
  8. We have been looking at a way to save a little money on diesel fuel when traveling and learned about the TDS fuel card program and just signed up. Just thought I would pass this information along as I have read a number of solid reviews. I also like the safety factor of not having to squeeze into smaller fuel lanes at many filling stations around the country. The big rig lanes we have used in the past just allow for so much more room to maneuver our rig. Note - You will want to make sure your truck accepts a high flow pump nozzle (ours does) before applying and DEF is not discounted at the pump with this card. The Open Roads app is easily downloaded and very intuitive. I wanted to pass this info along and also ask if anyone else is using a “fleet card” program and if so which one are are you happy with it? Comments and thoughts are welcome if you have used or are using a fleet diesel purchase card. A few links to check out. https://www.tsdlogistics.com/services/fuel-program/ https://drivinvibin.com/2021/07/27/tfs-fuel-card/ Thanks! - Patriot
  9. Albert, X2 Like you a we have owned several Tundras over the years they have all been very reliable trucks. When we took delivery of our Ollie in June of 2020 we had a 14 Tundra Platinum. It towed our Ollie ok on the flats but the tach displayed much higher rpm’s in the mountains and the cargo carrying capacity really was not enough truck for our needs being right on the edge of being over the legal weight limits which was not an option for us given the gear we carry. The Tundra never felt as planted and stable as our present TV of course it’s comparing apples to oranges. We now own an F350 which just feels a whole lot safer (it sits nice and high so the view is great when traveling). Stopping power and engine power and cargo carrying capacity are never a concern. I am not going to go down the rabbit hole of what make or brand of vehicle is better as everyone has their personal preferences. I do know that we are happy with our present TV for many more reasons than I have mentioned. It’s mainly used for towing and not a daily driver as it is a large heavy duty truck. The interesting thing is we get better fuel mileage with the F350 than we ever got with the Tundra both towing and not towing. We typically get 19-21 highway unloaded and 15.9 -16 mpgs towing our Ollie loaded which we are happy with being a one ton truck. The diesel just pushes 1400 -1500 RPMs at 65-70 mph and is very quiet in the cab. Bottom line is purchase what works best for your budget and your towing needs. Happy Camping and Safe Travels, Patriot
  10. We are going to have to check Lake Powhatan out. Thanks for the great photos and info. Happy Camping!
  11. Don, I don’t have a rear cargo carrier, but if I were to consider one, your design looks great. Well done sir! -David
  12. At our last Oliver service visit I purchased (2) extra touch lights to keep as spares. I think they were like $3 or $4 ea.
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