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  1. Oliver in Wild - We spent 5 nights here - https://riversedgemountainrvresort.com and did a little exploring around Nantahala National Forest, Vogel State Park, Blairsville, and Brasstown Bald. Rib Country is now are most favorite barbecue joints in Murphy…awesome cue!! We were camping among the giant RVs.😄 Lots of large motorhomes and big 5th wheels. The RV park was extremely clean and well kept and had large concrete pad sites. We met a number of super nice people during our stay. We took our bicycles in order to do a shake down of our 1Up USA (2) bike rack. We loved having our bicycles with us, it was just great to pedal tour around the park. The 1Up USA Super Duty bike rack performed excellent with no issues during our trip. The license plate relocation bracket arrived while we were gone so I installed it when we got home. I may add an LED license plate light. A few pics of our site, bike rack and views along the way. Bike rack loaded without the license plate relocation kit. Plenty of tail light visibility but needed the license plate relocation bracket. Bike rack deployed- Rack in upright store position- Our site - Looking from Nantahala National Forest up towards the Smoky Mtns. Already missing the higher elevations of the mountains -
  2. We will certainly lift Prayers up for Steve and Tali. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 David & Kathy
  3. I would not recommend the Gladiator as a TV for the Oliver Legacy Elite ll for all the reasons mentioned above.
  4. Frank, Have you checked and added water to the shower drain trap lately? We had a very slight odor emitting from the shower drain and I poured a few cups of water down the shower drain and the odor immediately went away. Our Ollie had been sitting with the dehumidifier on and I suspect it dried out the trap allowing an odor to escape up through the shower drain. We always run the dehumidifier 24X7 so we periodically add water to the sink trap, shower trap, and galley sink trap. Might be worth a try.
  5. Added a “Yard Trash XXL bike cover and elastic cargo net to snug the cover up to the bikes. This should help keep the bikes clean.
  6. 1 Up USA “Super Duty” bike rack installed. A fine product including fit and finish. Mounted to Oliver bike rack. Rack folded up when not in use.
  7. Wayfinder, I had XPEL 10 mil paint protection installed on the quarter panel locations you show above. It really helps protect those very vulnerable areas. I also had it applied to the front and left corners and the “dog house” or propane storage area. Nice job cleaning up those areas! Patriot
  8. The Oliver LEll owner I have spoken with the same rack and mod actually carries (2) much heavier ebikes with a total weight on the rack of 130#. He recently put 1000 hard miles on his Ollie with bikes loaded and there are no visible signs of aluminum fatigue, cracking etc. Zero issues with the 1Up Super Duty rack which is encouraging news. This mod is absolutely worth keeping an eye on for sure. Just like all the other inspection checklist areas on the Ollie, I will inspect it before, during and after a trip. A great question would be with over 800 plus Ollies on the road, how many actually use the bike rack and for those that do how many catastrophic failures have occurred with the bike rack? I have not read about any reported failures which is a good thing!
  9. I have done a fair amount of research prior to pursuing this mod/application with a local aluminum engineer, aluminum tech and actually spoke at length with Oliver Service and 1Up USA. I have also communicated recently with another OLEll owner who has several thousand miles on this same identical mod and bike rack with zero structural integrity issues with the rack or receiver. Based on these conversations I am not concerned about the structural safety of this mod. My 1Up USA Super Duty bike rack (engineered for a TT) just shipped from the factory. I look forward to the install sometime next week. *My understanding is one of the big reasons Oliver inserted the 1.25” reducer is owners were overloading the aluminum receiver and exceeding the engineered rack weight limit which will naturally could result in a catastrophic failure. Cheers!
  10. Here is the 150# load rating sticker for our 2020 OLEll. I had the 1.25” core removed by a local machine shop for $30. Our bikes and the 1 Up Super Duty rack won’t come close to the load rating.
  11. I will wait and see how this completely new Tundra platform performs in its first year before commenting on performance, handling, mpgs, towing. Having owned 3 previous Tundras I will say the reliability of all three trucks I owned was excellent and second to none. Toyota is out front in terms of reliability and dependability at least in my owner experience. Toyota also provided excellent service when any of my previous Tundras needed it. If I were to ever consider another half ton truck, the Tundra would absolutely be given a first look. I have to have reliability, my Tundras have always been very dependable and very reliable for the long haul. Cheers!
  12. Well here it is. It will be interesting to see how the the new Tundra refresh fairs through its first year.
  13. Great observation! There are times when I grill a bit more in advance of rainy weather. So I prepare a little extra so that we can reheat in our micro/convection oven the following day(s). No love for grilling in the rain.
  14. We had a 14 Tundra Platinum and sold it and purchased an F250 CC 6.7 liter diesel with high capacity tow package, camper pkg and a bunch of other options. Our Tundra was “capable” of towing our Ollie, but the RPMs shot up on mountain passes for sure. We felt it was a bit under powered, needed a refresh due to out dated tech, lacked cargo room, and the mpg’s were not great. Reliability I will say was excellent. We absolutely wanted more cargo room, more comfort on long trips, much higher cab, much better fuel mileage, larger fuel tank, and the diesel brake or engine brake which has worked excellent towing the Ollie. On long mountain grades the auto engine brake is a TV and Trailer brake saver in my experience. Any diesel will cost you more in maintenance. On our last trip of 3500 miles up through the great north woods of NY, Mass, Conn, NH, VT, and MA, we throughly enjoyed the comfort, power and high cab touring view during the trip. The odo now registers 15,000 miles and we are really pleased with everything about it. It’s a large truck and we primarily use it for a TV. As previously mentioned it’s not a daily driver or commuter, we purchased knowing this. It sure is nice on long trips for all the reasons mentioned. Trucks are very scarce as a few have mentioned. There is a 3-4 month wait on Super Duty Fords according to dealers in our area. We even got a call from our salesman wanting to buy our truck back for more than we paid for it. I had no interest in this offer. Think about how you will use your new or used truck and buy what meets your needs and naturally your budget over the long haul. Many vehicles will tow an Ollie, but stopping is a very thing to consider. You don’t want the tail wagging the dog.
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