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  1. Bill, I believe your new 2022 Tundra Crew Max will be a fine tow vehicle and we are looking forward to seeing yours! The expert key board “nay sayers” and “joy stealers” for some reason seem to take a level of pleasure in raining on the parade of how some folks choose to spend their money. Quite frankly some of the needless negative vibes on this forum continues to really get old. This could reflect why some owners just “ghost” the forum and don’t engage in posting. A few thoughts - If you don’t have something decent, kind, helpful and really positive to add in comments maybe just pause and please don’t feel compelled to respond, maybe use a little restraint…or better yet just keep scrolling! We are all in this together! Happy Camping! -Patriot
  2. A neat video about “Andon” - why Toyota builds perfect trucks. I had heard about ANDON before, but this provided much more insight and I like this guys YouTube info as he seems to provide pretty accurate information and has previously worked for Toyota in Japan. It’s worth a watch if you have not viewed it. I have heard that Honda also uses ANDON in their production line. Sadly according to this gent there are quite a few auto manufactures that know about ANDON but just don’t use it. Go figure?
  3. We mesquite smoked a brined and lemon pepper dry rubbed 7# roaster in our Traeger pellet grill. Enjoyed a few sides and I actually skipped desert which was a pumpkin cheese cake. Oh the crispy bacon!
  4. We really enjoy their videos and have learned a lot about where we hope to visit someday. Did you get to meet them?
  5. We purchased this one in 2019 and have not really had the need to use it yet. It may come in handy on a western trip. We bought it during a sale for $80 off Amazon including tax. I looked on Amazon and they are now 150.00. 🥴 It works and throws off a fair amount of heat and sure beats looking at the ground. 😂 There is nothing like the aroma of a real campfire.
  6. We plan on attending and reserved a site in the F loop from the 17th departing the 24th.
  7. Here is a recent review of a new 2022 Tundra Limited 4x4. I was a really a bit surprised at the low mpg’s but will take into account the break in period. I also noted that Andre the driver of this Tundra was not happy with the driver seat bottom comfort @5:42 into the review in the Limited level Tundra model. Also the 1400# payload is just a bit underwhelming if you consider gear and passengers. It will be interesting to see more owner reviews on the new Tundra as they roll out of the dealerships. He starts with that right there! 😂
  8. Congratulations! Let the travel adventures begin!
  9. Ghostrider10-32 I am 6’3 and my bride is 5’11 we momentarily stood in an Elite at the factory sales office and it was a complete no go for us. The Elite was just a little too cozy and lacked the room we knew we were going to need for our comfort level while traveling. You are very wise to view both before deciding. And yes, I agree never buy sight unseen. All the best with your choices!
  10. Wrong…no mountain out of a mole hill here. 😉 Just enjoying the freedom to express the truth and my personal views and thoughts based on knowing what hazmat or a bio hazard is. You obviously do not. Don’t be offended, if you enjoy the compost toilet, well party on. No rub here. Did you even read the above links? If human waste was not a biohazard I guess that during my former military career all that was learned was completely false info. I think not completely based on science. Maybe do a bit deeper dive 😁💩 and more research on poop 💩 before you blanket state that human waste is not a bio hazard. Better yet, ask your Local Game Warden or a USDA officer, a Doctor or federal fish and wildlife biologist agent. Don’t take my word for it, these folks are experts. 😉 Cheers! Maybe share how you carefully sanitize your composting toilet?
  11. Interesting debate… I don’t think its implied anyone dumps solid waste above ground or shallow buries human waste. But when your boondocking for an extended period of time how and where is human waste disposed of? And will it impact a water source such as a trout stream or lake if buried? Here is a link or the “poop scoop” 😄on human waste and I think one would reasonably conclude it is a bio hazard or hazmat just based on a quick open source search. During my tenure in the Air Force during the Gulf War human feces was 100% absolutely considered hazmat or bio hazard and it had to be dealt with as such. Safe to say sanitizing a “composting” toilet surely comes with its challenges, none of which I have any interest in. Maybe someone could post up their procedure or steps they go through when disposing of and then safely sanitizing and throughly cleaning their compost throne? Or how to dispose of human waste when boondocking? In the end-pun intended 😳😂 Ya just have to roll with what works best for your traveling and camping needs. Happy Camping!! https://bioteamaz.com/2019/02/19/is-human-feces-a-biohazard/
  12. We do not have a composting toilet and never will. The tried and true gray and black tank system in the Oliver we find is so simple to use and maintain. We have no desire to maintain and clean a composting toilet for a multitude of reasons due in part human excrement is 100% hazmat. The name composting toilet seems a bit of a stretch or misleading as it takes 4-6 months on the conservative side for human waste aka HAZMAT loaded with harmful infectious bacteria to break down before it actually becomes a “compost”. This link with videos has pretty interesting owner feed back with regards to “composting toilets”. https://drivinvibin.com/2020/08/17/rv-composting-toilets/ Another link worthy of reading and knowing the laws before disposing of or burying or dumping human waste. There are many restrictions to be aware of. https://www.boondockersbible.com/knowledgebase/is-it-legal-to-dump-composting-toilet-waste-on-the-ground/
  13. Congrats on your deposit/order! Now is a great time to take a deep dive into the forum, owners manuals, and Oliver University. Delivery day will be here before you know it and the knowledge gained reading hopefully will be of great benefit on your big day. As fairly new owners of a 2020 we cannot imagine not having the solar option, for us a total win. (The tax write off on the solar first year of ownership was a plus) Naturally you will ultimately decide what works best for your traveling/camping needs. We absolutely considered future resale when deciding on options and solar was a must have.
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