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  1. I have one I purchased last summer for my present camper which is not an Ollie. It’s a very well built strong heavy lock. I am confident it would likely cause a thief to move on to an easier target. If you decide on one don’t ever loose the keys. It’s a very pricey coupler lock at 210.00 plus shipping. It mounts up quickly and efficiently. They have a few interesting videos on their website of how quickly other competitor coupler locks are quickly defeated. Hope this helps. Congrats on the Ollie!! My wife and I are on schedule today with Anita for the Ollie factory tour mid morning. Chilly here..@23 degrees and 37 the high.. Brrrrrrrr!!! David
  2. Congrats on your delivery date! Very exciting! We hope to join the Ollie family soon!
  3. Maverick, A wonderful endorsement based on your experience! I may have questions for you as time goes on. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience on this forum. Patriot
  4. Thank you all for the kind replies. We have contacted Oliver and a lady we spoke (Anita) said she is going to put us in touch with an owner close to where we live. We live in Shelby, NC and we hope to hear from an Ollie owner in the next few weeks so that we can connect and see their Ollie and hear about their purchase and ownership experience. This is a big decision for us and we want to learn as much as we can before moving forward.
  5. My wife and I are interested in an Oliver trailer as we are both recently retired in our 50’s and enjoy camping and traveling the this great country of ours. So we are doing our due diligence and learning as much as we can before we consider purchasing a new or used Oliver. There appears to be lots of valuable owner information on this forum which is greatly appreciated. Thank you to the owners that contribute. Our current rig which we are thinking about upgrading from is an Intech Pursue, a great very well made little camper. It’s a minimalist set up and has served us extremely well for the use it is designed for- traveling and camping. We really like the advantage of storing our rig it at our home in one of our garages when not in use. Unfortunately this won’t be possible with an Oliver due to HOA restrictions. None the less we are still exploring the purchase of an Oliver. Lots of research and reading to do for sure. Our TV is a Toyota Tundra Platinum which we really love, especially the comfort and reliability. Thank you for having us on board! We plan to visit Oliver and do the factory tour soon. Home the Blue Ridge Mountains.....
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