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  1. We decided to roll our reservation deposit over to the Sept rally dates. We did this by simply calling the park and requesting this change. We spoke with a gal who works in reservations named Kathryn who made this change seamless. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall. -Patriot
  2. Be safe everyone...keep the faith, we’ll get through this. -Patriot
  3. Thank you Maverick, order placed.
  4. If anyone orders an AC cover would you mind posting up a link? We don’t have our Ollie yet so I don’t know the dimensions of the AC unit n order to place an order. Thanks! -Patriot
  5. A full custom made cover is what we plan to use. https://calmarkcovers.com -Patriot
  6. Mike, We appreciate your reassuring thoughts. Your right things do bounce around and loosen up when rolling or in transport. And yes Anita has been very honest and transparent with us, we enjoyed our time spent with her. We also have no doubts that Oliver will make things right should we have an issue. Like any new owner we prefer to not have issues on delivery day...a fair request. 😊 Per OP, I would like to see an electrical diagram added to the 2020 manual and at some point I suspect it will be. Thanks, -Patriot -Patriot
  7. Wyofilm, Great job diagnosing your issue with the help of Oliver Service Center. Its a shame and still deeply concerning me as stated in my previous post that your brand new 2020 Oliver had issues upon delivery. This is truly verrrry unsettling to say the least. We were told by our sales rep Anita that each trailer goes through 10 days of Inspection/quality control before delivery. Let us know how the rest of your systems operate when you can. Thank you for your transparency and follow up. It appears Oliver needs to step up their QC. And like gatorewc I cant imagine having any electrical issues on delivery day. -Patriot
  8. Calmark makes a custom fitted cover, they are expensive to the tune of around $900 plus shipping. topgun2 has one and might chime in on his ownership pros/cons. Here is the linky... https://calmarkcovers.com
  9. Wyofilm - wow...this is truly disappointing news especially having just ordered a 2020 Ollie which is on its way through production right now. Not encouraging or exactly what I was hoping to read. I would call the Oliver Service Center and get them involved as soon as you can. They are the experts and from what we have read about stellar customer service will do all they can to resolve your electrical issue(s). Hopefully you will learn it’s something very minor and can be addressed by you with a phone call. Sorry to hear you are experiencing electrical or really any issues with your brand new Ollie. This is deeply concerning to put it mildly. Please keep us posted on what you learn and and how everything works out. -Patriot
  10. Here- We still like the whisper quietness and years of reliability of our two Honda’s. I can’t speak for other brands. The larger EU7000is is a backup for our home. It runs everything we need during a power outage except our 4 ton Trane AC. Ceiling fans are in play during a power outage to keep fresh air circulating.
  11. I just saw this article and thought I would post it up. -Patriot Edit- Found this link and added it as well. It appears letters will be sent out to original purchasers. https://powerequipment.honda.com/support/recalls-and-updates Video: KHOU 340,000 Honda portable generators recalled for fire hazard Ten fires have already been reported. Author: Travis Pittman (TEGNA) Published: 5:06 AM EDT March 18, 2020 Updated: 5:08 AM EDT March 18, 2020 Honda is recalling about 340,000 portable generators because of a fire and burn hazard. Ten fires have already been reported. The recall is for Honda EB2200i, EU2200i, EU2200i Companion and EU2200i Camo Portable Generators. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the generator's inverter assembly can short circuit with the presence of saltwater. This can cause the unit to smoke or catch fire.
  12. Sea dawg, I certainly hope you did not take my post personal or political or inflammatory. I am merely passing along the story and concerns of a dear friend of mine and his family who are presently living in Italy and are attempting to survive living out how potent and dangerous the Wuhan Covid19 virus really is. I could not agree more, the virus is certainly on the entire worlds mind for sure. I think we can all agree that we need to take every step possible to not spread the virus and just be as safe as possible. As DavidS wisely mentioned -slow the transmission. Traveling or camping right now in the midst of a deadly pandemic is just not something we will be pursuing. We will make every attempt to be safe and wise by minimizing exposure or transmission through social distancing and staying home as recommended by the medical experts. Kathy and I will continue to lift up our thoughts and prayers for all people including your husbands family in Italy impacted by this terrible disease. This to shall pass. The happier news is we are signed up and looking forward to attending the OTT Rally in September at Lake Guntersville State Park. Really looking forward to meeting our extended Oliver family! -Patriot
  13. DavidS, I concur with all of what you said above. Very well stated. I just had a discussion via private message chat on FB with a friend of mine who I was stationed with at Aviano AB in Italy in the mid 80’s. He finished out his military career there, retired, and now lives with his family in the Friuli region of Northern Italy. This area was hit very hard by Covid19. Long story short, he said that this is a very serious virus and many many people are dying. He said that Italy did not take the Covid19 seriously at first and as a result the virus took off. Essentially Italy did not cut off travel tourism etc. I think for now staying put, and doing everything we can to stay healthy is key to getting through this. My friend and his family are doing ok so far. They are hunkered down and staying put. But he cautioned me, it’s a very serious disease and presently it’s not letting up and still ravaging Italy. FWIW. David
  14. This is very wise and thoughtful given the current situation. See everyone in the fall. -David
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