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  1. Thinking of buying an Ollie I but given the fact that they are 1400 miles away and having just read RV Industry Death Spiral, I'm left wondering where I could take an Ollie to get quality service if required, particularly during the warranty period. What are other owner's experience with getting an Ollie serviced?
  2. Thinking of buying an Ollie I. One thing my wife can't stand is an a/c fan that cycles on and off with the compressor. She can only sleep if the fan is on continually. How does the A/C fan work on the Ollies? And how loud is it compared to other a/c's?
  3. Thinking of buying an Ollie Elite I. Wife won't let me buy a new truck so it has to be towable with our 2011 Tacoma 4L V6 with a tow package (toying capacity 6500 lb). It sounds like the Tacoma should be up to the job. Typically what does an Ollie I weigh when reasonably loaded? I know trailer is rated for 5000 lb but that almost 1300lb of cargo according to the specs.
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