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Getting an Ollie Serviced?

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We are quite a ways from Hohenwald, too.  We found a reliable local family run RV repair shop that is able to do about anything we need.  Just got it back from bearings and brakes servicing before our fall and winter trips.  If you need to have warranty work done your local facility can do it and Oliver will reimburse.  It’s been very easy for us.  Mike

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Oliver will give you a list of local dealers in your area that they have worked with before and had good luck with them. We had a problem with the wiring and we took it back to Holenwald as I did not want a dealer that had no experience with Oliver's and mainly how the wiring harness were wired. It was a 750 mile trip for us one way, but we just did the camping thing and enjoyed the trip as any others would be. I may also suggest that you attend the Oiver Rally and stop by for repairs as they a not too far from the rally, that is if they ever have another rally. 



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