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  1. The hitch was a concern of mine when I asked about it but feel good about continue using it to pull the camper. Thanks for the word of confidence. Fred
  2. Thanks John, I bought the truck off of a 84 year old farmer who only put 32,000 mile on it in the 10 years he owned it, he ordered it with this hitch but did not have the 2 inch square hitch tube with it it had a 1 inch shank with a pin hole in it for pinning farm trailers to it. I went ahead and ordered the 2 inch square tube for it and it will be installed next week. Thanks for your advice. Fred
  3. Thanks for the reply John. My truck is a 2010 Ford F-250 that had a DMI Quick and Easy Hitch already on it. And my understanding this hitch is used in the agriculture farm use more then any place else. It seems to be a good hitch. I bought a 2018 Oliver Legacy Elite II. Fred
  4. Just bought my first Ollie Camper and was wondering what hitch do most of you prefer, Resse bolt on with 2 inch receiver or the UTP/DMI Quick and Easy with 2 inch receiver? On a Ford F -250 4x4 extended cab. Fred
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