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  1. SeaDawg yes, he would only be out there in a tent, if he were with an adult. I wouldn’t feel comfortable about him being outside in a tent by himself until he turned 21,lol. I guess I will have to move on to my second option. Thanks for the info.!
  2. Hi everyone! I’ve been researching RVs for the past couple of months and seriously considering an Elite II. The problem I’m having is figuring out how to fit 3 adults and a child in comfortably?? The Elite II is the perfect size for my son and I but I know when we hit the road granny and my favorite Aunt (I have 7,lol) will want to ride along. One is 68 and the other is 70 so, tent camping for them is out of the question but then I thought my son (4) and I can sleep outside, he would have a blast in a tent until I realized why should I sleep outside when I’m paying for the trailer,lol??? Any suggestions? I really want an Oliver but may have to move on if I can’t work this out...☹️ Also, I tried to join the Oliver FB page to get ideas and info. but keep getting denied. Don’t know what that is about?? Thanks all!!
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