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  1. That was my issue space and not enough of it in the Elite II. When I called Oliver HQ 3 weeks ago, I asked if and when a larger unit will be coming out. I was told yes, longer, wider and dry bath but a couple of years off but just in time for my retirement!!
  2. John E Davies.....Ram 2500 Mega Cab.
  3. SeaDawg ......yeah I’m aware my Jeep is not a very good TV unless it’s a pop up or smaller camper. I have already done the math and picked the TV that I want. My plan for the past year is to wait until February 2021 to get my TV, then on the Oliver wait list for a 2022 spring arrival unless, a good used one comes up. That’s why I can’t get Hokiman’s trailer right now. Also, I’ve decided my son and I will sleep in a roof top tent and let the old people sleep inside,lol. He will enjoy the tent and I want his granny to come along so he can enjoy this time we have with her. I know there
  4. SeaDawg yes, he would only be out there in a tent, if he were with an adult. I wouldn’t feel comfortable about him being outside in a tent by himself until he turned 21,lol. I guess I will have to move on to my second option. Thanks for the info.!
  5. Hi everyone! I’ve been researching RVs for the past couple of months and seriously considering an Elite II. The problem I’m having is figuring out how to fit 3 adults and a child in comfortably?? The Elite II is the perfect size for my son and I but I know when we hit the road granny and my favorite Aunt (I have 7,lol) will want to ride along. One is 68 and the other is 70 so, tent camping for them is out of the question but then I thought my son (4) and I can sleep outside, he would have a blast in a tent until I realized why should I sleep outside when I’m paying for the trailer,lol???
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