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    Not that a Silverado/Sierra 1500 was on your list, but their max trailer package is a bit odd. GM adds enhanced radiator cooling, heavier duty rear spring, 9.78” axle with 3.42 locking differential, and revised shock tuning to add 2100 lbs to their tow numbers and 300 lbs to GVWR. Which all sounds good, but when you analyze what they did it gets interesting. GM is going to composite leaf springs to save on curb weight. The heavier duty leaf spring is a rather thick composite spring added to the pack that looks like a helper spring. The maximum tow package increases GVWR 300 lbs., but the maximum tow package adds 140 lbs to the curb weight. So maybe you are getting to add a fiberglass topper and keep close to the original payload. The rear axle ratio is lowered from 3.23 to 3.42, but the package requires 20” wheels and 275/­60R20 extra load tires resulting right back at a 3.23 effective gearing. So you are getting stronger rear axle with no benefit from the lower gearing. I suppose you don’t need it with 10 speed..... the manufacture’s small tweaking ramp up tow values a lot.
  2. I suspect the Zamp controller and the Progressive Dynamics AC/DC distribution panel are independently regulating charge to the batteries. If the batteries are charged, neither is delivering current. Your 2013 truck probably doesn’t have an RVC function.
  3. Learn new stuff everyday. I wonder if the GM professional who wrote the second paragraph knows GM discontinued generators 50 years ago. Regulated Voltage Control (RVC) is GMs' platform for computer controlled charging systems. This system is designed to raise and lower the alternator's voltage set point based on vehicle electrical needs. This maximizes charging system efficiency by reducing voltage output when higher voltages are not required. Camper/Trailer Battery Charging Concerns: Some customers may comment that when towing or hauling a camper/trailer, the auxiliary battery for the camper/trailer will not stay charged. In most cases, this concern is blamed on the new RVC system. While the RVC system does reduce the generator's targeted output voltage to 12.6-13.1 volts when in "Fuel Economy Mode", this feature is bypassed if the tow/haul feature is enabled. With the tow/haul feature enabled, the RVC system will stay in "Charge Mode" and the targeted generator output voltage will be 13.9-15.5 volts, depending on the battery state of charge and the estimated battery temperature. To keep the generator in the "Charge Mode", use either of the following two methods. • The first method is to use the tow/haul mode when towing or hauling a camper or trailer. • The second method is to turn on the headlights, which will increase the generator's targeted output voltage to 13.9-14.5 volts.
  4. King bed model, 3 adults in king, child on dinette bed. Twin model, 1 adult on dinette, 1 adult each twin bed, child on floor or in hammock suspended from the cabinets.
  5. The Colorado with the diesel might be a mid size for the LEII depending on the individuals loading.
  6. Your truck is a match for an LE1.
  7. Dometic off shored the La Grange Indiana factory. Maybe Oliver just decided to support the US RV industry.
  8. For what it’s worth, the model they had problems was not the model Oliver likely selected. I suspect they are installing the new for 2020 GG750 - assuming they made a change. LED Lights sell.
  9. The Girard awnings seem have a lot of complexity. They had a recall in 2018 for awnings extending on their own.
  10. 3 group 31 is probably what he meant.
  11. The standard features lists “Standard Powered Awning“. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/travel-trailers/legacy-elite-2/standard-features/
  12. The LifeBlue warranty is not that good, month 60-120 they are providing a 30% discount on a replamemt battery. Based on today’s price, you would be >$1400 out of pocket with the shipping for the low temperature model. Times 2 if both batteries went south.
  13. You better get that clarification from Oliver and Life Blue. My interpretation based on the warranties online there is no warranty. The limited parts warranty covers this RV for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser. The limited warranty covers manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship on parts manufactured and installed by Oliver. 6. This Limited Warranty does not cover batteries sold by LiFeBlue or any authorized distributor or dealer to an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Please contact the OEM directly for warranty claims.
  14. It’s all about more storage.
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