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  1. Another November 2020 delivery full of fiberglass dust, for the record. I have severe health issues so it's a big problem for me.
  2. I have had ongoing issues with fiberglass dust residue in my Oliver, and have been systematically cleaning every spot I can get to to get it out. I've not looked up fiberglass dust toxicity as I don't want to make myself scared but I would recommend asking Oliver about what steps they can take to ensure the trailer insides are not full of dust. If I had been smart I might have brought this up ahead of time as I have lung issues too, and said that I could only take delivery if there were no visible fiberglass dust. No idea why they would not have better dust control and cleaning before putting the trailer parts together. Otherwise very happy with my trailer.
  3. Hello all: I just purchased my Ollie in November and I love it. Unfortunately I found out that the place I have it stored had a trailer theft last year. I'm trying to put good security on it remotely- the storage people will install for me. I went through all the threads and the recommendations for hitch locks seemed old and the pages were removed or the lock mentioned actually doesn't fit my no-sway hitch system. I'm thinking of two wheel locks (so they can't cut one wheel then use the spare). And I'd like a hitch lock too. I'd love to do the fuse idea for the jacks but the trailer is six hours away from me and I already had to go down to winterize it in an area where cold temps hadn't been expected but were happening. I'd rather not take the 13 hour RT drive again if I can help it. What locks are people using these days? The trimex is relatively cheap (so I can get two...and because I realize that all of this is simply deterrent) https://www.amazon.com/Trimax-TCL65-Wheel-Chock-Lock/dp/B0031XULF2/ref=sr_1_20?dchild=1&keywords=proven+trailer+lock&linkCode=sl2&linkId=88f789d3c1576eebb81124f0743b7686&qid=1609626381&sr=8-20&tag=loloho-20 The amp lock people seemed to like doesn't fit my hitch. I'm having trouble finding something I'm sure will fit and be strong, not aluminum. Thanks all in advance! Laurie Oliver Legacy II "Meanderthal" F150 Ecoboost 2.7l "Goose"
  4. I really weighed the issue of a washer/dryer and I'm very sad as well that there's non on the Ollie, but... What I do to avoid campground washers (for me, it's due to fragrance allergies, bad ones), is keep a large beer brewing pot in the back of my truck in which I wash clothes as a I drive. I fill it with water and detergent, drive for a while, dump the water and put in fresh, then hang clothes to dry. I used weatherstripping and clamps to keep the water from sloshing out and making a mess. Works very well. Still want a dryer, as I'm limited to certain weather conditions to dry clothes. Perhaps I'll try a small dehumidifier and hang system in the bathroom in the future.
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