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  1. Hi, Swamp. Welcome to the forum.

    You may want to post in "introduce yourself", as a lot if people miss the update posts.

    I'm sure others would like to welcome you, too.

    Btw, which model did you choose?

    1. Swamp


      SeaDawg, Hey

      I was going to when I took possession of my trailer or at least date gets closer? Didn't want to put the cart before the horse.


      Legacy Elite II, Twin, July 19 delivery can not wait miss being on the road.


      Thanks for the welcome



    2. SeaDawg


      We're excited to get the trailer on the road, too, after this long Covid year!

      Some people wait til just before they get the Ollie, others introduce themselves while still looking. Your call. 

      We'll all look forward to photos when you get your Oliver and get out camping!


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