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  1. I don’t have an Oliver (yet!) but tow our Casita with an older Tundra with a 6-1/2’ bed. I found a Leer cap on Craigslist (was even the right color) and it has been great. I customized it by adding a removable side shelf for the Clam, and overhead rails for the solar panel and other thin light stuff. If I was to buy a new one, I’d get one with the side windows that open up. Easier access, and less need for “climb-ins.” I have a homemade shephers hook to snag things I can’t reach, but the side doors would make life easier.
  2. Thanks for the welcome... Otters? Hope to cross paths in the near future, we have some in-Florida trips planned for this year and into 2021, nothing major planned... although we just returned from a rather spontaneous 2-1/2 week trip to Rhinelander, Wisconsin.
  3. Hi everyone, We are Jim and Deb, and we want an Oliver! We currently have a 2015 Casita 17. It has been a great camper, and we are completely sold on the fiberglass trailer concept. However, we would like more room and comfort. We had also been considering an Escape 21, but while it would be a move up in size, it would be a move sideways in overall quality. Yesterday, we met Oliver owners Foy and Myrna, who live a couple of counties away from us, and they graciously allowed us to check out their 2017 LE2. We had seen a few Olivers but this was our first detailed look and w
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