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  1. I changed the charger current to 120a, at Jason's suggestion. Good idea switching the AC input breaker setting when plugged in to standard household current.
  2. Same here, with new inverter supplied by Oliver. Just curious . . . . have you tried using the Xantrex BT app? I haven't tried it yet . . . . don't feel like having tech frustration right now 😁
  3. When we reset the breaker, the 20 code went away, only to return later. Hope this isn't the case with yours.
  4. We always run our fridge in manual mode . . . . never auto. One thing I don't like about the Norcold is the absence of any alarm beeps - such as out of propane, low battery so propane won't fire, or door not closed. Other recent RV fridges we've had (Dometic) have had alarms.
  5. We have camped numerous times, with various RVs, at altitudes over 5,000' and never had issues with fridges self-igniting when running on propane. Perhaps it is a problem with the fridge settings?
  6. Good or bad? I didn't know El Paso was right on the border. Maybe that has something to do with this. My dad always told me, if at all possible, avoid Dallas-Fort Worth.
  7. Every time we've traveled across on I-80 we've experienced very windy conditions. But, then, I don't suppose there's a way to avoid wind when crossing the plains.
  8. Dad's Expedition was a 1998 built on the 1/2 ton, long bed truck chassis. With the seats folded, the cargo space of the Expedition was the same size as a pickup bed, able to carry full sheets of plywood. This from Trailers.com 1998 Ford Expedition 4x2 5.4 V-8 8000 lb Notes: Requires automatic transmission. Requires Trailer Towing Package. Requires 3.55:1 axle ratio. Requires 3.73:1 axle ratio. Requires 16-inch tires. A higher tow rating is listed for pickups that tow fifth-wheel trailers. When we debated whether to keep it or not, I researched new Expeditions. At the time (around 2015) I was told the new Expeditions were not built on the pickup chassis, but rather a mini-van chassis. I don't know if this is true or is still the case. We opted for a BMW X5-300d instead. A good resource for Expedition towing capacity from year 2000-2021 can be found here
  9. I assume you are thinking an Elite II is your choice. However, I wouldn't overlook the smaller Elite. I would ask Oliver to arrange a showing of whichever one you haven't seen, so you have a comparison of the two. If you are over 6' tall, the Elite might not work as well. That being said, years ago my dad towed a smaller Komfort Lite with an Expedition - V8 engine with tow package. I can't tell you how much the trailer weighed, but he had no problem towing it over passes between California and Oregon. I think there are several here who tow Olivers with an SUV. Where are you located in Oregon? We live near the SW coast.
  10. Whoa . . . . . almost $200/sq ft! Is that correct? Definitely a "rich" look 😀 Oops!. . . . I read it wrong. $200 is for the kit of 15 sq ft. That's more reasonable
  11. I like your solution for the sofa conversion of the beds. I'd do that, but the husband hates dealing with all the throw pillows. I justify the few we have by making them serve double duty - in the dinette or for securing items in the overhead compartments while traveling.
  12. I just recalled how I first discovered the serial number: Resetting the inverter by disconnecting it from power (there is a breaker on the wall in the hull between the inverter and the battery compartment), temporarily resets the 20 error. After a reset, I connected to the remote panel via the Xantrex bluetooth app. Somewhere on the app screens the serial number of the inverter is identified. I also went through contortions to verify the serial number on the service tag which agreed with the reading on the app.
  13. I got the impression, when I was addressing the 20 code, back in April (following December delivery), that the inability to update the firmware was not yet known - both Oliver and Xantrex expected the firmware update to solve the problem. Which it did, but not in all cases. Perhaps if I had pursued the issue sooner, it could have been addressed differently. Oliver has sent us a replacement inverter from their stock. I don't know if they tested it first, but the 20 error code has not repeated. I'm curious to know if there are un-Oliver installations of the XC Pro inverter that are also experiencing the bad communication board defect.
  14. Are you aware that the inverter still functions? You just can't control or monitor it from the remote display. If you access the inverter under the street side bed, you can turn it on/off, monitor power, etc. It functions the same as the remote panel, except you have to struggle to get under the bed and stand on your head or use mirrors to read the display. If you need inverted power, turn it on and leave it. Otherwise, it can remain turned off.
  15. I wonder how many of these inverters with bad communication boards are still out there? If it caused a safety issue, there would be a recall, but since it doesn't, I guess it's wait and see. Bottom line: Xantrex should be testing their inverters more thoroughly, since it is obviously a manufacturing defect. When Oliver installs components, they assume they are not defective; on initial use, our inverter appeared to be functioning properly. The invert/charge functions were not affected.
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