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  1. We ended up with a CD slot mount; was able to swap out the ball joint on the CD mount for the larger ball on the Garmin 890 mount. Works well with the dash configuration of our 2013 F350, putting the screen just below dash level. There is a tiny bit of vibration, but not enough to bother seeing navigation. It does take a bit of practice to use the touch screen while the screen is on the mount because of the slight wobble. We decided the arm on the bean bag mount would not be high enough for the screen to clear the dash. And the larger screen takes up a lot of the view out the windshield.
  2. Thanks for the great info. We're blessed that there is a good weather window for the trip out. My son told me about the Sidney Cabela's. We are planning to stay at Best Western Sidney Lodge located on Cabela Dr. so I assume it's nearby. We have modified our route to St Louis! It adds an hour to the trip, but worth it. We'll head SE at Lincoln, NE, then S to Nebraska City, through Hiawatha, KS, turning east at Joplin, MO. This route takes us through the west side of Kansas City. An option is to go due south of Nebraska City (US 75) through Topeka, KS, then east to Joplin. Not sure
  3. Lucky you, living nearby. Our trip home will be at least 8 days. Isn't this fun??!!!
  4. My husband mentioned the lights . . . . . I'm anticipating an adventure of a lifetime. Leave tomorrow . . . . . taking I-80 route as Mother Nature has provided a window of good weather. Staying mostly at hotels along the way, but have a couple of airbnb locations on the radar as we near Hohenwald. Hoping for decent weather as we head home via I-40; campgrounds, KOA, Harvest Hosts for overnights. Hope to do a bit of exploration, weather permitting; maybe a return visit to Valley of Fire near Las Vegas if we need to wait out snow before crossing the Sierras (Reno to Susanville via Hwy
  5. December 3-4, we'll be in Missouri headed to Tennessee. Will be at Oliver Monday, December 7; Camping at David Crockett Monday/Tuesday nights. Favorable weather is allowing us to take I-80 eastward. We hope to return via I-40. No set return schedule, but we would like to be home before Christmas. Will look for you on the road.
  6. Packing up . . . . leaving in 32 hours! Edit: End of day 1; Burns, Oregon - Historic Central Hotel. Made it over Cascade Pass with no problems. Staying ahead of an incoming storm that is predicted to bring snow to the mountains, but veer north before it catches us!
  7. @SherMica I would definitely get chains; you'll need them to get back to the PNW ( I think that's where you're from). We have chains for both our F350 4WD and the Elite II. We purchased these chains from Les Schwab; you can return them for a full refund if not used. Traveling in any of the Oregon mountains and even lower elevation passes on I-5, you will most always see the "Carry Chains" signs posted, meaning you must have chains, regardless of road conditions. This is the law in Oregon pretty much from November through April.
  8. We'll be towing our Elite II (#699) with our tried and true 2013 F-350 diesel 4WD long bed crew cab. 50K miles and zero problems. We love that it has fewer electronic engine controls than the newer models. We'll be driving from Oregon to Hohenwald this Sunday, via I-80. There's a great good-weather window - cold, but no precipitation for at least a week. Probably won't even need to use 4WD! Good luck in your search for a tow vehicle. Probably another of the supply-chain disruptions created by the Covid pandemic - a shortage of decent used pickups 😬
  9. I would hesitate to buy a first generation new model; spend the extra on a good portable generator.
  10. We don't have to boondock to get up close and personal with the wildlife. A few days ago we caught this owl perched in the Maples above our water tank. This afternoon, our resident elk herd came by to show off this year's calves.
  11. Of all these places that we have been, Valley of Fire in 2019 was my personal favorite. I loved that you could roam and hike wherever you wanted. Beautiful place and not overwhelmed with people. We planned to visit Utah this Spring, but that didn't happen . . . . . maybe next year.
  12. We ordered a plug cover, hoping this will prevent corrosion such as pictured above. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Plug-Covers/Optronics/ACP7B.html?feed=npn&gclid=CjwKCAiAnvj9BRA4EiwAuUMDf8n3IupBLlkaiKR7gn70_wBw_1R35JYFvGHSVDniWO0Th7U_FyU0HxoCdVgQAvD_BwE
  13. We find this to be true, as well . . . . Boondockers are out to enjoy the outdoors which is our camping mantra; if we wanted to sit it front of a screen, we'd choose to do so from a comfy sofa with our 40" (I know, pathetic) TV and surround sound. Likewise, we don't often set up a living area at our campsite, unless we are camping with family and friends. Nor do we routinely have a campfire, unless needed for warmth or cooking (my husband dislikes trying to sleep when smoldering fire smell infiltrates the RV). Our camping enjoyment comes from experiencing nature - hiking, biking, kayaki
  14. Is Oliver now installing the Comfort Plus Truma? This is what we had in our Leisure Travel Van; never had a problem with it. My concern, however, is that if the Truma requires service, under warranty, certified technicians are few and far between in the PNW. Before choosing the Truma upgrade, first check on warranty service locations. As some have stated, we like the simplicity and track record of the standard water heater. Frequent or long showers are not on the agenda when we camp. The few times I showered with the Truma, I did not notice a remarkable difference in the hot water su
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