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  1. Thanks for sharing pics of the plantation. The buildings are amazing . . . . . especially the log houses. We have a log house on our SW Oregon ranch . . . . . still occupied . . . . . though it isn't as old as those you shared.
  2. The components and their customer service contact information is there, but no model # or list of serial numbers for each. Leisure Travel Vans supplied this info at delivery. I didn't even have to ask.
  3. The firmware update went as you state, until the power off/on cycle (step 6 of instructions) when the light is supposed to flash again. Both displays still show ver 01.04 😬 After quite some time on the phone with Shaun at Xantrex, we are still unable to install the firmware update.
  4. BTW: Solar tax credit reduced our tax liability to less than $1,000 (along with other adjustments)
  5. Here's what seems to be the case with our Pro 3000 with BT remote display: As per Jason, I did a reset to confirm the software version on both the main display and the remote. Remove AC & DC power - disconnect shore power and trip the 200a inverter breaker located under the street side bed area. Wait about 2 minutes Reset the 300a breaker to allow DC power back to the inverter Turn the inverter on at the remote display Scroll through the settings to verify software version - should be U3 01 06. Double check the remote display to ensure it also sho
  6. Does this app work if the BT display shows the "20" code?
  7. So, our remote display, when it's working, sometimes shows "Bypass" in the flow chart. Does that mean the batteries aren't charging because they have reached the charge threshold or the inverter is not charging the batteries at all? I will try resetting the inverter (to hopefully wake up the remote display), turn off the solar controller and put a load on the batteries to see if the inverter says "bypass".
  8. Did you come to any conclusions regarding the Xantrex not charging the batteries from shore power? As far as I can tell, this is not the case with our issue. Regarding the App does it work when the BT display does not? Does the App pair to the inverter or the BT remote?
  9. When I attempted the firmware upgrade, it appeared to have downloaded, but when the inverter is powered back up, the new firmware is not shown on either the main display or the remote panel.
  10. This might be the case. Shaun told me both the 2000 and the 3000 inverter run with the same software.
  11. What App? I was told by Shaun at Xantrex that the BT display must be functional for the App to work. Is this not the case?
  12. We are still having issues with the BT remote panel getting a "20" code (not communicating with the inverter). We have tried, repeatedly, to install the firmware update that Xantrex says should fix the issue. It appears to download, but doesn't update the firmware on the inverter. Shaun (Xantrex) has concluded that our problem (not being able to update the firmware to ver 1.06 is an isolated problem for which they have no explanation. With no remote display, we have no way of monitoring our charging system or turning the inverter on and off without getting under the bed, which is a real PI
  13. I heard from Jason at OTT; they do not keep a record of serial numbers of installed components. Not sure what you do if you need one and the associated installed component is not accessible.
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