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  1. From using 3M Command picture hanging strips, I've found the trick is to pivot the item off the wall, if that makes any sense. This wouldn't work in every case so you have to evaluate the application before deciding to use the Dual Lock product. I think it would work better on vertical surfaces than standard velcro. BTW, in case you're wondering: according to 3M, 1 square inch of Dual Lock will hold 2.2 lbs (static weight). Not cheap at $2/foot! https://www.amazon.com/3M-051111976364-Reclosable-Fastener-TB4575/dp/B08BX38F2H
  2. I wasn't suggesting an Oliver trailer appreciates, but I get what you're saying 😇 For the most part, an Oliver trailer depreciates much less than other RVs, with the exception (maybe) of today's market where demand is high and supply low (where the majority of RVs are rushed from factory to dealerships with less than stellar quality control to meet increased demand).
  3. Though I am not a proponent of "off-shore" sourcing, there are many better RV components being built in other countries. Perhaps Dometic, et al needs some competition. Please excuse me for the multiple replies . . . . I should read all posts and reply in one, but I can't seem to wrap my head around that concept. 😀
  4. That is exactly the response one of our sons gave (he's skilled at welding/metal fabrication as well as a perfectionist) when he came to look at our new Ollie.
  5. I can relate to your observations . . . . friends say I'm anal and a bit OCD, but that's ok . . . we are who we are 😄
  6. I wonder . . . . . can you purchase velcro with both sides "hooked", like Command used on their picture hanging strips? Maybe this is a 3M proprietary product not available to the public.
  7. And I'd like to add . . . . after you have taken the Oliver factory tour (or watch the video here and other Youtube videos) and experienced an owner tour, visit several RV dealerships and do an in-depth comparison: Don't let the "skin deep" beauty influence your comparison Get below the surface and see how much "care" goes into building the other brands Open cupboards and drawers Inspect the wiring, plumbing and other mechanical construction Crawl underneath and take a look Bounce up and down on the entry step . . . . . . . etc. etc. etc As y
  8. We have owned our Elite II a little over a month now, so I can't report on reliability. I will say this: Each day we step inside our Oliver, we marvel at the workmanship and care that went into her construction. Each new day of exploration amazes us with a new discovery of "wow" details; things you won't find in mass produced RVs. The Oliver is obviously built to last and the attention to detail is like none I've ever imagined - and I'm a self-professed perfectionist. The fact that there are so many long-time Oliver owners and the OTT holds it's value well was enough to convince me.
  9. Darn . . . . I have an email notification set up with Lowe's and Yamaha . . . . to let me know when the 2200i is again available. When I asked Yamaha, they said this Spring. You got lucky . . . . . we've been waiting since October.
  10. I've done the dry bag wash. It works well for just a few items.
  11. Hmmm . . . . someone stole my dry bag idea?
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