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  1. Hey Y'all, I got a response from Jordanelle SP and they don't have enough space for anything more than 95 trailers at their campsite, so we won't be able to get to make use of them for a rally 😔 Thank you guys for the suggestion though!!!
  2. Hi Jim! Our idea was to pick a location further west, but not too west so that we can make the trip doable for our Eastern owners as well! I'll check it out and even if it doesn't work out this time, I'll be cataloging all of the suggestions in case we can use them at a later date.
  3. Haha no problem Bill, I'm more than happy to do it! I'm excited to see where we land.
  4. I looked at it and made an inquiry! We'll see what they say, thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Yay! This is exactly the reaction we are looking for! Glad to hear you're excited 😄
  6. Hey Ollie Owners! My name is Lexi Griffin and I work in marketing as an Intern with Matt for Oliver Travel Trailers and I have been looking into spots to add another rally to our roster! So far I have found that the Salt Lake City KOA is a great option and I am looking into the Jellystone Park in Larkspur, CO as well as the RiverRun RV Resort, also in CO. The idea is to have it in the fall, most likely in September time (but so far the weather in CO and WY may be too cold). If you want to suggest a campground, the sites need to have at LEAST 100 RV sites, preferably 150-200 would be best so we can get as many Ollie's together as possible. The weather at the site you recommend shouldn't get too cold or hot for the time that we stay there.
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