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  1. Hi Rob! Sorry you are having trouble with it. The login for the website and forum are different. The Rewards Program has a specific registration process. You can find a link here to sign up for the Rewards Program : https://olivertraveltrailers.com/rewards-program/ or go direct at https://olivertraveltrailers.com/rewards-program/signup/. There a few videos we have posted here as well. Let me know if you are still having issues. Matt Duncan
  2. See the previous comment above.
  3. @Steve and Deb Absolutely. We use the term Friend or Family, but it can be anyone you refer to us. We don't care if you know them or not. If they had never contacted Oliver and you took the time to show them your trailer and they purchased a new Oliver, you would get rewarded. In the new program, you would get either $200 for Bronze or Silver tiers, $300 for Gold tier, or $400 for Platinum tier for them purchasing. And because they never had contacted Oliver, you would get a $250 bonus for them purchasing because you took the time to find them on your own. We want to encourage owners to help us find new customers. We don't pay the $50 for the field visit since we didn't qualify them first for just showing the trailer but, the owner can receive the other rewards if they do purchase. To qualify for the Field Visit Reward for just showing your trailer, it must be qualified and administered by Oliver.
  4. You are welcome John! It's new to everyone. We will get the kinks worked out and it will be a good program. Thanks for the feeedback!
  5. We are going to review the Indemnification language hopefully tomorrow. We appreciate everyone's feedback!
  6. @Steph and Dud B If they have never contacted Oliver previously and you refer them to us, they are consider a Qualified Friend or Family Member. if you meet someone that has never seen an Oliver before, I would ask for their info and ask if they care if you share it with us. In the Submit Activity Form, you can add their information as required and any notes about the event. We will review the submitted activity to see if we have been in contact with the person previously. If they have contacted us previously, you would not qualify for the bonus but would still qualify as a field visit purchase reward.
  7. Thanks again for the feedback. I will pass this along.
  8. For now the activities are... Show Your Oliver to a Qualified Prospect When Requested by Oliver (You get paid for just showing it now) - $50 at Bronze & Silver tiers, $75 at Gold tier, and $100 at Platinum tier. Prospect Purchases after Qualified Field Visit Requested by Oliver - You get $200 for Bronze and Silver tiers, $300 for gold tier, and $400 for Platinum tier. Refer a Qualified Friend or Family Member that Purchases an Oliver - If the prospect has never contacted Oliver previously and you introduce them to the brand and they purchase a new Oliver, you will get the reward amount for the prospect purchasing a new Oliver (depending on the tier you are in. See bullet #2) and you will get a $250 bonus. This activity can be completed by Oliver trailer owners or non-owners. We plan to add more activities to earn more reward dollars in the future. You can find all the details here: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/rewards-program/
  9. Yes. The bank that issues the card does have a network of ATMs that don't charge fees. But most ATMs would charge a fee. That information is provided when you receive the card in the mail. The cards expire after 3 years and the card issuer will send you a new card automatically (to replace your expired card) if you are part of the program still at that time.
  10. We understand for some people it is not about the money. For some it is. Some would not even participate since we didn't pay them for their time. Yes it is more cumbersome than our previous program. But it is a lot to keep up with and manage properly. In your example above, you would have been paid on $30 for first field visit ($50 minus $20 service fee) - this also moves you to the Bronze Tier for completing first activity Get sale on First Field Visit - $200 for sale = $250 YTD earnings - moves you to Silver Tier 2nd Field Visit - $50 plus $200 for sale = $500 YTD earning - moves you to Gold tier 3rd Field Visit - $75 plus $300 for sale = $875 YTD earnings 4th Field Visit - $75 plus $300 for sale = $1250 YTD earnings 5th Field Visit - $75 plus $300 for sale = $1625 YTD earnings - moves you to Platinum Tier 6th Field Visit - $100 plus $400 for sale = $2125 YTD earnings Plus you would have gotten paid on the two field visits for showing your trailer depending on the tier you were in at those times. You would receive the Platinum Tier gifts after the end of the year. The following year you would earn all year in the Platinum Tier. If you did 6 field visits and 6 people purchased, you would earn $3000. In our old program you would have only earned $1500. The Oliver Rewards Mastercard Debit card is just a reloadable gift card that can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard or you can withdraw cash out ATMs. As far as the store goes, yes we have ordered some of the products for it already. Hope you are doing well! Hopefully I will see you again at the Maine Rally!
  11. I sent you a copy through our digital signing process.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. I will email you a copy.
  13. It's not a credit card. It is a re-loadable debit card. There is not a credit check or anything required to get the card other than just completing an activity. When you get the card and activate it, you can setup a PIN to get cash out of ATMs also.
  14. Here are some bullet points about the new Oliver Rewards Program. Hopefully it will help explain some of the questions. The new Rewards Program replaces the old Field Visit Program. Instead of getting a check mailed to you if a prospect purchases after completing a field visit, you get paid on an Oliver Rewards Mastercard Debit Card. This is not a credit card. There is no line of credit like a credit card has. There isn't a credit pull or anything. It is just a branded re-loadable gift card that we load money onto when you complete activities. You can setup a PIN to get cash out of a ATM as well. You also will get paid for just showing your travel trailer, regardless if the prospect purchases or not. We know the hours it takes to clean your trailer, to spend time with the prospects, and Oliver wants to reward you for that, which we didn't previously do. If the prospect does purchase a new Oliver, you get even more Reward Dollars after the sale is finalized - the amount depends on your tier. In this new program, you will get this reward when their order is finalized rather than waiting for checks to be mailed after delivery. As of right now, we consider the order as finalized 90 days before the production start date. So you will get this a little quicker than before. And those that want to be ambitious to get to higher tiers, they can make more Reward Dollars for the individual activities that are completed. Also, look at the Tier Perks. Those are gifts (non-taxable) you get for being a member of each tier. These are just a way of us saying thanks for you taking part in the program. The $20 service fee is new to this program. It is really a deduction of the first Reward for the year. If you don’t complete any activities for the year, you will not have to pay this fee. It is called a Service Fee but it is not an out-of-pocket expense. We will be adding more activities that people can do in the future. You will be required to submit details of completed activities on the Oliver website. This helps us make sure we are rewarding everyone properly. Now that we have over 1300 Oliver owners, we need our checks and balances to reward everyone that deserves to get them. It is a lot to keep up with and a lot more work on our part. As far as the 1099 goes, we are required by the IRS to 1099 anyone that earns $600 or more. This is not new. We had to 1099 owners in our previous Field Visit Program when individuals made $600 or more in a year. If you don't want to be 1099'd, you can still complete activities and earn less than $600 and stop doing activities once you reach the threshold. We apologize that the Terms & Condition are so much, but as a company we had to do our due diligence to protect all parties involved. With this, we have made changes how we setup field visits. For all prospects that contact us to see an owner's trailer, we now require the prospect to sign a Hold Harmless agreement that protects the owner when conducting a field visit. We have this signed by the prospect before setting up the field visit. This did not exist under the old program. We know many of you have helped us by showing your trailer in the past and didn't do it for the money, but we wanted to build a great program to reward everyone for their time and efforts to grow our brand. We are very thankful for everyone that has helped us over the years! Obviously the launch of this program is new. We will monitor and revise it as we gather feedback and where opportunities exist to make it better. If anyone has questions, please don't hesitate to message me.
  15. We will be launching a branded store in the upcoming months. Our obstacle is finding the right partner (supplier) that can offer quality merchandise and dropship for us. We really don't want to inventory apparel here. We have tried a few vendors and one is promising but not happy with the embroidery yet. We are just getting our Rewards Program finalized and will be launched probably tomorrow. Once that project is underway, we can get back to our store project!
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