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  1. Some of you have had questions about a recent announcement that there will be a recall of some Cooper tires. We have contacted our distributor and are happy to confirm that the size of tires included on both the Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II are not included in Cooper's recall. We hope this information helps put you at ease!
  2. One user contacted me today and was having issues with logging-in on his Kindle Fire. I believe it uses the Silk Browser. He stated when he logged-in, it would immediately log him out and return him to the home screen. I instructed him how to clear his cache and have not received feedback if that fixed the issue yet.
  3. It is with sadness, regret, and concern for the health of Oliver owners that we announce the 2020 Oliver Rally will be cancelled. We have been tracking the COVID-19 virus status and currently most all states in the Southeast are rated in the Red Zone. We have been monitoring the State of Alabama Department of Health COVID-19 website for periodic updates. Alabama remains High Risk according to the Alabama Department of Public Health. Unfortunately, many Oliver Trailer owners would be required to travel through numerous states that are at a higher risk level in several parts of the US. Our
  4. This is one of the main reasons we sell direct. The constant feedback from our owners keeps us on our toes and we continue to improve how our trailers are built. Manufacturers that sell through dealerships have less (or barely any) communication with the actual owners that buy their RVs. Dealerships don't always have the intentions and care of the manufacturer either. They can be misleading or not prioritize customer service like we do. I have been with the company since 2013. I can honestly say that there are a lot of features and components on our units that came directly from our owner
  5. Congrats Jason and Sonja! You can find a lot of great info here on our forums. If you haven't already joined it already, there is a private group on Facebook you can join as well. Search for "Oliver Trailer Owners." If you want to get familiar with the Ollie before pickup, be sure to watch our delivery series videos. These were originally made for 2019 trailers. There are a few small changes on 2020 models. We will be updating and adding them after the first of the year. We also need to finish up a few more videos and add to the series.... Hooking Up to a Tow Vehicle, Andersen Hitch, WIFI
  6. For anyone interested in seeing an Oliver in person? We will be taking our 2020 Oliver Legacy Elite II Twin Bed demo to the following rallies... Land Between the Lake Rally at Hurricane Mills COE near Eddyville, KY on October 1-3, 2019. We will be in campsite #36. Cherokee Fall Rally at the Happy Holiday RV Village in Cherokee, NC on Oct 10-13, 2019. We will be in campsite #831. If you are interested in scheduling a time to see our demo at one of these rallies, please contact us at 1-888-526-3978.
  7. We looked at a few in the plant and it appears the weather stripping is left of where the weep holes align in the frame for water drainage. I'm curious if Lippert confirms this assumption.
  8. Attached you will find some of the documents from the Rally last month. You can download the following PowerPoint Presentations from Google Drive. Camping for Dummies: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fgxoS9liJhX9nmFpp4HoxNiXUvVAIdWb/view?usp=sharing History of Molded Fiberglass by Ian Giles: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LvezYWimCBAZIQDAFEIT7_dOqr-9flV7/view?usp=sharing 2019-OTTOR-Anodes-Workshop-Handout.pdf Truma-Cheat-Sheet.pdf Truma_Decalcification_Full-100-color.pdf Truma_Maintenance-and-Winterization-100-color.pdf Truma-AquaGo-Comfort-and-Comfort-Plus-Control-Panel
  9. The views of our customers are of paramount importance to Oliver Travel Trailers. We will always strive to provide the best possible customer service and to identify and address all legitimate questions and concerns relating to our products or services. Oliver Travel Trailers values its customers points of view as a part of the “Oliver Family”. The Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator is by its nature a flow restriction device as most pressure regulators work in this manner. Any water pressure regulator may be subject to failure. Failures are normally caused by a manufacturing
  10. IMPORTANT TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN : 1Z9-P8W4L-11 IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND PRINT A PDF VERSION ISSUE 7-Pin Charge & Safety Breakaway Orientation on the Self-Resetting Breaker MODELS IMPACTED 2018 Oliver Legacy Elite II models built from August through November 2018 See sticker on lower shell on the street side to confirm the manufactured date on your trailer. INFORMATION Oliver Travel Trailers was alerted that some of its trailers may have the charge wire and safety breakaway wires connected incorrectly at the 20 AMP self-resetting bre
  11. Actually we had the wrong manual online that we got from another provider. The model is the Contoure Convection Microwave 190S-CON. We have updated Oliver University with the correct manual. I'm not sure why, but the box says it is a 1.2 cubic ft microwave but owner's manual says 1.1 cubic ft. Go here: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/oliver-university/ Search "Convection Microwave"
  12. IMPORTANT TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN : 1ZP-K8A2M-11 IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND PRINT A PDF VERSION ISSUE Potential for Sub-Optimal Grounding through Tow Vehicle Connection MODELS IMPACTED 2014 – 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite and Elite II models. INFORMATION Oliver Travel Trailers was alerted that some trailers produced during 2014 and 2015 may experience degraded braking due to a sub-optimal ground through the ball connection when an optional anti sway hitch is installed. During the affected model years some Oliver models relied upon providing a ground to the
  13. @TexasMarshall We sincerely apologize for the issues you have had. We are passing along your comments to quality control. If you still have issues, don't hesitate to call the service department at 1-866-205-2621.
  14. I've updated the Technical Service Bulletin. They have been emailed and will be mailed by USPS first-class mail today. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/inverter-ground/
  15. John, From the looks of where you grounded on the support beam, I'm not sure if that support is welded to the chassis. I haven't personally looked yet on a unit, but I will check. In any case, we would recommend moving the grounding point to the chassis ground stud. I have the Technical Service Bulletin revised but waiting to hear from everyone here before we post it. Basically there will be three things everyone will need to look for... Missing inverter chassis ground wire Oversized ring terminal on chassis ground Flat washer installed between ring terminal and i
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