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  1. Not sure what direction the discussion regarding possible sites is going, but I might suggest something around Durango, CO. There are a few RV parks that could accommodate 100 campers, although *just*; if there were 100 Ollies there, we'd fill the entire park. Bayfield, Alpen Rose, United Campgrounds (sounds kinda sterile and corporate-ish), Blue Spruce, and the ever lovin' KOA all have 100+ sites. I camped at Vallecita, a forest service campground, just north of Bayfield last year, and it is freaking gorgeous up there. I know Jellystone Park at Larkspur was mentioned earlier. Jellystone
  2. I thought there HAS to be an Ollie owner or two in CO ... I just never guessed one was just 10 miles from me! We'll undoubtedly run into each other, either at Ace of the market. I'm going to be back in OH most of the next 2 weeks and am planning a side trip to Hohenwald. I'm looking forward to that.
  3. Mike - The Wet Mtn Valley is south central Colorado. If you've ever been to the Great Sand Dunes NP, the valley is just over the Sangre de Cristo mountains that form the eastern boundary of the dunes. The major town in the valley, if you call ~800 permanent residents "major", is Westcliffe, and I live a few miles outside of town. This is the view from my deck. The sand dunes are on the other side of those mountains, kinda to the left. If you ever make it up this way, please let me know. Hope we'll cross paths in the coming year. Mike
  4. I don't own an Ollie yet, but I will by next June, so I'm in! I don't have any experience with good, or even poor, rally sites, but just let me know when and where, and I'll be there! Thanks Lexi!
  5. Greetings all! While not an Ollie owner yet, they have my deposit, and I expect to have a Legacy Elite next June. All I have to do now is nail down the options I think I want; get the Truma or go with the standard 6 gal heater? And what decor package? Decisions, decisions. I'd also like a custom logo on the front ... all I have to do is design one! HA HA. I have a Casita at the moment, which I bought so I wouldn't have to sleep in a mountaineering tent any more, but it will be going to another good home soon. My experience with these trailers is nil next to some of yours, but I l
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