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  1. Thanks John. Clearly the Kimberley and Oliver are two different animals. . .the focus of my post was the off road ability of the LEII. I appreciate the info and links you provided. It seems (unfortunately) the LEII isn't a great choice off-pavement.
  2. We tow our Casita Spirit Deluxe with a '19 LC200 but are considering either an LEII or a Kimberley Kruiser. Would love some input regarding "offroading" with the Ollie. One of our goals is to venture beyond the pavement jungle into more dispersed areas. We don't intend to go rock crawling, but would like the ability to traverse fire roads, gravel, and rutted/bumpy access roads. How well does the LEII handle these "roads". @John E Davies, this question seems to be in your wheelhouse. @mossemi, we're practically neighbors (we're at Gunn Hwy and Van Dyke Road).
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