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  1. Oops, I misread your NW to mean NE. Senior moment, I apologize. No offense intended, I just don’t like the crowds (and climate) on that side.....I have a sister who lives up on the hill 1 mile west of downtown Portland. John Davies Spokane Wa
  2. Welcome. Oliver customer service sent out complementary gold metal Hull Number placards last summer to all owners, I believe. I put ours in the entrance above the main switch panel. So you might see one stuck somewhere. If not, send them an email with your personal info for their records, and ask for a Hull Number placard. Where do you live? I am very fond of that half of Oregon. Not so much the Wet Side.... John Davies Spokane WA
  3. I would like to second the comment about being prepared for nasty winter weather, even in the summer. Always have emergency gear along, including abundant water, some food and a sleeping bag for each person. The Beartooth Highway out of the NE entrance is a truly amazing place to visit. But it may not be open by the time of your visit. This is from last summer.... https://www.powelltribune.com/stories/stranded-motorist-rescued-from-beartooth-mountains,19307? Folks from less severe climates just can’t believe that they might face four foot drifts in June..... Go prepared. John Davies Spokane WA
  4. I am OK with Shark Bite push fittings, other than their extreme cost, but much prefer their excellent crimp type rings. They are stainless ratcheting and dead easy to install with their tool. They will work with any standard pex fitting and can be removed with a twist of a pair of pliers. They are about $5 for ten rings. This type of ring is perfect for home and irrigation use, up to 1” diameter. https://www.sharkbite.com/products/stainless-steel-clamp-ring If you go with the push fittings be sure to follow instructions as to seating depth. Use their pipe cutter to get a square clean end and BEVEL THE END. If you don’t, it might cut the oring and possibly leak. They say you can reuse fittings but I personally would not trust it. I have made perhaps 150 pex and irrigation connections over the years. The only leaks resulted from push to install fittings. One proved to be very costly to repair. I would never ever use one in a hidden location like inside a wall! John Davies Spokane WA
  5. Welcome. Unless you are especially attracted to the 2019 Titan, you should check out the 2020 model, it is completely redesigned inside and out with more power and much better tech. For full timing with an Elite II the XD version would be much more suitable. https://www.tfltruck.com/2019/11/2020-nissan-titan-and-titan-xd-hold-the-line-on-towing-specs-between-9370-11000-lbs-news/ John Davies Spokane WA
  6. Do you specifically need to be in Joseph? The reason I ask is that it is one of those “You can’t get there from here” towns. It is quite cool but also quite isolated and there is no easy way in from the east. There is a pesky great Canyon in the way.....I have done it with “Mouse” from that direction and from the north, but would not choose to repeat the eastern experience. You don’t have very long for a trip this length - at least 4400 miles in two weeks - so if you don’t positively have to be in Joseph you could linger longer en route and spend more time in much more scenic country. Honestly, after the Yellowstone Country and Tetons, Joseph and Hells Canyon will be a real letdown, scenery wise. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/3451-5-peaks-rv-park-joseph-oregon-near-hells-canyon/?tab=comments#comment-33990 As far as MT/ WY goes, what sorts of touristy things do you enjoy? What amenities do you desire when camping? Do you like ghost towns? Guns? Ziplines? Isolated dirt roads? 12,000 ft passes? I assume the “elephants” thing was figurative, or do you in fact want to view exotic animals? Most Yellowstone campgrounds are not reservable, only these four - https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm - and without a reservation during the high season you may find yourself wandering disconsolately through heavily congested roads with your Ollie, with nowhere to camp. If you can’t get into one of those CGs, reserving a spot for two nights outside the park at a commercial CG or State Park might make more sense. It would remove a LOT of worry. YNP roads are very tight and you simply can’t see the sights while dragging a trailer. Going in solo will be a better tactic. As Far as Badlands goes .....IMHO just skip the experience entirely because compared to further west they just aren’t worth the time. My main impression of BL was of a great big gravel pit. For this long of a trip three weeks would make more sense if you can find the extra time. You don’t want to arrive back home feeling beat up. Just saying.... John Davies Spokane WA
  7. These mattresses are falsely advertised by Oliver as “twin sized”. They are in fact bunk sized (30 inches wide) and a set of generic fitted bunk linens work fine, you just have to deal with some extra material at the outside rear curve. This works way better than using a twin set, which has extra material everywhere. I bought a bunch of twin sized linens before delivery and discovered the first night that it was the wrong size. I still get a little unsettled when I think about it, especially since Oliver has done nothing to correct the description. I keep a thick mattress protector and a pretty cover on both our beds. I sleep on top in a sleeping bag with thin liner, my wife prefers sleeping between sheets and an additional blanket. My side always looks neater. 😉 John Davies Spokane WA
  8. Bill said it very well, your intended use will determine which options, if any, will be of value to you. Tell us where and how you plan you use the trailer, and we can offer suggestions as to which options you might want to consider. If you plan to keep the trailer for a very long time, resale value will not be as important than if you think you will sell it in a couple of years. You mention in another post that you are in Kansas. Do you plan to do a lot of shoulder- season camping in the Western states? Do you want to boondock? Please fill out your profile so others know where you are. John Davies Spokane WA
  9. Ken, thanks for the heads up. Are your lines secure? If they are not tied down (or to each other) they will jounce around a bunch. A few minutes with some 9 inch cable ties will reduce future problems, for plumbing and also for wiring. The factory skimps in this area..... John Davies Spokane WA
  10. Do you not want to overnight at Grand Canyon? There are two reservable campgrounds there at the South Rim, the one that is privately operated has hookups, the NP one does not. These are open year round. I cannot comment on their current status since the last time I stayed was two nights in January 1980. It was chilly - around 0 to +10 degrees.. The roughly insulated van inside temperature dropped below freezing each night in spite of a little box heater running full bore. The cooler froze solid each night, but it was near the side door. Flagstaff is a way cool town except a main railroad runs right through it so there are frequent road blockages and loud whistles. The planetarium there is well worth a visit. You need to get low down that time of year if you want lots of camping, the high elevations remain snowed in for a long time. John Davies Spokane WA
  11. I love those TFL guys... John Davies Spokane WA
  12. I don’t have an Atwood, but the rapid cycling maybe due to a combustion air blockage - if the “sail switch” doesn’t activate, with adequate airflow, then the board will not let the ignitor operate. Get a strong light and see if there is any obvious blockage in either outside port. Check with your hand to see if there is any air flowing out the exhaust port. Other possibilities are a failed part- a bad sail switch, control board or ignitor. This is assuming that there is adequate 12 volt dc power to the furnace; very low voltage will affect things. Lots of possibilities .... unfortunately. Good luck. John Davies Spokane WA
  13. I suspect that the insert is a shrink fit. If it doesn’t have some sort of epoxy bonding agent, you could cut two or more slots inside to relieve the pressure, using, a hacksaw and try pounding on it. Or take it to a machine shop and say, “Here!”.... The best solution might be to take all the parts to the rally and sell them. Good luck. John Davies
  14. I can’t comment on the south part of your trip, but I strongly suggest that you cut north on one leg and check out the Moab area - Canyonlands, Arches and endless miles of spectacular rough back country to explore, either in your TV or preferably in a short wheelbase rental Wrangler. The elevations are low, so there are no worries about snow. (The North Rim of the Grand Canyon at 9000 feet, for example, doesn’t open until Mid May at the earliest.) The annual Moab Jeep Rally is April 4-12, so visiting this area before that happens is advisable. The rally is a zoo..... The 4wd White Rim Road requires an access permit from the ranger station, and a reservable camping permit if you plan to spend a night there, but no trailers! The first is easy to get, the camping permit may be impossible since camping spots are so limited. My wife and I loved the White Rim so much that we have asked our kids to scatter our ashes at White Crack Campground (this is legal.) https://www.discovermoab.com/ Cool white Rim video (the guy was breaking the law by flying his drone, they have been prohibited in all the Parks since 2014...) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9GKfcLmy2JA I would not bother going into the Colorado Plateau area, in general it is too high and too snowy at this time of year for camping or exploring the passes. John Davies Spokane WA
  15. The filter came preinstalled on the fan harness. I am not sure it is needed on a travel trailer, but for a marine installation near a com radio it would be needed, I think. The fan has worked out well, it doesn’t move a ton of air but it is adequate, even on Low. It’s a dandy unit. Highly recommended. John Davies Spokane WA
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