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  1. I have no personal knowledge of either, they appear to be very similar, I think the Ramp Cleat version I am looking at has wider ridges and narrow slots. The Fine Rib you are looking at has evenly spaced narrow ridges and slots. I suspect that the latter would be softer and more flexible, great for lining drawers for light objects, but maybe not so good as the other for supporting really heavy equipment like a generator (or my batteries). I suspect that the Ramp Cleat is pretty sturdy. Mainly I want to protect the paint of the battery tray, yet allow a small amount of air circulation to preven
  2. Or is this just me....? John Davies Spokane WA
  3. I have that mat in my Wish List for use under the batteries and also for my tool box drawers. It is the same price with Prime free delivery and free returns. If you want a little less hassle than HD order it and you can return it from any UPS Store if you don’t like it. You can post a review here so I will know if it will work for me😬 Rubber-Cal 03_167_W_RC_04 Ramp Cleat Non-Slip Outdoor Rubber Floor Mats, 1/8" Thick x 3' x 4', Black That box looks nice, do you know the metal gauge (thickness)? It is heavy so I expect it is pretty thick; I bought a Better Bilt 30” long ATV box and it
  4. There is the WiFi antenna and booster/ router, for picking up wifi at a commercial campground. Plus a cellular antenna and cell booster, for phone and data. Two separate systems. Many people do not care for the wifi system, many campgrounds that offer free wifi are very slow or bogged down by too many users, it is frustrating. If you like to park near a McDonalds or Starbucks and steal their wifi, it might make you happy. I chose to not buy the wifi equipment because we very rarely overnight at a commercial RV park. John Davies Spokane WA
  5. Please, I need some education and suggestions. I already have a pole and mount, .... https://polesandholders.com/PNH-22-Deluxe-**NEW**-and-MOST-Popular-Flag-Pole-p206298627 .... and am hoping to find a lightweight OMNIdirectional antenna that I can plug directly into the Jetpack via a bulkhead through-fitting in the back of the hull and then through a short extension, to the rear center table. Something like this... Wilson Electronics 4G Omni Plus Building Antenna 700-2700 MHz, 75 Ohm (304423) I need to know if that would be suitable, if I can extend the cable, and how far, and what
  6. I know zilch about these antennas. I do have the Weboost cell booster in my Ollie and it sort of works, you usually have to put the device on the table right under the antenna. How effective is a good quality hi gain external unit, and could I put one at the top of my 22 foot tall fiberglass flagpole? I don’t want to hijack this thread, maybe open up a new discussion about this? I would kill for a solid cell signal in marginal conditions. I spun this off into a new thread here: ..... https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/4915-recommendation-for-an-external-pole-mounted-mimo-cell-a
  7. Verizon Jetpack..... My wife has one, she uses it as a hot spot for her Macbook Pro when camping with a decent cell signal. She can run her laptop off it, and do a conference call while streaming a presentation from it, while talking on her phone. You canNOT use your phone as a hotspot and simultaneously talk over it. That is as much as I know. Why would I want to use a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot instead of my smartphone or tablet? These are reasons to consider using a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot instead of your smartphone or tablet:
  8. Ship to an Amazon locker, collect it within three calendar days of notification, if you don’t collect it in time, it gets returned and you get a refund. Amazon Locker FAQ With 900 locations, it seems as if that would not be too painful for a full timer. As long as you are willing to hang out in a given area for several days. FYI here is the Hohenwald locker. John Davies Spokane WA
  9. Yes, get a good high quality HARDENED chain and a good lock. That wheel chock you linked to is garbage. The very first review... ”The pin locking mechanism jammed in place and would not retract when the clamp was unlocked. This lock nearly stranded my trailer at our campsite. Fortunately it is also not a very durable lock, and a couple of quick hammer blows were enough to break the pin so I could get going.” If you don’t want the hassle of a heavy chain, which will probably scratch the fine polish of your pretty wheels, consider a Master Python cable lock. You would need to add a red
  10. If you have a volt ohm meter it should be very easy to check. if you have a clamp-on (inductive) ammeter like this .... Uni-T B4Q094 UT210E True RMS AC/DC Current Mini Clamp M W Capacitance Tester ... it take all of thirty seconds. and you can use it for testing the electric brakes, or any circuit where you can access a single wire (not a bundle). It is excellent and I highly recommend it. John Davies Spokane WA
  11. That is pretty nifty. Did you find a dual receiver that doesn’t limit the tongue weight to 400 pounds? Or do you plan to just ignore the warning sticker? I don’t think your truck will notice, one way or the other. Will the doghouse collide with the rear bike when the trailer is jack-knifed? This could never work on my truck because I have to have clearance to get in back.... but it would be excellent if it clears the Ollie and you have an open bed or a canopy with side access panels, like my dream Go Fast Camper. John Davies Spokane WA
  12. In cold weather, the warmer cabin air (from the furnace registers ) will be drawn into the electronics compartments via the lower 4” round holes I am adding (and some warm air will be drawn from under the floor) and then the air is pulled up and through the battery box, and out the top vents just below the pantry. It won’t be a huge airflow, but the fan consumes almost no power (0.07 amps) so it can run 24 hrs with minimal affect on the battery load. The main idea is to get rid of the dead air and replace it constantly with conditioned air from the cabin. It should work. How well, is th
  13. No, that isn’t exactly accurate. The system isn’t smart in any way. If you are supplying a fixed amount of AC amps via the shore power cord, the system will use up to that amount depending on what appliances are enabled by their circuit breakers being turned on. The owner has to control that. If you exceed the maximum amount for very long the generator will disconnect and flash its angry little red light. You need to keep the fridge and water heater running on propane, not 120 vac, and do not use the air conditioner while other 120 vac stuff is operating. The onboard charger will deliver
  14. The standard (45 amp) onboard charger draws around 7 amps AC. A 1000 watt generator should, maybe, perhaps, might work adequately, but only if you switch off all the other circuit breakers. If you try to use the air conditioner, inverter, fridge or hot water heater it will kick offline. A 2000 watt or bigger will prove to be much more useful. Plus it will let you cool the trailer. If you have the lithium package - it has a more powerful charger - you need a bigger generator than this one. They don’t seem to publish the actual specifications. Does it provide 1000 watts continuously? Many b
  15. That is really cool. But IMHO it is a “Steal Me” sign. You make it really easy for somebody to drive away with your trailer. Or just take the hitch.... . That kind of pin lock is very easily defeated with a portable power tool, or the tumblers picked. OTH I sometimes put my Andersen (with the long Stone Stomper bars bolted to it) in the rear cargo basket with a Python cable lock through it. So maybe I should not be the one to cast stones. 🙄 But I absolutely can’t store it in the back of my Land Cruiser. If I had a pickup it would go in the bed, out of sight. Will your hitch fit in a
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