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  1. My 2 cents. I think Oliver chose to install the rear lines against the back wall for convenience during construction. It does allow removal of the fresh tank without disturbing them because they cross higher than the tank. “Overland” modded his lines by running them across directly behind the fresh tank, eliminating or bypassing the rear pipes entirely. I don’t recall if he directed hot air there too, but I would add a 2” heat duct off the main furnace plenum and run it along those lines so warm air dumps out into the cargo area through a BIG expanded aluminum grate... I think having the four fill ports sticking out out into the air is very silly, they need to be recessed with tight fitting doors. The double hull design is way cool, I like it a lot, but it is deceptive to advertise how well they insulate. The air gap is what provides the R value. There is a wonderful air gap between the cabin interior and the outside world, but all the appliances, plumbing, cargo, food and your clothes are PART of that gap. So they get ^%#*+ cold or blistering hot. Unless you open up all the hatches and doors. This is silly too IMHO. This is moot for me since I don’t winter camp, but I personally think that locating the lines along the back wall is beyond stupid. These trailers are full of compromises - design and quality vs cost and ease of manufacture - go look at a $300,000+ Earth Cruiser if you want to camp in arctic conditions without freezing worries. Those expedition rigs, and Nimbl (ex XP Camper) are each designed by a single individual who pretty much imply “This is what works anywhere in the world, we have tested it there ourselves, this is how it will be built, if you don’t like it, go away.” John Davies Spokane WA
  2. Thanks for posting, this is very cool! But %^*+! 😉 Please put a soft cotton towel under your whale tail. Or suspend it with a bungee cord under the coupler hole. Half of that Andersen weight is carried by the truck, after all.…. I used to weigh light aircraft, it was a task I greatly enjoyed. More than greasing the gear and wheel bearings. If you don’t mind, please post a pic of your hanger and what’s inside. As far as redoing it all on your hanger floor goes, why bother? It’s a trailer, not a piano. As I was told more than once by my supervisors, perfect isn’t needed, just good enough. As an anal compulsive that is hard to hear, and much harder to do. I can’t wait until I see your rearranged trailer wiring. LOL, here is my new compressor fridge digital control harness….. Isotherm’s “solution” during my initial smoke test: And my solution to their solution: We need more aircraft techs participating in this forum. I was lamenting to myself that I no longer have access to an avionics wire marking tool. John Davies Spokane WA
  3. LE2 Ollies tow just fine with a TW lighter than 10%. The caveat being that your tires and suspension must be in good shape. Worn out bushings, worn tires and blown shocks are very bad news for stability. The last time I measured, my TW was 480 lbs with an “estimated” normal camping weight of 6000. I do not recall any Ollie owner ever mentioning instability, nor an accident caused by sway... John Davies Spokane WA
  4. This type of edging has a spiral steel spring inside, no glue needed unless the material being edged is too thin. John Davies Spokane WA
  5. MAX Burner - Nice job, neat and tidy. I guess Oliver has to skip small visual detail improvements due to cost and the extra labor involved. I protected my cover edges by wrapping the entire unit in stretch wrap, and storing it permanently on a garage shelf 😉 I love your shop floor. John Davies Spokane WA
  6. Are they free standing other that the screws into the floor? You might consider adding a bead of adhesive along each of the curves to give it more strength, Please post some pics of the shelves with stuff on them. If you added stretchy cargo netting, you could fill them up and not risk having stuff tumble out, for example paper towels or boots. Thanks for posting. John Davies Spokane WA
  7. Save BIG on Battle Born Batteries, Apparel and Gear for 48 HOURS ONLY! Get up to $250 off all Battle Born Battery models, including Heated LiFePO4 options, and 25% off Apparel and Gear. Don’t miss these Spring Savings, purchase now! Sale Ends at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, March 24. BB Spring Sale 48 hour only John Davies Spokane WA
  8. I prefer this brand of snap cap. John Davies Spokane WA
  9. That is primarily an illustration of why a Jeep owner “airs down” when going onto loose terrain. Wider footprint, more grip, less spinning and trail damage, at the expense of slightly lower ground clearance... It also shows why the tires’ rolling resistance goes up when you deflate your Ollie from 80 to 40 psi. It’s interesting to see that the footprint doubles in area between 40 and 15, but the change is a whole lot less dramatic above 40 psi.,. My sweet spot is 42, because I do minimal Interstate cruising, but lots of back highways and less that ideal road surfaces, AKA POTHOLES. Hit a 3 or 4 inch deep pothole at 50 mph with rock hard tires and you will think your trailer exploded. This shows a main arterial route here in Spokane, where we get lots of freeze thaw cycles. It also shows why the center stripe paint gets worn off so fast, all those studded tires on cars avoiding the holes BTW one of the local weather reporters calls the arteries “artillery” routes. It’s a hoot. John Davies Spokane WA
  10. I cut three inches off the bottom of my Andersen mount, I knew it would be an issue but I kept putting it off, until I nailed the pavement hard at a steep driveway, that shook the frame badly and jarred my fillings. That sort of extension is pretty common on HD trucks, but ideally there should be minimal steel hanging down so low. John Davies Spokane WA
  11. LOL, those darn white 2” ones are really hard to find, I probably bought from that same Amazon vendor. I needed just one. So I have 24 left… they are grossly undersized for a 2” hole, I had to glue it in. In case anyone wants the link 2” hole plugs white, way too many but the only source John Davies Spokane WA
  12. I looked over my first one today at a dealer, a TRD Pro. I did not see a sticker since it had been sold, but it was listed at $80k. I think it looks great from the back, OK from the sides and front. There are two butt ugly FAKE air vents on top of the hood, maybe they could be removed without requiring a repaint, hopefully they are just 3M taped on. A sales guy opened the hatch for me and said how very disappointed all his sales buddies are with the miniscule cargo capacity of an 8 passenger vehicle. If I had one, all center and rear seats would have to come OUT and a storage platform system installed. I am sure the aftermarket is all over this problem. I also think the turbos will be a long term maintenance headache, if they cannot be dropped straight down from the headers. Some pics: I wondered about the 33” spare tire underneath, it sticks way down, almost as far as the straight axle pumpkin, and will drag unless an owner adds some spring lift. The very pretty twin exhaust tips will be easily crushed too. No tow hooks up front or a place to install them. The breakover angle is horrible, but removing those boards would help some.. This isn ‘t a Land Cruiser 300, no way. Maybe we will see those in a couple of years. I can buy a lot of fuel for my LC 200 for $90k…. My daughter bought a RAV4 Hybrid XLE there today, the dealer is family owned, does NOT mark up prices or force unwanted dealer add ons. Woohoo, one very happy young lady… her first new car. We took up a better set of tires, Yoko Geolander A/Ts to replace the crap OEM “high mileage” ones. We still got 40 mpg on the 90 mile drive home. John Davies Spokane WA
  13. Thanks. The net is from Raingler. I love them, there are two in my LC200. I am a firm believer in restraining flying cargo or animals in the event of a collision. I had a net and a welded steel Milford Cargo Barrier from Oz in my old LX450. Here is the Raingler Super Duty net: https://raingler.com/collections/ford-f250-f350-vwr-heavy-duty-cargo-nets Your do most definitely need door and front seat drool guards from Amazon. Older or injured dogs need assistance getting in, steps or a ramp work OK. John Davies Spokane WA
  14. This is important. You really don’t want your fridge to be constantly drawing down your Ollie batteries when parked. 40 to 60 amp hours daily, on average for my ARB 50 quart Classic. John Davies Spokane WA
  15. You have a Ford, there are solutions out there that don’t require carpentry skills. BTW Baltic Birch 15 mm plywood is now $6 per sq ft! https://www.truckoffice.com/products/cargocrew/ John Davies Spokane WA
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