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  1. Yes, the 937 lbs is on the sticker just inside the front door. Obviously, this is not enough capacity to tow much of anything.
  2. John, I guess I’m even more amazed that Mercedes would offer a vehicle that they claim will tow 7700 lbs, yet less than a 1000 lbs of cargo capacity. The salesman retired the day I took possession; however, I doubt he knew how low it was. For the immediate future, I will take short overnight trips and not put any cargo in the vehicle. Longer term, I will drag out my 2009 Dodge half-ton pick-up when I make week-long trips in the summer. Perhaps the Dodge is a better towing choice than the Mercedes, especially if the Mercedes broke down in some rural area where I couldn’t get it serviced or parts. It sure is fun to drive though.
  3. I'm curious what your cargo carrying capability is on your Mercedes ML450. I just bought an Elite II, had it delivered to Oregon, and plan to tow it with a 2021 Mercedes GLE AMG 63S. When I ordered the Mercedes, the maximum towing weight was listed as 7,000 lbs and maximum tongue weigh of 700 lbs. I never was able to find the maximum cargo carrying capability on any Mercedes documents. The dealer assured me it would work with trailer with a maximum weight of 6,000. When I picked up the vehicle (it took nine months), the actual maximum cargo carrying capability is 937 lbs. With the tongue plus hitch weight of 540 lbs, two adults, and two dogs, I will exceed the 937 lb limit without accounting for the increase in tongue weight due to loading the trailer, and I can't carry anything in the Mercedes.
  4. Hi, we are Dawn and Warren. We are scheduled to pick up our Elite II in late May, having had an event planned in southern Minnesota in early June. Due to Covad-19, the event has been postponed until September. We are strongly considering having a transport service moving it from Tennessee to Oregon. After reading some of the experiences of individuals with their new trailers, I'm starting to wonder if this trailer was such a good idea. I believe the best approach is to take short trips, not too far from home, then gradually expand these trips to longer trips, both in a longer duration and additional distance. And if we had it transported, that is what we would do. We have owned a Roadtrek for the last sixteen years. As we got older, the height of the van (from the ground), the close quarters of the living space/driving space was too confining, and we stopped using it. We also would almost always rent a car at our destination. So we did our research and came up with the Oliver. We will be pulling it with a new SUV. I have a few questions. 1. I plan to add an Andersen anti-sway hitch to the trailer/tow vehicle. However, I have another utility trailer which I would also like to use the anti-sway hitch with. This trailer uses a 2 5/16 inch ball. I would like to modify the hitch on the Oliver (essentially replace the Bulldog 028243 with the Bulldog 0282462). From the pictures in the brochures, it appears both of these units are weld on, however, it also appears Oliver Trailers has drilled holes in the hitch and bolted it on. I would match drill the holes, however, it would be helpful if I could know if it is bolt on or a combination of bolt on and weld on. 2. Looking at pictures of the current models, it appears the trailer frame is covered with fiberglass to the Bulldog hitch. If this is the case, how is the anti-sway hitch installed? Does it require the fiberglass to be modified? Can the Aluminum Storage Shelf be used with the anti-sway hitch? 3. Does anyone have any transport service they would recommend? Thanks in advance for any information that is provided.
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