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  1. I've got the same Locking Pin'Ring set up, but prefer the Heavy Duty 1/4 Spring Clip. I think it is harder to accidentally fall out. I guess my point in bring this up again, is that I am surprised how just a "Simple/Inexpensive" and "Extremely Effective" Modification is, it isn't more commonly used by a larger number of Oliver owners! More to the point! You hear all kinds of complaints about how hard the Andersen Hitch is to use, (it does have its moments) but when there is something that can GREATLY IMPROVE the situation to few people use it. Go figure! I would expect this to be u
  2. We just returned from a 4 day trip where we used the Tractor Supply Hitch Pin for the first time. I am amazed at what a huge improvement this has made! When we went to Hitch-Up, alway a trying time, the New Pin made things easy, and I mean easy! For an investment of $8.00, you get a priceless improvement! I wonder if Andersen has ever considered making this Standard Equipment or an accessory? Several of the previous Posts indicated that this idea has been around for years, but of the 28 Trailers at Alabama, I only saw one trailer using it. Of course, not all trailers used the Anders
  3. Here is a "Nice Tip" I got during the Oliver Rally in Alabama, which I think will make life a little easier. I don't remember the guy's name, but I think it is a great Idea, thanks! Basically, it involves replacing the original 5/8 inch Silver-Pin/Light Duty Spring Clip with the Red-Pin/Heavier Duty Spring Clip. IMHO, there are several benefits, 1. The Pin has a Handle (Red) which makes installing and removing the Pin much easier. I also elected to get a 1/4 inch Spring Clip which is much heavier than the Stock Clip, and therefore is harder to come out accidentally. 2. The 5/8 inch
  4. Normally, I don't like to re-engineer things because of liability reason, but it hard to find fault with your fix. I'll consider using them. Thanks.
  5. Oliver uses Blue Loctite! Note, I personally tightened mine 2500 miles earlier and put a drop of Blue Loctite on both of them, they still loosened! The Blue Loctite I used was old (spoiled?) and I only put a drop on each so maybe that contributed to them loosening. These Connectors are not meant to be taken apart, particularly in this application. I used Red Loctite because it is even more permanent.
  6. I carry a Spare now and would recommend them.
  7. It happened to me while attending the Rally in Alabama. When I started to disconnect my TV, I noticed that one of my Chain Connectors had come apart and was almost completely straighten out, but still connected to the Chain, ref the pic. I remember that this had happened to others on the forum so I was familiar with this problem. However, I was surprised because I had tightened both of my Connectors, having known of the problem and even put a Dap of Blue Loctite on them. I thought I better take the other side Connector off for comparison purposes, to make sure I got the same size replacem
  8. I attended the Non Rally last week and thought I would list, (not in any order) what I saw/learned from all the Oliver Guys/Gals I met. I made my list, starting on day one of things I thought would be of value to me, maybe others also. I don't have pictures of each of these, but maybe the "Guilty Parties" could follow up. On a personal note, I did experienced a Flat Tire on my TV, which needed a new tire. Also had an Andersen Hitch Link failure, which I'll cover separately. The Gas Shortage wasn't a big deal, but I did see several Stations that limited purchases. My list: 1. Re
  9. Thanks for the info, it will be helpful in modifying our Door. We plan on modifying our Bath Door by converting it to a Nautical Looking "Panel Door," something you would find on a Classical Sailboat, probably made of Teak. By removing the Mirror and replace it with a 1/4 Teak Panel, we hope to keep the weight close to the original door. The Teak Panel will take the place of the Mirror within the Door's frame. The exterior of the Door will consist of two panels, 40% upper over a 60% lower panel. These panels will be framed by 1 1/2 - 2 inch wide Teak. A Towel bar will divide the two panels, w
  10. I am coming from Cincinnati and don't expect any Fuel Shortage problems in route, but just to be safe, I will be caring an extra 5 Gallons with me and will be filling up at the Half Tank Mark. BTW, I'll have my Tongue Scale with me if anyone wants to measure their's, site E10. One of my objective during the Rally is to get recommendations on which Mattresses to get, currently just cushions. You know Papa Bear/Mother Bear/Baby Bear. Which one is just right?
  11. The question is, What "GOOD QUALITY" chairs to buy? Let me appeal to logic! Everyone probably bought their Oliver because of the quality of workmanship/design/materials, all of which translates into durability. IMHO, these all these attributes, along with comfort, should also be present in your Camp Chairs, you know style! We've had our two ZeeDee Chairs (used) for almost 20 years now and they were probably 10 years old when we acquired them. We recently change the Sunbrella fabric on them not because they were worn, but because we wanted a different color to match our Oliver's. Th
  12. I may have to rethink the above Trunk idea! The above picture shows our old Folding Bikes, not ebikes attached to the back of our old Motor Home. It wasn't a problem lifting these into the Trunk because they are much lighter. My intent was to put only one ebike in the Trunk, about 55 lbs without the battery, over twice a regular Folding Bike. I am 72 years old and could probably lift the ebike, but sooner or later it would probably hurt myself. My ebike is expected to arrive in one week, so I better get in shape.
  13. Unfortunately I need to rethink the Trunk idea. Although the idea has mostly positive benefits, with regards to storing my ebike inside, there is one big problem! The two folding bike in the above picture were not ebike (much lighter) and were not an issue lifting them up high enough to clear the trunk. Ebike on the other hand are around 55 lbs without the Battery. I am 72 years old and can probably lift that amount of weight, but I would probably hurt myself in do so sooner or later. My thinking is now a Bike Rack. The trick is to lift the Front Wheel first onto the Bike Rack and then th
  14. We bought our 2019 EL2 used, it was equipped with everything we needed except a Receiver Hitch to attach a Bike Rack. After reviewing all the Posts on the subject I got to work and made one, reference the attached pics. 1-1 jpg shows the Receiver Hitch and attaching Stainless Steel Bolts, Lock Pin, Anti Ratter Device. Receiver Hitch= Harbor Freight $20.00. 1-2 jpg shows the finished assembly. Not shown are the Spacers inside the Channels Beams to prevent the Beams from collapsing when the bolts are torqued. The Spare Tire cover can be removed and the Rear Bumper can be lowered to ac
  15. I was able to change from Section G to Section E, swee you guys there.
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