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  1. I think we will design something of our own and have it put on after. I can see where if enough people were not wanting them that Oliver would decide to do away with them. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Anyone know why the swoosh/swirls are no longer offered on the side of the 2022 Olivers? We liked them...
  3. We will be ordering an Oliver Elite I in a few months. Boondocking is one thing we are interested in, and there are a couple of things we think are important to us to upgrade. To help with boondocking and camp sight parking, we want a compost toilet, the solar package, and a shower curtain. What are you top 3 or 4 things you either should have upgraded or you did upgrade that are important (knowing these can be very personal)? Thanks
  4. Hi. About what time frame will it take for your order to be completed? Thanks
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