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  1. We made the trip to the factory at the end of November and placed our order and deposit for our new LE2, and though we won’t pick it up until late 2021, we’re excited and hope the year goes quickly. Already following the forums and learning a lot. Really appreciate you sharing your experiences with the new Ollie as it will help us when it’s time to pick ours up. Being newbies, we’re finding the willingness of Ollie owners to share, teach and problem solve with each other, displays the greatest feature of owning an Ollie ... support from this unique family of owners. Looking forward to being part of this wonderful group! Bob & Deb
  2. We recently ordered our LE2 and wondered if there are color options or choices with the awnings Didn’t come up during the build order haven’t seen anything mentioned in the forum, though we are new to this site thanks
  3. Is anyone towing the elite 2 with a new GX 460
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