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  1. As considering buying options, I will try to count in Hymer gt touring if finding place to buy, while considering also Fendt-caravan brand as possible option. There's some clutter-rich design with the ones from eu - feeling less solid, less strong build, and feeling more as the kinds of Forest River. The ones of Oliver feel more like minimalist-design as of Tesla interior, where each part seems to have meaning of practicality. Would be great if Oliver travel trailer, with propane alternatives, could be purchased in eu. But if not, as I am going to self-modify after buying anyway, not ruling ou
  2. Was thinking of traveling to US/CA for buying it, then return back to Europe. Any good alternatives to Oliver in EU would be great to hear about. Due respect towards build-quality, great engineering, I would considering something around 60k in case if other options to propane would be available, such as diesel generator or wood stove, as in place of area in proximity of propane containers.
  3. I am open to any convincing reasons as to how propane could be safe in particular ways used. Maybe I am overlooking something? The connections are something I haven't considered yet.
  4. Got initial impression over price from here: https://rvshare.com/blog/check-oliver-legacy-elite-travel-trailer/ Doesn't seem to mention year there, but after having checked in this forum, this price range is apparently the case as to what was paid for earlier models of Oliver. 60k for me is too much. In case if would not needing to do modifications myself, then would reconsider current price-range of recent years. I am now considering of buying older, used model of Oliver, to modifying myself. In case I go with the route of making those modifications, as John E Davies hinted to, I a
  5. I don't see propane as good option, for similar reasons why I'd not use propane in fallout shelter. If undoable by company, considering own modifications as option regarding production of heat. If great insulation, fiber-glass, etc., then that's great. Before I came to forum here, was sending question, regarding Europe, through company's website. Will reply answer here in case others interested perhaps, as through Google search, as relating to current time of 2021.
  6. I decided to buy travel trailer, made some research, and ended up discovering Oliver Travel Trailers through Reddit. I am looking one that would keep warmth well in cold winter environment, and here I am looking for experience from users that have been in environments of cold temperatures with Oliver Travel Trailers. (I am thinking of having option with diesel-powered heater, or having wood-stove customization, or/and, to going with any other option that is most easily accecible/convenient option for off-grid heating in cold winter environments.) Moreover, to express myself, I'd like to m
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