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  1. Will remember that. Still trying to work things out. Currently it looks like my father-in-law may make the drive. He seemed quite keen on the idea. Looks like getting to see his brother in Tennessee and returning home with a new RV is a pleasant option for a person that lives halftime in a fifth wheel between California and Oregon
  2. Yeah that was my initial plan when deposit was placed. To drive out in January after the holidays. Take the southern route then up through the 5. 3/4 ton tow vehicle. But, apparently that is now not an option and pickup is expected on the delivery date.
  3. Will check out your AGM to Lithium data. Yeah, I liked the idea of the composting toilet and not having to deal with finding a dump station and deal with black water. My pick up is scheduled for November. Not sure they allow delays in order slots, my sales rep is pretty inflexible.
  4. Work. I am an ED doc in Oregon. With the COVID surge going on there is no way I am getting extra time off during the holidays to make that drive. Grew up in FL, then school in Cali, then NY and now Oregon. So have done that drive both northern and southern routes in everything from a soft top Wrangler to 26 ft Uhaul with said jeep in tow. Driving through NYC to Long Island was not fun with the later. Thanks. Now back to deciding on AGM vs Lithium....
  5. Academic though at the moment as Oliver will not allow you to order a composting toilet. Mine was removed from the order that I have to finalize tomorrow, as they are out of stock per sales rep. Currently sitting here deciding between AGM vs Lithium. Fun times. Lithium to run AC in summer in the PNW or AGM for staying in the RV spots at Mt Bachelor.
  6. The build date on my Oliver LE II will be earlier than originally planned. With pick up now in November/December. Has anyone ever had their Oliver delivered to them? Would prefer open transport, but not sure how that is handled with travel trailers. Thanks, Adam
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