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  1. Definitely a safety issue if gases from the combustion chamber can reach the trailer interior. Would a bead of clear silicone around the interior control panel work?
  2. We also chose the traditional water heater. Price and added complexity were the deciding factors. But thank you to @dhaig for providing useful info for those with Trumas and lithium!
  3. The anode is necessary whether you heat with gas or electric. You need to replace it to protect your tank from corrosion.
  4. Based on the description I suspect one of two possibilities: small propane leak or defective detector. The fact that the issue was resolved after shutting off the propane and venting the trailer makes me lean toward the propane leak.
  5. When the water flow starts getting reduced by the filter, or the end of the season, whichever comes first.
  6. The trick is to be sure NOT to fill them to the brim, especially if you're draining the black tank. If you fill the tote to the top you still have a hose full of black water that has to go somewhere when you disconnect it. 🫢 That's why I went with 21 gallons. No way even a full black tank will overfill the tote. Our tote has the hitch hook to tow behind our truck. When I first got it, I filled it to capacity to check for leaks. That sucker was heavy - over 160 pounds - and lifting up one end to drain it wasn't easy. Fortunately, it'll only have about 15-16 gallons in it during actual use.
  7. Agree with @Trainman. Most American RVs, and virtually all of their appliances/components, are built to last barely longer than their warranty period. Yes, they do get bounced around a lot, but my truck doesn't need a new radio or navi system every 18 months because it goes down the road. The real problem is us. As long as Americans will keep paying top dollar for a rolling do-it-yourself project, they'll keep making them. I am hoping the Oliver design and construction holds up to our expectations. Bad enough when the gadgets break, much worse when you're dealing with roof leaks, broken spring hangers, and cracked frames.
  8. Good point! The lithiums draw a lot of charging power. Xantrex setting #28 will cap the total amount of amps the converter will pull for charging while still feeding the other 120v items in the trailer. Set it to 15 to prevent overloading a 2200W generator. (Remember to set it back to 25 - factory setting - when you go back to shore power.)
  9. You don't absolutely need a 30A connection/3000W generator unless you plan to run everything on generator the same way you would on shore power (microwave and AC at the same time, for instance). A 2200W generator should be enough to charge your batteries and run an air conditioner with the soft-start feature, but you may have to pick and choose when you want to run the microwave, hairdryer, InstaPot or other high-draw appliances with the AC on. The advantages of the smaller generators are less weight, less noise, less fuel consumption, and lower cost. OTOH, the larger generators will let you use your Ollie as if you're plugged into shore power. If you do decide on a smaller generator, you may need a "dog bone" adapter to convert your 30A RV plug to whatever's on the smaller generator (often a standard 15A household plug). If it's a Honda you may need a neutral-ground bonding plug, too, to make your surge suppressor system happy. I do love my little Honda...
  10. When we have shore power I leave our current gas/electric fridge on Auto. As a precaution in case the shore power fails while we're outside the fifth wheel, or if we're sleeping, I bought one of these AC power alarms. If shore power fails, the fridge goes to gas and the alarm warns me. I plan to do the same with the Norcold in our Ollie. (If we're dry camping, I'll put the Norcold directly on gas.)
  11. Common problem. Easy to replace from the roof. They've improved the design of that gearbox now. The new ones are reinforced with a couple of metal screws.
  12. I see you have a 2021. Is the radio still under warranty? Even if you're just barely out of the warranty period, Furrion might still honor it if you contact them.
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