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  1. Please remove us from the list (F38). We won't be able to attend due to a family medical emergency. Hope everyone has a great time.
  2. https://www.airstream.com/blog/airstreams-foray-into-fiberglass/
  3. Tell them not to sell yet. All is not lost. "The decision to close the service department at this time has not been received well by many Oliver owners and potential customers. Oliver leadership is listening and plans to have discussions on this topic next week. Oliver will update our owners in the coming weeks regarding any changes." Oliver was listening.
  4. Ok. Enough. I started this thread and I think it should end now. Everybody has a different level of comfort doing their own work, assessing cost/benefits, etc. Nobody seems to know for sure exactly what's going to happen. Nobody's been proven right, nobody's been proven wrong. We'll all just have to wait and see what comes next. There's no need for besmirching anyone's character or integrity. MODERATORS, can you lock this thread?
  5. I think that's unlikely. There's a big shortage of techs. Most dealers are having trouble just keeping up with warranty service and emergency repairs to RVs sold by their dealership. They probably won't have time for elective work. You might have better luck with an independent RV tech.
  6. The Forest River forums often have posts complaining about dealer service issues and/or factory build problems. It's allowed as long the post is asking for help/making suggestions and not just complaining.
  7. I once worked for a large international computer/ATM/point-of-sale company as a field engineer (service tech). Our company decided to take on service contracts for a competitor's equipment. This happened very quickly. Our techs in Texas got trained and started servicing the equipment in their state first, for a month or two. Next, I was selected to attend a train-the-trainer program, representing Connecticut. After watching some training videos they sent me to Texas for a week or two where I worked on the new equipment alongside a Texas tech. Finally, I returned to CT, did presentations to our guys, and went with them on their service calls as they came up to speed. The entire nationwide transition to this new contract probably took 3-4 months and we were able to support those new customers. Maybe that's what Oliver is doing now: "As our service team will be working with the dealer's service departments on location, we feel it is prudent to discontinue most service work here at our location in Tennessee." Are they sending Oliver techs out to train the dealer techs? That would be smart. But OTT probably doesn't have enough techs to do that and keep the factory service center open at the same time. Therefore, shutting down factory service while their techs are out doing training makes sense (although it leaves people who need service right now in a bad spot, as seen above). But I can't see why they can't reopen factory service once they've completed training of the dealer techs. Maybe that's the plan and it hasn't been communicated well? Also, why do this in the spring, right at the start of camping season? Why didn't they gear up over the winter so the dealers would be ready for the big spring season? Whatever is going on, I suspect it hasn't been handled as well as it might have been.
  8. Forest River and DQ were already large, well established operations when he bought them. When Thor bought Airstream and Tiffin both were well known brand names among RVers. Most RV consumers, even experienced RVers, have never heard of Oliver Trailers, the exception being the small subset of molded fiberglass RVers. I don't think a company that turns out 150 units a year, no matter how good they are, is going to attract a mega corporation at any price. But a smaller competitor, or another company looking to break into the RV business? Maybe. Best case, the Oliver family keeps the brand going successfully.
  9. Good question. One that worries me. True. I still can't see Thor or Forest River buying OTT. The market share is too small. Perhaps a midsized independent RV maker. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of those that Thor and FR haven't already gobbled up. Maybe one of the other fiberglass trailer companies? For instance, Bigfoot could gain a new product line and an eastern US sales and service network all at once. I think a lot depends on how this transition goes. If the dealerships generate increased sales and can maintain that good Oliver reputation, everyone wins. OTT makes money and can either keep the business or sell it and we owners keep a high resale value. OTOH, if the dealership model ends up damaging OTT's reputation for high standards, and can't continue to generate increased sales, that'll lead to trouble for everyone. Where could OTT go from there? Therefore, as distressed as I am about this last announcement, I really do hope Oliver's gamble pays off.
  10. That was exactly how Oliver handled most of the warranty repairs on our 2022. I hope they don't insist that future owners go to the nearest dealer.
  11. The big RV manufacturers are closing plants right now. Tiffin abandoned their new 5th wheel line. Sales are down across the industry. I can't see anyone wanting to buy a small boutique trailer manufacturer at this time.
  12. I can't see that. Yes, Thor went after Airstream and Tiffin, but they were much bigger fish with a much bigger following. I'm guessing Oliver is just trying to make a go of it. It seems they invested a lot in the operation during COVID and now the bubble has burst. They could downsize to pre-COVID levels, but I don't know how that would affect them financially. Or, they can try to find a way to keeps sales up and costs down, which is what I think we're seeing here. But they do seem to be moving away from the formula that was successful for them before COVID.
  13. Not really. We're covered with redundant alarms and cameras. We'd know right away.
  14. Somewhere between 125 and 175? We picked up hull #1150 in June of 2022. I do think production slowed down a bit before going to the dealer system because they had 2 completed LE2s for sale on the retail lot for a while last year. Maybe orders that fell through? The entire industry is in a slump now following the heady days of COVID.
  15. Well stated, John. I've been wondering two things. Would we have bought our Oliver under these circumstances? The next time someone approaches us to ask about the Oliver can we, in good faith, recommend the purchase of one with the new service/sales arrangement and at today's prices?
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