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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your turkey be juicy, your stuffing moist, and your Ollie shiny!
  2. We're scheduled for July 26. School starts about a month later.
  3. Word of slipping delivery dates has us concerned. We're both teachers with no flexibility in our vacation schedules. If our summer delivery date slips into the school year there's no way we can drive to TN, take delivery, and return to CT. Has anybody had their new Ollie delivered to their home state? If so, how did you arrange it, and what were the costs?
  4. Congratulations! We're scheduled for late July. Aside from all the great info here, my wife has found some good stuff on an Ollie Facebook page and we've both been watching YouTube videos from other Ollie owners. One couple in particular goes through the whole process from purchasing, to upgrades, to going to the factory for service on their YouTube channel. Lots to learn from all these sources, and it helps pass the time while you wait for the big day. Have fun.
  5. We wondered the same thing for our GMC dually. I was able to take careful measurements based on previously posted info that the top of the ball should be approximately 23.5" above the ground when hitched. Of course, that includes any sag from the weight of the trailer and truck cargo, so it's hard to know for sure before actually hooking up. I was able to connect another trailer of approximately the same weight as an LE2 and get a sense of the sag. We decided to go with an adjustable drop hitch and went with the Weigh Safe for 2 reasons: we wanted to see our loaded tongue weight before we left the factory campground, and I wanted an aluminum hitch for weight and rust resistance. One nice thing about Weigh Safe and some of the other drop hitch manufacturers is that they post detailed drawings of their hitches with all the measurements to help you select the correct one. In our case, I had to flip to drop hitch to a rise position. We needed a 4" drop hitch for our dually but your mileage may vary since duallies tend to sit lower and we also put 1" drop shackles on our truck for our fifth wheel.
  6. Apologies if my comments were construed as a criticism of anyone's trailer, or of Olivers in general. Oliver makes two of the best RVs on the market, which is why we're selling our current fifth wheel and buying one. Likewise, the use of the word "cheap" in my final sentence was not intended as a criticism of the A/C quality, but of my theory that OTT may be able to source the Dometics for less money. But that air conditioner is loud. Louder than any of our previous RVs. That's not Oliver's fault, per se. The roof is lower, the space is smaller, and the A/C isn't ducted, so it's just... loud. It's a side effect of the overall design and construction. Still, it is a downside for those who will be camping in hot, humid climes. Is it a deal breaker? Not for us. Olivers have many other positives that outweigh the negatives. Even so, I can see where there might be potential customers who would consider it a deal breaker to not be able to watch TV at a comfortable volume with the A/C on. So, it would be nice if it could be addressed, even as an upcharge option.
  7. I'm assuming they have a pricing deal with Dometic that involves bulk purchasing a certain number of Dometic products every year. Which is fine. However, they are marketing a top line product to a discriminating niche market that is willing to pay a premium to get upscale items. Since this keeps coming up as a customer complaint, it would seem reasonable to offer an optional upgrade. If they stray too far toward economies of scale they risk becoming just another RV manufacturer in a sea of competitors. Why risk losing sales over a cheap A/C unit?
  8. OTT says they're setting them at 55 for delivery now.
  9. I always carry a bag of breadcrumbs. Can't be too careful...
  10. I've been wondering about that. The jacks look sturdy and are right near the marked jacking points on the frame but I've heard horror stories on SOB trailers about frame damage using the leveling jacks to actually lift the wheels. Seems like the jacks are a lot safer than a bottle jack on the side of the road, but I'd hate to bend the frame or fail a jack. The little tire change ramps look good, but wouldn't they overload the remaining tire (unless you added air to the other tire first to bring it up to its max load limit)?
  11. She actually had a GPS distress beacon but left it with her husband at the previous resupply stop because it was too heavy to carry. Had a compass but didn't know how to use it. There's an interesting book called "When You Find My Body" that analyzes the whole incident. A quick and interesting read.
  12. I always tell my students, "never depend on electronics as a life-safety device. Always carry a compass and know how to use it." Then I teach them about Gerry Largay: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/26/hiker-who-went-missing-on-appalachian-trail-survived-26-days-before-dying North Woods Law did an entire episode on the search and rescue attempt for her. Tragic and easily preventable.
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