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  1. Thanks for giving my surprise problem some of your time. In answering your question of how I drain some of the water from the freshwater tank, this is what I do. I'm refering to the "outside shower", not the inside shower. No question is a dumb question!! The check valve inside the pump is sounds like the most likely problem. If running the pump for a minute or two, then might reset that valve. Then that is something I will have to try. Thanks. Of course, I wil check to see if for some mysterious reason, the control valve that allows filling the freshwater tank from the city water imput has opened. All though, that doesn't seem likely. Thanks everyone! Charlie Hull 734
  2. At a campground a couple of hundred miles from home today. Hooked up to electric service and city water per usual. Checked my tank reading on the digital read out and they all read zero. After the first day camping of a 5 day camping trip, last evening I noticed that the overflow drain near the door of my Elite II was dripping steadily! What! Can't be. I'm using city water. Got up this morning and the drain was still running, making a mess of the area near the door. First thing I checked was to see if I accidentily attached my hose to the wrong intake. No. Everything was as it should be. Decided to call Oliver service to get their advice. I was told by the person that there is a valve that allows you to fill your fresh water tank from the city water input! News to me! Of couse to check this I would have to tear the bed apart to attempt to find the valve. Wasn't about to do that unless there was no other way around this at this time. I asked service why that valve would open, since we have been camping all of 2021/2022, many times, without this happening. She couldn't really explain that. The obvious reason is that the valve either failed or jiggled open due the many miles we have covered. So I had to find a work around. My wife came up with this idea first. Close the city water off. Use the fresh water! Smart wife. Only thing is the grey water tank is already 13% full, if you can trust the digital readout. I decided that I would drain fresh water out of the shower from time to time, so that the grey water tank wouldn't be full before the fresh water tank was empty. In other words, I wanted the fresh water tank empty when I pull out of this campground. What do you think? Smart/dumb idea? If dumb, what would you have done in this situation?? Charlie
  3. My hull number is 734, a 2021 Oliver Elite II. Pulled by a F-150. Twin bunk bed design with solar.
  4. Thanks, Steve I was just researching on the old internet, and read about the necessity of a neutral bonding plug. I hope to find one near where we are camping tomorrow. Hull 734 Charlie Citrusbreeze
  5. Hi Campers, Is there any reason anyone can think of why a Honda EU2000i generator would not show up on the Xantrex freedom x device in my Oliver Elite II? Is it not powerful enough? Or is either the generator or the Xantrex freedom x not working properly. Of course, it could just be me! I started up the generator. Waited until the green light on the generator indicated it was producing enough voltage. Then I plugged the cord into the generator first, and then the Oliver. Is it me, or is it something else? Would appreciate any advice. Charlie Citrus Breeze
  6. I want to thank all of you for your suggestions. Since the other gas appliances were all working, you were right that it had to be some problem with the gas feed for the stove alone. Since both burners were not working, the main supply to the stove must have had an air blockage for some reason. No, I would not stick anything into the brass orifices that could damage them. I was about to take the top of the stove off by removing the two screws that hold it in, but I had a brainstorm. That was, why not try my portable car vac (armorall)? I plugged it into the ceiling circular orifice that is similar to the old cigarette lighters cars used to have back in the "good old days". Flipped over the builtin crevice tool on the vac, and vacuumed around each burner, figuring I might either dislodge something, or even create suction on the jets. Voila! Both burners light...without disassembling the stove top! Once again, this camper is happy, and can now eat inside our land yacht! Again...A big thankyou goes out to all of you. Charlie Citrus Breeze
  7. Both burners do not ignite. No smell of gas present. Button igniter tries to ignite, but no gas is present. Have tried lighting with butane lighter to no avail. Burners just are not getting any gas to them. Doesn't seem to be a easy way to check the jets. Any ideas?
  8. Our stove top range has a problem igniting today! The refrigerator is working on gas. The furnace is working on gas. Checked the propane tank, and that is reading "green". Any suggestions?
  9. The generator is a Honda eu2000i. Do you think that is powerful enough?
  10. Yeah, I should have done this in my driveway. I deserved that comment.
  11. Yes, I’ve the adapter. So if there’s nothing else that I have to be concerned about, I’m all set. Thanks to both of you
  12. Yes to both questions. I’ve used my generator on my previous camper(Casita), but that didn’t solar panels on that.
  13. Forgot to mention that my Olliver hull number 734 has AGM Batteries.
  14. Out boondocking for a week. On fifth day noticed battery level has dropped to a level of concern. Question is, with my Honda portable generator…is there any special tricks I need to perform to do this right? we’re way north in NH IN THE Great North Woods Appreciate any feedback
  15. First day on just solar power, microwave worked. Second day, no microwave. can’t solar keep batteries charged enough? Reading is that I still have nearly 13 V. Citrusbreeze Charlie
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