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  1. All this great feedback is super usefull. Thanks everyone. I have recently spoken to a couple of folks frequently pulling the same weight (in a less aerodynamic box) with the same vehicle and they both were satisfied customers. Most folks look at the size of this truck and underate it's towing and payload capacities. I agree that over purchasing on the accessories may be too much of a gamble without giving the system enough time to see if it works well for me or not. I'll give it a go with the Anderson hitch, a progressive brake system and the airbags to see how it feels. If I need to up
  2. Great feedback. I know it's not the ideal set up but it's going to have to be what it is for a while. The Chevy has a 20 gallon tank. As far as I can tell, mileage will drop to somewhere around 14mpg which means I'll be somewhere north of 250 miles per tank which will outlast my aging capacity to hold my own water. Ha. Sherry and SeaDawg's points on the Anderson and airbags are good ones. I'll go that way. Also am planning on a progressive braking system which should be safer on thos edownhills and in snowy conditions. Was planning on the Trifecta Tune anyhow, so the mode
  3. I know this is well trodden ground but... We are just about to sign a contract for an Elite II. Super excited!!! That said, we are a tad nervous about our TV. 2016 Chevy Colorado, 3.6 liter 6cyl, 4x4. Curb weight is 4,500 lbs. That particular model is rated to tow up to 7,000lbs. GCWR (loaded truck and trailer) is 12,000lbs. The trailer has a dry weight of 4,900lbs which, close as I can tell = 5,500-6,000 fully loaded with a tank of water. We will be running a compositing toilet (no black water) and emptying our grey water while on the road. Soooo, a couple of thoughts bas
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