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  1. <Sailrite Marine Fabric> is a great place to shop for your fabric. You can get Marine quality fabrics which is great stuff. If it will hold up in boats in saltwater environments, it will hold up in your campers. It's what I used.
  2. Richard Johnson 1256 Walker Levee Road Fulton, MS 38843
  3. Three months in our new Legacy II We’re Paul and Pat Cook and picked up our new Oliver in late April. We live in Southeast Missouri, so the trip form the factory home was only a 5 or 6 hour drive. With lots of commitments and obligations, the Oliver was parked in the barn while we cleared our calendar for our summer trip. With an offer of being a camp host at Lamoine State Park in Maine for July and August, we wanted to leave Missouri no later than June 1. We are experienced RV’ers, having owned two new 17 ft. Casitas, a 21 ft. Bigfoot, and a 25 ft. Airstream. Little preparation
  4. Paul, I just made this post from your account using your information. Looks like you are good to go !
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