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  1. Yes, Patriot, That's very helpful, actually. Where can I get compressed air? My Oliver is going to a repair shop on Monday, so I imagine they can do it there. Thank you, Patriot
  2. Thanks Mike! I had already tried turning on the pump and opening all the faucets to get the air out. I checked the connections around the pump, as well as checking the filter Is it possible there is a leak in the fresh water tank itself? Now that the windows have leaked too, I feel like I'm in a leaky boat out at sea (and this is monsoon season in CO, AZ, and NM. Thank you
  3. I will, thanks. On top of this, we had a huge downpour, and now the windows are leaking, not the rear window, but two of the others! I am beyond frustrated Thank you!
  4. Hi Ray, I checked under bed. No evidence of leak or puddles. I also checked in "sewage area" under dinette seat (road side). Thanks
  5. So if I turn on the button that says, "Water pump," I can hear it run. I don't believe it shuts off until I actually turn the switch off. It makes a continuous vibration-like sound when in on position. I will check pipes under bed, and report back.
  6. Hi Ray, no, it does not come on on its own. I shut it off after use by using the switch.
  7. Hi there, When I turn on my water pump (when not on a full hook up), the water pressure is bad, and the faucets sputter like there is air in the line. In addition, there is water coming out of the weep hole in the bottom. Usually there is more than what is shown in pics. I just turned on the faucet so I could show you the issue . So usually, I end up with a fairly large wet spot on the pavement. Last night, there was also water under the fridge. Does this necessarily mean I have a leak (I researched old posts)?? I really hope not, bc I have significant mold sensitivity. I can hear the pump running when I turn it on, do I don't think the issue is with the pump itself Thank you!
  8. That sounds just lovely, Mountainman! It certainly beats those RV parks, where people are packed together like sardines!
  9. I’ve been to the Gaspe Peninsula! I was there about 30 years ago, though, so I imagine things have indeed changed. Yes, it was indeed magnificent. An ex bf and I drove the entire peninsula, but we stayed in youth hostels, as this was before I had ever owned any tents or campers. We went to Percé Rock, and also to a National park, name fails me. We went up to the mountains and saw permafrost (still there???) and saw caribou, It was cold, for summer!
  10. What has been your favorite camping spot for your Oliver, ever? This includes anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Thank you, Margaret This is where I've tent camped in the past, but Ollie is different, though a shorty might have made it up there. The Lost Man Campground in Colorado, 10k feet in altitude. The yellow tent was mine.
  11. @SeaDawg, I just got another set of 12 volt batteries. @John E Davies and @Kirk Peterson, what type of basket is comparable to the Oliver basket, but less expensive, and how would you bolt it to the tongue? Thanks, I'm going to get rid of that annoying pic that is part of my signature
  12. Kirk, If you couldn't afford the basket Oliver provides as an accessory, what would you get instead? They charge a hefty $1600. Also, how would you attach the basket to the tongue? Thank you!
  13. Hi John, I have an SUV, not a truck, and I prefer to keep gas fumes out of the SUV interior. Otherwise , that would be a good suggestion. I do have a 1000 watt suitcase, just not sure where. I'll have to dig around Thank you!
  14. Hi SeaDawg, I did call Oliver, and I definitely can't afford their tongue basket. I've seen comparable ones online for much less, but I don't know if they would fit, and I don't know how they are attached to the tongue (?). I think I already have a solar panel somewhere; I just need to dig it out. I would definitely get the Honda EU 1000, as it is quiet, lightweight, and easy to start. I don't plan to rely on electricity 100 percent. Thank you!
  15. Great answer, thank you. How would I get the tray, just use the Oliver website? Sorry for being such a newbie. I haven't checked for the connection. The generator would definitely be a 1000, as that is all I can lift. I would have to go to higher elevations to escape heat.
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