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  1. Thank you for all the input. The diesel sounds interesting, but I'd still rather be more "green" if I can be, even if it costs more initially. The GMC Cargo Van is is 4 wheel drive, and I am not a fast driver when towing, so I feel comfortable towing it with the Cargo Van. I'll keep you all posted as it gets closer to time. And welcome any future comments as well.
  2. Hello All, Due to nearly being killed twice in my life from "gas furnace" issues I am now extremely hesitant to use Propane. I've watched numerous videos on using Propane and how it all works to hopefully lesson my fears, it has somewhat, but not totally. So, this is a theoretical "is this even possible" question. I plan on towing with a GMC Savanna Extended Cargo van, plenty of roof room for solar. So, would it be possible to eliminate the propane all together, and be "total electric" with solar on my van too. I can use a portable electric cooktop, run the fridge on electric, but would the "endless hot water" run on electric? Anything else I should consider? I built a "sticks and bricks" new home in 2017 and told the builder don't even bother running a gas line to my home, we are in a 3200 square foot home in Indiana and the electric heat pump works great, no regrets. I'm planning my retirement and wondering if can configure the Oliver to be "non-gas" as well? Any thoughts? As far as camping styles we plan to mainly stay in federal, state and local campgrounds with at least an electric hook-up and rarely "total" boondocking.
  3. I'm guessing "obnoxious amount of Gorilla tape" is not something that came from the factory, so this must have already been an issue for the previous owner.
  4. Please post pictures of what you find and how you fix, I'm learning a lot reading these posts!
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