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  1. I went from owning three Toyota V8 4Runners to a Tundra. I knew that I had to have secure and dry storage since I was used to a lift gate. I studied tonneaus pretty intensively. I ended up with a BAK Revolver X4 rolling cover. I absolutely love it and it rolls easily, weighs only about 70#, can handle about 400# of evenly distributed weight on top and also locks for security. It's been flawless and looks really nice.
  2. This concerns me as I have a '20 Tundra and I thought I would only have to worry about my cat in my '97 Ford Econoline van, but now BOTH?! I have a friend who loved my truck and wanted similar. He paid more for a pretty stripped 2019 Tundra than I did for my 2020..crazy times! I also say push back a bit more for a total. Good to know that your family is safe. Blessings to you!
  3. There is no wobble at all. The nylon is thicker but it doesn't seem to matter. Since I tend to be a little obsessive, I even took all the stickers off the hatches that 'aren't for storage' and also removed the screws. I added some white snap caps to the screw holes and now have access to all of the compartments in the event of a mechanical need. Obviously, I'm bored. 😉
  4. I've hated my red satin compartment straps since the day I brought ILOVHER home. They never seemed to be on the outside of the lid! I found some of these grommet straps at my local discount outlet store for three for a buck! More robust nylon, longer and and nice grommet to hang on to. A washer and screwdriver and you're done! Here's a link to similar. https://www.amazon.com/TCH-Hardware-Nylon-Strap-Grommets/dp/B085CNGRFP
  5. I just completed my registration for my first ever Oliver Rally this May and my reservation at Guntersville SP. I had no idea until I called the park how full this event would be. It looks like there is great interest which is exciting since the 'Vid cancellation last year! The park has expanded the Oliver blocked loops to include some sites in C, A and B. I was able to get a site in the F loop but I suggest making a reservation soon if you are at all interested! I spent a good number of hours looking at Google Earth, Maps and YouTube videos to make my selection. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you and learning more about my ILOVHER! Holler back if you are attending! I'm also heading to the factory immediately after the rally for a few repairs/mods. WhoooHOo!
  6. We ran the Westinghouse in a Cracker Barrel parking lot this summer to run the air conditioner as it was bleeding hot outside. Even with the PMS disengaged and the water heater turned off, we found it to be pretty loud (even AC on low) and at full tilt of it's capacity. I can't imagine ever using it to run the AC in a campground but it worked well for the busy Cracker Barrel we were at for the night. Ran about six hours total. Got us through a sticky humid evening.
  7. I too am a little apprehensive to spend $100 on a gasket, especially since ILOVHER has had quite a few additional expenditures as of late. Your idea sounded intriguing to me so I went down the investigative rabbit hole. Looks like a can of VHT vinyl dye in black might just be a worthy and less expensive option. I may just try it! https://www.amazon.com/VHT-SP942-Vinyl-Black-Satin/dp/B000CPIN9S?th=1
  8. Here's the link to order the black glass seal. 🙂 https://www.pellandent.com/Half-Inch-Glass-Vinyl-Seal
  9. Looking forward to knowing the cause as I too have a '20 Tundra. Glad to know you're safe!
  10. Wow, This is just exemplary service! I will be calling to see when I can come in the spring since I've already put ILOVHER down for her winter nap.
  11. I am in no way knowledgable or skilled enough to tackle this mod on my own which is why I contacted Oliver in the first place. The previous owners of my trailer did not use it boondocking and probably had no idea that 10 to 12 gallons of water wasn't available or was being done under warranty. Because the Ollie sat during their unfortunate illness, they never knew to have it corrected. I'm a bit miffed as I think my trailer should be grand fathered in! Seeing as I've already shown my trailer to two prospective buyers, I'd like to think this would be sort of prudent for them to do.
  12. I did this recently too but I don't expect this expensive sticker to last very long...seems it should be more stout.
  13. Oliver is charging $400 for the FW pickup fix. I've been a fiberglass trailer owner for ten years and understand the difference in design and maintenance, especially in detecting and easily stopping leaks. I'm not suggesting there should never be issues, just at this price point I was hoping for a tad better. I have a lot of empathy for owners of stickies. I ran a NF campground for four years and chatted at length with people who had serious issues with brand new RVs, some of which didn't get to use their trailers for months for warranty work. Im still a huge fan of fiberglass and hope this is my last RV but I am just a girl who wants to get my camping on and being only on my fifth month of ownership, I'm getting frustrated. I would be thrilled if i had your knowledge JD and skill but I don't. Maybe you could start a LHC for Ollies? Just want to know what I'm in for shock replacement. Totally not an Oliver but a Monroe issue..I understand.
  14. After reading the thread on the misaligned placement of the bracket and bushings for the Oliver's shocks, I went out to look and of course, I also have one blown shock! The shocks don't look terribly expensive but can you guys tell me how difficult it is to replace? Tools needed? I'm going to have to tackle this myself but don't want to rely on just Youtube videos as every application looks different. I have to say, I'm really starting to get aggravated as this trailer was barely used. The previous owners (hull #184) went twice to the rally in Alabama and a few times to their local state park before becoming very ill. The trailer sat for over a year and a half. I'm finding all these annoying issues that shouldn't be there and could have been dealt with under warranty had the owners known or noticed. Everything from the fresh water pick up, to faulty blinds, water intrusion at the upper tail light and front closet, over torqued screw heads, bad regulator, lifting flooring and a leaking fogged bathroom window...and now a blown shock, ugh! I realize other things are regular maintenance as I'm used to those but this is a bit much. 😞
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