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  1. I owned a Casita for ten years and have been a fiberglass enthusiast for longer than that. I don't doubt the build quality of the Oliver, as that's why I upgraded..but also at a significant cost. Part of my choice was certainly factory service and for me, it WAS in the equation!
  2. Does anyone feel like the value of their trailer has just been diminished? We spent a good deal of the nest egg on our used LEII, preparing for our future retirement. We have a 2017 LEII with no bells or whistles. No factory solar, no lithium, no inverter, no spiffy white shades, 3-way fridge, basic furnace, basic water heater, porcelain toilet, mirrored cabinets etc. I still love my trailer and she serves me well in how we currently camp. However, our intention was to upgrade items in Hohenwald when the time came for us to retire. We felt confident that we had invested in the service, parts and reputation Oliver provides for ourselves and any potential future owner had our circumstances changed. Service was something we could sell to a prospective buyer. I'm not sure I feel the same anymore. Feeling a little let down and lighter in the wallet. I might have to do some cost benefit analysis.
  3. I've towed my '17 LE2 about 12,000 miles in two years with my '20 Tundra TRD Sport and find it more than adequate. I think the Anderson WDH is an absolute must with any half ton and I personally wouldn't leave home without it. The issue I have with my TRD is that the extra bells and whistles reduce payload. I pack light but if I were to tow in the mountains out west carrying more gear, I no doubt would want a 3/4 ton pickup!
  4. Thank you all for your replys! I sent him screenshots of your most helpful advice! ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Hello my Ollie friends! Haven't been hanging out here much due to the lovely winter weather we get to endure here in the Northeast. My ILOVHER is tucked nicely away under her cover waiting to go somewhere maybe mid March. My son, however, is a traveling ER nurse and has taken a contract in Madera, California at a Pediatric ER. He has been traveling for three years, an ER nurse for six and has just returned from a three month stint in Guam! This Sunday he leaves again with his 25' Coachman Apex in tow.. He just purchased a '23 Ram Power Wagon and is looking forward to some boondocking adventures. Attached is a RV trip wizard map of the route he's planning. For all of you cross country travelers, do you have any must-see stops, attractions and/or campground/boondocking sites that you could recommend? Any route modifications you would suggest? I wish I could follow him in the ILOVHER but other obligations prevent it and I'd never want salt to touch her! Thank you for any help! *As suggested here my son loves Nature, Off-Roading, Fishing Nut ~including fly, Hiking and Interesting Scenery, Photography, Rafting...the whole shebang!
  6. My understanding from reading the Tundra forums is that there is a bit of anger over Toyota opting out of the tranny cooler on the 20's and 21's. Many have used scan gauge tools to measure their temps while towing and have had high temperature readings. I've owned three V8 Sport 4Runners prior to my Tundra and they all had external coolers. There are a few owners who are opting for adding aftermarket. There are even kits available. I may do this down this road if I ever head west. My son even added one to his brand new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon as he tows a 19' sticky. I think it was a poor decision from Toyota to leave it off the build.
  7. Love this..wish I would have done this after repairing the courtesy/puddle light in the bathroom! Great work and on my list too!
  8. Looks like Camping World has them too! https://www.campingworld.com/replacement-shower-head-arctic-white-79699.html
  9. I debated this pretty long.. came to the conclusion that I didn't want to clean another channel like the window gutters. I like the dam effect of the style I have. The rain seems to just channel to each end of the awning.
  10. It's apparent there are two 'camps' of opinion on removing the awning seal. I, for one, make a living space out of the shade and invariably it will rain when I camp, so keeping that area dry is a high priority. I really like to keep runoff to a minimum and have found the seal to be pretty darn effective! Today, I replaced my deteriorated and flaking seal with a new 1" slide out seal. The leftover adhesive from the old was pretty easy to remove with 'Spray Nine' a cloth and a plastic razor blade. No heavy duty removers needed. It took maybe 30 minutes. My take is that you may have to replace it every five years or so, and I'm ok with that. Here's to DRY camping!
  11. That's my motto...LOL! I do the exact thing by jiggling the truck forward and back just a hair, forward and/or reverse to knock some sense into it! Bulldog's always feisty on days hotter than Hades while unhitching; I'm sweating and the black flies are eating me alive, I've only gotten back into the truck seventeen times at this point to get that perfect set on a pristine unlevel campsite..what's one more?? I'll show you who is boss.. LOL! However irritated I get though; unhitching is serious business to me. I try to remain calm so I don't make dumb unsafe mistakes. I certainly have had a couple in my RV life and try hard not to repeat. I've made it a habit to not release safety chains/cables either until I know I'm chocked, lifted safely and stable off the ball. I use my parking brake A LOT as I absolutely hate any bounce back after lift-off. I use it almost always with the Andersen levelers as slippage can sometimes happen. Spraying a little lubrication to the underside of the hitch, latch and ball can be helpful albeit debatable and of course..first loosen the WDH chains or remove the whale tail altogether. Good Luck!
  12. John and Wendy, Thank you so much for the pix! I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with the original type stripping. It's taller and rain seems to flow along it and out at the ends without much overflow. Other than the deterioration, I've been pretty happy with the way it works despite the collection of debris behind the brackets. If I was physically unable to get up there to clean, I would probably go with the J-channel style. As far as the window vents go, I've consulted with a patent attorney (who's a dear friend) to see what's involved with stepping forward with my design. The consensus is to make and sell a few (10-15) to see what the interest is and go from there. I have been busy camping so I've sort of put it on the back burner. I saw one member here make one and I was thrilled to see their attempt! Stay tuned.. ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. I know some of you have either removed or considered removing the weather strip along the awning. I for one, love sitting under a short-set awning in the rain. I usually have stuff on a table outside the door and I don't like the idea of having water streaming down between the awning and the side of the camper. With that said, my '17 ILOVHER has needed a replacement weather strip as it's starting to deteriorate. (btw, I have the manual Fiamma) This last rain storm had water coming down in the middle and the brackets were not blocked with debris....had just cleaned and waxed. I reached out to Oliver to see if I could obtain a new strip and was told they offer a new 'J' channel style in addition to the old. I'd like opinions on whether the J style is worthwhile as compared to the old. It seems to me it would collect more pine needles and need frequent cleaning of dirt/mold. I also read the strip is now placed lower than they were on the '17s. If you have the J style strip..how do you like it? Can any of you provide photos? Thanks in Advance! Claudia
  14. I purchased this light from Menards for my entryway and the pantry: https://bit.ly/3IPGKQU This is the light for the fridge. I have the Dometic 3-way and the magnetic strip fits perfect on the front of the drip tray. https://amzn.to/3ogBnRf
  15. Nice addition! I purchased a round motion sensor light for the pantry that is battery operated and has worked well and stayed put. I love the light coming on automatically when I open that cupboard! I have one on the ceiling by the entry door as I always have my arms loaded with things to carry in or out. I think these areas should have had lights to begin with..but I'm happy with the mod. The only issue with the entryway is the dog activates it in the middle of the night! Your light bar would work awesome in the fridge too! I have that style in there as well!
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