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  1. Alright Thanks to Mike and SeaDawg they lead me forward and it made it thru my thick head. Thanks guys. Mike
  2. I’m struggling. I’ve filled out all info in my Profile. Is that different from Signature?. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Mike
  3. How do I enter my tow vehicle and trailer type to be on this message at the bottom?? Thanks. Mike
  4. Tina and I find ourselves back here on this lake like it’s a magnet. Osprey Campground on Priest Lake in Idaho. We are out on an excursion needing to be back home around the 24th of June. We will see where the gas prices take us. Payed 5.15 in Tonasket WA. Just letting all the great folks on the forum know you and your info are appreciated. It is very interesting to find that a lot of crickets can create a slick spot in your travels. Mike
  5. Our trip to Tennessee and back ended a few days back. It was the trip we hoped for and really were able to see some amazing spots along our journey. Overall our trailer was very comfortable and we enjoyed the freedom to stop where we wanted and have all we need right there. Of course we are still learning all the more technical aspects and may need some advice. We started in the humidity of Tennessee and Kentucky and ended up in Idaho at 21 degrees overnight plus over the North Cascade Pass on compact snow. Adventure it was for sure !! For now we are going thru what we are calling “trailer lag”. Maybe just missing the road. Tina and Mike
  6. My wife Tina really loves the Lime Green and Black. We have a lot of “matching “ green accessories. It’s been fun. Tonight we are in Whitefish Montana. Today we stopped and went through the Museum of the Plains Indians in Browning Montana. It was very eye opening. Usually this time of year it is open but you see it on your own. We got very lucky that Glenn a member of the Blackfoot tribe brought several things to our attention to make sure to see and with his help made the time and the items in the museum very real. It was great. If you get out and travel we are seeing and doing exactly what we hoped. The Dream Girl continues to help us live our dream. Tina and Mike
  7. This is a great spot on Energy Lake. It is a spot we stopped at on our way from Tennessee to Wisconsin. It was in The Land Between the Lakes and was really fun. A great spot was The Homeplace 1850 Interperative Center. Pioneer log buildings and everything that an old farm would have. Tina and I loved this spot. Volunteers doing things that would be done in those times. It was memorable. Tina and Mike
  8. Thanks a lot for the help John. Will try it. Mike
  9. Arrived a week ago to Seymour Wisconsin. Visiting Relatives here. Are making a slow trip home trying to enjoy this time of discovery with our new trailer. Could use technical advice on posting a picture of the Dream Girl on the forum sight from my I Pad Having a little trouble with it. Have really enjoyed the spots we have found so far. Thanks for any help. Tina and Mike
  10. Thank you all. I just found the water spigot. Thanks. George and Gretchen thanks for the thoughts and the chance to look at your real Oliver up close. That seems long ago. So far everything has been just Grand. Tina and Mike
  11. We have spent the last two nights in our trailer and it has been very enjoyable. Picked up #905 on the 29th and stayed in the lot for a night and the second night out at the Merriwether Lewis State park to test out no hookups. Good results so far. Jason Lindsey has really helped us out. We have been in contact trying to make the big step since early 2019. We also had a great gal giving us the orientation on the trailer. Hannah was knowledgeable, very thorough,and just a real nice person to talk with. We really enjoyed the walk through with her. Thank you Oliver !!! It feel like just what I thought. A quality product easy to start our adventures in. All the Forum folks contributing info I truly thank you and will use you in the future. Sincerely. Tina and Mike Locker. Dream Girl is what I call our trailer and my Wife Tina !!!!!
  12. We are picking up our trailer in September and my wife has been checking with our carrier which is USAA also. Got a quote of around 540 a year Will check on the Agreed Value Clause. Thanks for the heads up and good info. Tina and Mike. Will check with Good Sam also.
  13. Thanks a lot. Helpful info.
  14. I am missing something. Have not heard of the antifreeze kit. Can you folks inform me what and how on this item ?? Thanks. Tina and Mike
  15. Maybe a good avenue for us on this question would be does any one have the Standard floor plan with the KTT upgrade??? All of your feedback is so helpful. Thanks a lot. Tina and Mike
  16. Well thanks to you all for the good info. Exactly what I was hoping for. Mike
  17. Thanks also to you Mattnan Gives us an option. Appreciate the input. Mike
  18. AndrewK Appreciate the feedback. Thanks Mike
  19. Just looking for new or old feedback on the KTT mattress upgrade. Coming up on our date of no return and just hoping for good advice. Ordering LE ll with standard floor plan. Delivery September 29. Thanks Mike
  20. PMG. That is really cool and thanks to John for the link for info. I have two Irish ideas written down for our trailer. Delivery September 2021. It was great to see it on back which I hadn’t seen. Thanks for the inspiration. Mike
  21. Arrived safe. Pulling the Daughters 24 ft square as a box trailer home for them in the move back to Tonasket WA and it was a perfect wind storm to remind me of Oliver’s aerodynamic shape. Also got lucky today and saw a very cool graphic on our second Ollie sighting. Hwy 20 it was heading East up Lolo pass heading into the Okanogan Valley. Real cool front logo that was Native in origin. Maybe like a ceremonial mask. Went by fast but effect was cool. Mike
  22. A long road trip with wifeTina from our home on Samish Island near Bow WA in the PNW to Erie Colorado. Helping in the move back home of our Daughter and family we finally sited an Oliver in Livingston Montana on I-90 headed East. We were going back home west and it was a serious wind storm. All that road and good to see at least one Ollie !!!!!! Mike
  23. Well that is true Oliver fashion. Thanks for the welcome. September 29 is our pick up date I hope we could possibly see a few Oliver folks at the campgrounds. Maniac thanks for the great idea. I struggled with a name for the forum but that might be cool. Thanks again and I know where to go with any questions. Thanks Tina and Mike
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