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  1. Maybe a good avenue for us on this question would be does any one have the Standard floor plan with the KTT upgrade??? All of your feedback is so helpful. Thanks a lot. Tina and Mike
  2. Well thanks to you all for the good info. Exactly what I was hoping for. Mike
  3. Thanks also to you Mattnan Gives us an option. Appreciate the input. Mike
  4. AndrewK Appreciate the feedback. Thanks Mike
  5. Just looking for new or old feedback on the KTT mattress upgrade. Coming up on our date of no return and just hoping for good advice. Ordering LE ll with standard floor plan. Delivery September 29. Thanks Mike
  6. PMG. That is really cool and thanks to John for the link for info. I have two Irish ideas written down for our trailer. Delivery September 2021. It was great to see it on back which I hadn’t seen. Thanks for the inspiration. Mike
  7. Arrived safe. Pulling the Daughters 24 ft square as a box trailer home for them in the move back to Tonasket WA and it was a perfect wind storm to remind me of Oliver’s aerodynamic shape. Also got lucky today and saw a very cool graphic on our second Ollie sighting. Hwy 20 it was heading East up Lolo pass heading into the Okanogan Valley. Real cool front logo that was Native in origin. Maybe like a ceremonial mask. Went by fast but effect was cool. Mike
  8. A long road trip with wifeTina from our home on Samish Island near Bow WA in the PNW to Erie Colorado. Helping in the move back home of our Daughter and family we finally sited an Oliver in Livingston Montana on I-90 headed East. We were going back home west and it was a serious wind storm. All that road and good to see at least one Ollie !!!!!! Mike
  9. Well that is true Oliver fashion. Thanks for the welcome. September 29 is our pick up date I hope we could possibly see a few Oliver folks at the campgrounds. Maniac thanks for the great idea. I struggled with a name for the forum but that might be cool. Thanks again and I know where to go with any questions. Thanks Tina and Mike
  10. I hope this goes to the right spot. First try at the forum I have been a big fan of the Oliver Trailer Forum. It seems unique with the ability to really get a great feel for the product. About 3 years since first contact with Oliver and two years bribing my wife to go to Hohenwald we are awaiting our September 2021 delivery. All of that to just say thanks to you all Especially the long timer Oliver Faithful. You folks and your helpful answers and attitudes I believe sell a lot of trailers. Start with a good product. Then with the g-force of you folks on the forum you can’t beat it. So with my Dream Girl by my side hope to see you some day on the road Tina and Mike
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