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  1. I would be really interested in this list too.
  2. I went to the rally last May and did not own an Oliver. I had a great time and met many very nice people. I now own hull 267 and plan on attending the rally next May. Talk about community, I bought my towing vehicle from Ken (in Fleming Island, Florida) and Steve and Tali (in Tupelo, Mississippi) installed the slide in it for me!
  3. Thanks Mike. I have been back to the doctor, but only saw the PA. He said it was normal to still hurt and to be swollen. I am doing therapy 2 times a week, but don't think it is helping. This has been a bummer because I had to go to therapy a month before the surgery (to jump through the insurance hoops) and then do the surgery..so all in all this knee has been hurting me for way over 2 months. And that is why I have not been too crazy about doing anything with the Oliver. Just hobbling along and popping pills.
  4. I will send pictures the next time I go to where it is stored. The neighborhood rules state "no trailers, campers or boats" in your driveway, so I found a place a couple of blocks from my house that will store my Oliver. Thanks for asking about the knee..It is still swollen, hot to the touch and I am still on pain pills...after 4 weeks. Getting tired of it.
  5. Mine is used too, but you cannot tell it by looking!
  6. Thanks Bill. I need all of the instruction I can get!
  7. Been out of touch at a high school foot ball game. John, I wish I could start camping now, but the truth is I will have to learn how to hook the TV to the trailer and then learn how to pull it. This is all new to me. I really do not know how to drive the truck yet. But, the weather may be coming down from the almost 100 degree reading and the knee is getting a little better, so hope it will not be long. Thanks.
  8. Oh, and not the big black cable, just the two smaller black cables.
  9. Thanks everyone for all of the helpful information. Hopefully I will have time Sunday to try to hook the trailer to the truck. The ladies brought Hull 267 to me on a Friday and I had knee surgery on Monday, so have not been able to spend much time with it. I may be wrong, but I don't think any chains were hooked up, just the black cables that are in John's picture.
  10. Hey Steve, I know this is not where I should ask this question, but I do not know how to start a new discussion on the forum. The ladies brought me the Oliver with the cable attached for towing. They did not use the chains. Is it your choice to use either cables or chains or are you supposed to used both? I have never hooked up a camper in my life, so was just wondering. Thank you.
  11. I sure hope it will work, because I have two Galgos (45# and 55#) I hope to train them to sleep on the folded down dinette. We will see...lol
  12. I am so sorry to hear about this. I pray that Jesus will wrap His arms around all of the Oliver family and give them peace. Blessings to everyone.
  13. Thanks, because we are needing it.
  14. I am getting a lot of 404 errors, but have not gotten anything from a pharmacy or weird e-mails.
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