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  1. I am following this, BuckandConnie because I do not know either.
  2. Thanks Mike. I have a new anode and a toothbrush wire brush. All I need is WD 40. I honestly don't think the previous owner had a clue about these problems. She had a new heater and air conditioner installed trying to rid the Oliver of all of the fiberglass that was left in the ducts. It is obvious she never turned on the heater (because it would not have come on) and she had no clue to not leave the anode out of the water heater. She had only pulled the Oliver about 1600 miles when she sold it to me. So, I am certainly not faulting her. This is all a learning curve for me and it has been a little confusing because I don't have an Oliver tech walking me through it. But, thanks to people on this forum, I am getting closer to being able to go on the road.
  3. Thanks Mike. This is the way the camper came from the previous owner. I am really beginning to wish I had bought a new Oliver.
  4. When the Oliver was winterized the anode was removed and laid in the water heater. Today we un-winterized the Oliver and screwed the anode in and it leaked. We pulled it and taped the threads and it leaked again. The housing that hold the anode is very rusty. Tried to clean it out, but still leaked. Can this be replaced without replacing the entire water heater? Also the On/Off switch in the water heater is frozen in the On position (that is why the fuze was pulled when the hot water was drained.) What should I do? Thanks again everyone. 2017 Hull 267
  5. Do you think a 120# old woman could put your Clam up and take it down by herself?? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for commenting Sherry. You helped me out a lot. Yep, even the service guy had not seen the Bluetooth one and he a service tech for them. I was a little worried about him because I had not heard from him in a couple of weeks (after he received the board), but found out his wife went into premature labor and that stopped his world. Anyway, like I said, if anyone needs a new thermostat please just let me know. I will send it to you free of charge.
  7. He added a wire, but I am totally ignorant about any of this, so I will ask him about that wire. And there is that add on fuse that is behind the breaker panel above the nite stand that he found. I do not know what that is for either. All of this happened because the prior owner wanted all of the fiberglass out of the ducks because of her allergies. But, I do not understand why she replaced the brand new Oliver installed air conditioner and heater. I have the paperwork that shows who and when it was done. I am glad this has been resolved because it has been a trip. I now have a perfectly good thermostat that I will send to anyone that needs it.
  8. Finally had the heater repaired. The tech said that it was wired wrong and that since it had power going to it all the time the main board burned up. He installed a new board and replaced the fuse and all is working just fine. Thanks everyone for helping me with this.
  9. Thank you so much!! I ordered it!!! Nan
  10. Can someone please tell me what gas hose will fit on a Blackstone 17" grill and a 2017 Oliver II? I have two connectors on the Oliver and I want to be able to use them with the Blackstone grill. Thanks so much. Nan Wallace hull #267
  11. John, if you could make a list of a maintenance schedule (what and how often), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Nan
  12. And it was. And I told the tech that too. It cost me $451 today.
  13. RV Tech said the heater did not have enough wires going to it to ever work. Also since the power had been on the control board constantly, he said it was burned up. He ordered another board, but it is back ordered and it will be at least 2 weeks before it comes in. And there is an add-on fuse behind the panel in the breaker box that is above the nite stand..so, there you go..it definitely was not a thermostat problem, but a wiring problem. This did not happen at the Oliver factory because the AC and heater were replaced by the previous owner.
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