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  1. Thanks! I’m so excited to finally have my own Oliver and love her story.
  2. ….aaaand the adventure rig has been turned back into a trailer! 😁
  3. Hey everyone, Thanks for the speedy replies! I’m so looking forward to making my Ollie my own and seeing what you all have done. No solar on mine, just marine batteries, and original axle that my repair guy explained had been installed in the higher configuration, so that it essentially has a lift. Sorry if that’s unclear… clearly I’m new at this 😂 Anyway, I kept the original axle as it had lots of life left. I did get new aluminum wheels as the original chrome ones were pretty pitted. I think that most things are stock, no fancy options. Previous owner took off the interior belly band. I have it, but not sure that I want to put it back. Maybe replace with white? I go out solo with my dog, sometimes with my teen kids or a friend. Like to boondock, but am not power or water intensive. I love snow/winter so will get a generator eventually. Not sure about how much I would use solar, but am interested to hear how helpful small arrays are. The tv is gone from my trailer, but screens aren’t really my thing and I LOVE the old sound system interface 😂 Here’s what I posted on my repair guy’s Facebook: Lance Lacko at Private Reserve Trailer Repair in Sheridan, CA is better than all the king’s horses and all the king’s men! He put my egg back together again 😁💕🎉. I’m so over the moon in love with my Oliver! Some of you may have seen pictures of Hull 25’s previous existence as an adventure rig. After months of logistics and west coast road trips to collect and deliver parts, she is a trailer again!! My first adventure to bring her home is in the books, can’t wait for more.
  4. Yes, a lot was removed to make the adventure rig. Axle was removed and the front portion of the trailer (tongue and everything on it) was actually cut off the rest of the frame 😱I was able to track down the original pieces and get them from a previous owner through these forums! The seller and previous owner were great and supportive of me putting her back together, but it was quite the journey!
  5. Hello! I’m a new owner of a 2008 LE. Wondering if anyone has a similar vintage and can recommend good updates from the factory or otherwise? I really like the frosted storage compartment doors and wondered if anyone has had the old sliding doors swapped out for the new style? Would I be “ruining” it by not it original?
  6. Hello everyone! I have been lurking on here for a bit waiting for my chance to finally post. 🙂 I have been waiting until my Oliver was whole again! While I was waiting and watching there were even some posts about my Ollie in its previous incarnation. It was hard to hold my tongue 😜 LE hill #25 is a trailer once more! Some of you may be disappointed that she is no longer a monster adventure rig, but I am over the moon now that I can tow her. It was quite the odyssey to collect all of the pieces and find the right person to set things right, but she is back together and our adventures together have begun!
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