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  1. I think that image is misleading. Here’s a link to the installation instructions and it looks like the orientation is the same as the Dometic. https://www.mygenerator.com.au/media/Finch_HB3400_Air_Conditioner_Manual.pdf
  2. Since we're never out in super hot weather, I'd think that the 9500 btu would probably work for us, too, even in an Elite II. Oliver has started selling them with 11,000 btu units anyway, so that's really not that far off.
  3. Sometimes the clip is slightly misaligned and you can't easily push the shade into place. If that's the case, forcing it might bend the clip. You can try feeling behind the shade to see if the clip is aligned to the channel, and if it's not, you can usually wiggle the shade enough to get it aligned. You can also try pulling the blind completely off and seeing if the clip is bent, twisted, etc. Or, if they all seem OK, then you can try putting the blind back on by snapping the problem clip in first. Sometimes the clips are just a little off and if you get the troublesome one in place first,
  4. Overland


    Actually here's the outside one. Not quite the same bargain, but still very reasonable - https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/ydby-door-mat-indoor-outdoor-black-10230562/
  5. Overland


    We use both an outside and inside welcome mat. The inside one is good for taking off and storing hiking shoes. Both of them came from Ikea - I only see the inside one on their website now, which still looks fine after four years, despite its $0.99 price tag. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/kristrup-door-mat-dark-blue-90392452/
  6. I'm familiar with that one, but we ended up with traditional bars. In general, though, we've had good luck with Ikea products in the trailer, at least in terms of quality - and with appropriate expectations on the front end, given how inexpensive they are. Our bath mat and towels have held up surprisingly well, dishes have remained in one piece, bath faucet seems perfectly fine, bath trash can has been fine, etc. A few things haven't worked out - mainly kitchen towels, which were OK but deemed too thin and replaced, and various storage organizers have been hit and miss in terms of their uti
  7. Personally, I think it’s an interesting question and I’d like to know the answer. But having said that, I do think that the default assumption should be that Oliver has done it correctly. Particularly since this is a safety issue. For what it’s worth, the wiring diagram in my Dexter manual doesn’t show a fuse either, nor is it called for in the installation text. While I agree that it seems logical to have a fuse, it also seems logical to have at least one bit of supporting documentation before we all start messing with our braking systems. Searching around the internet, I can f
  8. Unless those regulatory issues have a reason for being. Shouldn’t the default assumption be that both Oliver and the brake manufacturer know what they’re doing?
  9. I don’t know if that was your only reason for wanting the cover off, but you should be able to see that label by taking off just the return air grill and filter.
  10. I haven’t looked at mine to see if the wire is wrapped separately (if at all), but that seems like something that might give some peace of mind, fused or not.
  11. We have one of the original Teakworks mats. Originally I oiled it, but keeping it clean of soap scum was a pain so I coated it with satin polyurethane. I though I’d have to add some anti slip strips but it’s actually quite grippy on its own. The finish started to wear thin in a few spots after three years but I just gave it a quick sanding and two more coats and it’s like new.
  12. Overland


    I’ve had my eye on one of these outdoor mats for some time. I think originally they were a military product and then for a while only available in Australia, but it looks like you can get them here now for a relatively reasonable price. The color selection is a bit bright for my taste, but I may give one a try. https://www.cgear-sandfree.com
  13. I’m thrilled to see the end of the swoosh. And personally I think that the clean, all white look is great. I’d argue though that adding something to break up the side would have broader appeal. Just not another swoosh, please. There’s so much more that can be done with graphics than just slapping a random curvy line across the side.
  14. I can’t remember what we paid for ours, but with the campfire restrictions almost everywhere these days, it’s been a great purchase regardless of price.
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