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  1. We had a few shake down issues - one broken elbow and something that came loose inside the Truma. This was some time ago, but it was a similar situation. Gravel and rough roads testing the limits of the trailer. The broken elbow was caused by a water line that had been cut short, and so was pulling on the all the nearby connections. The truma problem was possibly related, possibly an install problem, possibly a truma problem - who knows. But after the initial issues, I went through and tied down a lot of the plumbing to something solid with zip ties and we haven’t had any problems since, even
  2. I can't really knock them in since I installed them backwards to make it easier to inspect the nuts. There's just enough room behind to attach the grease gun without too much difficulty, but no room to swing a hammer. The new nuts have a flange but they're not serrated or anything. I may see about getting some jam nuts, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks.
  3. I'm doing some suspension mods which involves new shackles and the specs say to torque them to 30-50 lb ft. But that level of torque wouldn't pull the bolts tight. I went ahead and cranked down on them and got them to seat, at least I thought, but when lubing them, I get grease coming out between the bolt and nut heads and the shackles. So now I'm worried the nuts are going to back off while traveling. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Or is it normal - I'm guessing that everything is tight against the bushings if not the shackles, but who knows?
  4. The little outlet testers are just easier and more idiot proof. They often have the added feature of a button that will test the GFCI breaker. It doesn't sound like Ray's problem would have been diagnosed with one of those, though it would have ruled out some common issues. Nonetheless, it's a good tool to have. I mean, they're cheap and useful. I carry a small multimeter as well.
  5. My experience with AT tires is that they start to make noise if you rotate them. I just put a new set on my truck and I think this time I'm going to not rotate them and see how they wear. I'll probably do the same with the Ollie. Though the good thing about having two spares is that you can rotate them in at the same time and just switch tires front to back without reversing any of them, which is probably a big factor in the noise.
  6. No, our X5 was the original E53 model and I don't think that run flats were even an option then. I did up the tire size when I switched out to all terrains, and that made the spare a pretty tight fit in the compartment.
  7. Just curious what you did differently in the two cases above. Are you using a portable surge protector, or is it the built in version? I can see that if you had the portable, connected at the outlet in the first situation, and at the end of the extension cord in the second, that you'd get those results.
  8. It doesn't appear that either the XC or XC pro have the ability to supplement AC power. From what I've read, they just have a built in transfer switch, so it's either inverter or shore power, but no combining the two. So I guess it's better to refer to these as combination inverter chargers rather than hybrid ones. The Victron, for example, uses varying voltages to determine whether power flows in or out of the unit, which is what allows it to supplement shore power with the batteries. But I suspect (assuming that the new power cord fixed everything) that the problem was essentially wh
  9. The XC 2000 manual, which is easily found via google or the Xantrex website: http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Inverter-Chargers/Freedom XC/Freedom XC Series INV-CHG Owners Guide (975-0784-01-01_Rev-B)_ENG.pdf And the XC 3000 Pro manual, which is, not surprisingly, also very easily found via google or the Xantrex website: http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Inverter-Chargers/Freedom XC/Freedom XC PRO Owner's Guide (975-0799-01-01_Rev-C)_ENG.pdf So far, I haven't been able to determine what makes the pro a pro.
  10. So can we infer or have we confirmed that Oliver is now using the Freedom XC combination inverter chargers on all of their inverter equipped trailers now? If so, what are are they using for the distribution panel? From the photo above, it looks like it may be the PD-5000. And on their non-inverter equipped units, are they still using the PD-4000 converter, or are they doing a separate converter and distribution panel to keep the wiring the same for everything? Just glancing through the XC 2000 manual, it looks like it has an optional remote display available. Does Oliver include that
  11. Do you have the new 3000 watt Xantrex, and if so, is it a hybrid inverter/charger? I know they make one, but I didn't think Oliver was using it. My hybrid inverter has four settings - on, off, charger only and inverter only. If it's set to charger only or off, then it doesn't supply power to the outlets even when I'm plugged in.
  12. My guess at this point is that it's either a bad transfer switch or a wire has come loose.
  13. Definitely call Oliver if no one else posts with a solution. Let us know what they say and what the problem turns out to be.
  14. If there’s no power to the outlets when plugged in, inverter off, then something is wrong for sure. Possibly a bad transfer switch but hopefully there’s a simpler solution. I guess that I’d check the breaker on the house circuit first just to make sure that you didn’t trip it with the dehumidifier. That, or if the outlet you’re using is a GFCI then check that. Either way, I’d verify that you actually have power as a first step in figuring it out. Also, if you have a surge protector, make sure that it’s not showing an error (should cycle through E 0 on the display). It’s possible that it detec
  15. Thanks for the video. Dometic doesn’t spend a lot of effort on usability sometimes. I think quite a few owners (including me) have had the same question.
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