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  1. I believe it’s 25” vs 30” for the twin.
  2. Thanks. I do think that you could eliminate the rails all together and still sleep fine, provided you’re used to a sleeping bag’s width. We typically leave the back cushions in place when sleeping, which leaves about the same width, maybe a hair wider. But the cushions add some nice insulation against the hull, which I think is worthwhile even with the double shell. If you’re interested in those two modifications, you can read about them here -
  3. Lol. Pat, I did (do) have an swr meter to tune the antenna, but I think the problem was not having a proper ground plane. Just the wrong antenna for the situation I suspect. I would like to revisit it just because I’m a nerd, but I think I’d rather get a ham license and go that route rather than CB. Someday maybe.
  4. Glad you mentioned distance - the shipping cost for those cases can be pretty high just due to their size.
  5. Our solution was to add another layer of back cushions to make the seats less deep. Intuitively that might sound like a hassle but in practice it no big deal and actually adds some additional flexibility to the space. An additional 4” cushion is just about right, and can be repositioned for however you want to use the seat.
  6. If you're looking for something bombproof, I've used Hardigg cases for years. I don't know what you'd have to do to destroy one, and you can spray them down with a power washer without them leaking. You can always find them on eBay in different sizes, sometimes very cheap. Appearance quality is hit and miss since most of them are military surplus. I've got a bunch of grey ones in the 1818-0603 size, which is about the largest that I'd want to lift over my head to put on a rack, but you could use a larger one on the front basket. I've thought about getting a huge one for the back of the Ol
  7. This reminded me of a Sami album I had years ago and it took a bit of archeology to recover the name from my memory, and a song from it on the internet - Still strikes me how similar it is to Native American music. Of course, you also reminded me of the Will Ferrel Eurovision movie, which yes was dumb, but surprisingly better than it should have been -
  8. Per request, I've moved all the electrical diagram discussion to its own topic.
  9. Check it out, otters, I got some new dancin shoes yesterday. So let's not waste time, and get outside to do a little happy dance around our Ollies - it's New Music Friday! • Whew, that was fun. I hope no one hurt anything. Let's settle it down with something that sounds like a remake. You guys will know better than me - it's got a very 70's/80's rock ballad jibe. • This is an easy summertime song from Lebanese singer/songwriter/guitarist Roger Fakhr - • I know some of you are wondering why classic rock guitar is currentl
  10. Congratulations on your book! I love the cover. 👏🏼
  11. I have one, but I never got around to moving it from my old vehicle to my truck. I had it for a few years in the before times and I think the best use of it was in hearing traffic info from the truckers. I found though that the range was pretty limited, though that might have been my lack of expertise in choosing and tuning the antenna. But when we got the truck, I wanted a pair of handhelds, and ended up going with ham radios (which I converted for MURS channels so that we didn't have to worry about getting licenses). Those have been so nice that I'd actually forgotten about wanting
  12. I've had good luck with a magic eraser on those types of stains. Not with completely magical results, but quasi supernatural.
  13. I've heard about this engineering department. Out of curiosity, I googled (ducked?) 'recommended suspension clearance for trailers'. The only relevant result I got was a comment from an eTrailer rep who said that they recommend 3".
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