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  1. What’s the grey box on the right? I don’t have one of those.
  2. Like Andrew, I suspect that you just have a valve turned wrong. Look on the underside of the hatch over the valves and there should be a diagram showing the correct orientation. If not, then your owners’ manual should have one. If your pump is running constantly then it’s likely that it’s the fill valve on the lower right that’s wrong, and the pump is just cycling water back into the tank. If that doesn’t do the trick, then check the filter on the pump as it may be clogged. It’s the clear plastic container connected to the pump. Another unlikely cause could be a broken valve. And always a chance that there’s not actually water in the tank. 😝 It’s no surprise that your tank drain just dripped - that seems to be a common problem that has been discussed here more than once. One good solution is to do just as you thought and just run the water into the grey tank.
  3. Roughly how up to date is the radar data? I use the free version of the My Radar app and really like it, but the radar delay is around 10 minutes.
  4. That’s exhausted my ideas. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Is your surge protector built in? Can it be bypassed? (Wondering if it was damaged by the power outage rather than actually doing its job.)
  5. Have you tried it without the AC running to see if it's detecting an overload? Have you tried the generator on Normal mode vs Econ?
  6. Even if they can’t, it’s just text and at the very least they could tell you the font and size and you could have it made locally.
  7. I guess I’m curious why you need a pump at all. We have an adapter on our drain and when we’re allowed we just run a long hose out of the campsite and keep the drain open.
  8. I guess I’m the odd one who’s looking at the back of my eyelids when I’m in bed. 🤔 During the day, I can move a pillow if I want. I wouldn’t let that dictate how I’d sleep.
  9. Head to the rear is the right way, and head to the front is the wrong way - seems self evident. 😛
  10. I want to say that someone has done exactly that, with a custom made mattress across the back, but I can't remember for sure. Sounds familiar though. You'd probably want a Lagun-type table top, or something that can use a single pedestal. The fiber granite top can't really be cut down.
  11. Yes, sorry I didn't read it closely enough. Little House Customs have made window awnings for Oliver owners in the past.
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