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  1. Hello all, Been a member for a decent chunk of time on the forums and I had some questions early on but the answers were pretty slim at the start. So I have had my Oliver for a couple years and we always leave the bed setup. My wife and I spend the majority of the time outside and find the little dinette plenty if we are inside. Early on I was looking for a sleep number type bed but kept running into issues be it a Queen size short and then you have space along the mattress that was left empty or you stuff pads in or a regular size mattress turned size ways but jammed in. At any r
  2. Hello all, I created a access port for the fresh water drain valve. The reason behind this is so you dont have to take your bed apart each time to gain access to the drain valve. I simple lay down on the floor and can reach the valve. This mod isnt for everyone specially those that have a issue laying the on the floor to reach it but I find it much easier to use then having to take my king bed up each time. In another post today I will show you the perfect mattress setup for the king floor plan. At least the best mattress set I have found for it so far. I purchased a Five Ocean
  3. Hello, Yes there is insulation on the door and mine is hanging loose which is why I think the previous owner had the issue before. I will try to get some pictures up. I might go the 3m Route that was mentioned but if Walmart has a easy fiberglass repair type that might be a better option. On closer inspection you can see how the screw basically pulled out of the tiny bit of fiberglass it has to connect to. Im thinking if there is some type of fiberglass repair goop I could put a dab on the location and place the screw back into its spot and let it dry and it might hold. Basically it
  4. I agree with the design issue. Open up with support rod or side to side. The other option would be mounting it to something solid. Say a piece of chrome metal that is in the door as part of structure. Anyway I will have to reach out to them see if maybe they can give me a suggestion because I cant make a trip over to the factory being a west coast person that is a long trip for a screw repair. I guess if I did manage to get enough time off I could make the run and have them replace the fridge while Im at it. I am not a fan of the full electric fridge that the previous owner chose.
  5. Hello all, Looking for some advice. As you know I purchased my 2015 Ollie Leg Elite II used. On my last camping trip the cargo door cable came off. I have a feeling it was broken from the last owner and they had hot glued it back in place. Well as you can imagine it only took a single bump while pulling out my tire blocks and it broke free. This being said Im looking for suggestions on how to attach the cable back correctly. It looks like the screw that was in it was torn free and again just hot glued or maybe fiberglass patched back in. Any recommendations would be greatly appreci
  6. I was about 5 miles out from Mt Adams in Washington State. Bird Creak area. Very primitive camp ground. If you are ever in the area I consider it one of the best boon docking camp grounds. Over 5 days I think I ran into 3 other campers at other camp grounds in the area. I love riding my TTR225 while camping. So much to explore in that area and it was last year or year before that the massive forest fire rolled through the area so there was lots to look at. Anyway I chose to back in between 4 large trees. I think total I might have got 1 hour of direct sun light a day on my panels.
  7. What is the stock Fridge that comes in the Legacy Elite II? I purchased mine used and went boon docking this past week. The previous owner had a 12v Novakool installed. My solar couldnt keep up with it. Likely my fault considering how warm it has been lately I picked a nice shaded spot. Anyway I think Im going to consider swapping out the Novakool for a 3 way and would like to know the stock model.
  8. Hopefully in the near future the folks that run the forum will enable the option when you select the Link button. When you go to make a link you will be able to select the gear icon and select open in new window. Once a topic is running it appears you can do that but not until you have posted.
  9. Thanks for your opinion. I spend a lot of time on the internet as thats part of what I do for a living. A lot of sites that are based on information exchange use links opening in another tab/window to allow you to quickly view a item or another bit of info without leaving the current information. Specially on step by step type items. Tech savvy people know to right click while others that are of another generation often dont and get lost. I know because I deal with those folks a lot as well. Nothing says you have to use the advanced links or not. Its your preference I can just tell you
  10. Bill, I can speak to having a 8ft bed. It makes hauling lumber or my bikes very easy. My truck is rather large because it has the quad cab and 8ft bed. I think it comes in at just over 23ft. Add my Oliver and I have a long rig but the truck doesnt notice the trailer at all and the trailer tows like a dream staying right behind the truck. You can view my profile then look under pics and see it. FYI I dont have many pictures yet as I have not even been able to take my Ollie on a trip! It was on its original haul home that day. Anyway I priced out the fold-a-cover for my model i
  11. Bacon is a very common item in my fridge. :) Do you have any links for your cover? Or even a link to one of your youtube videos about the cover. Picture is worth 1000 words so that makes videos priceless. Think I seen a quote about bacon. If bacon causes cancer, I'll eat it all so no one else has to suffer. Not all heroes wear capes. Link me that youtube video.
  12. Hello all, For years I have owned a Toy Hauler and pulled it with my Ram 2500 so I never lacked for storage options. Since my Ollie Purchase I have come to realize that its time to leverage my tow vehicle. I typically camp with 2 easy up shades/netted cover areas extra propane tanks for my cooking / lighting needs and my new generator shows up this coming week. That being said I will now be loading my Dirt bikes into the back of my truck along with all the gear. I do a mix of regular camping and boon docking with my dirt bikes. So what Im looking for is some suggestions on a Cove
  13. Just a regularly offensive kinda guy arnt you? :) Seriously John do you not read what you type? Im not angry Im just saying dont roll up into someones post and crap on it. Thats like rolling into my house and helping yourself to the bacon in my fridge without me knowing you. It just doesnt go well for anyone involved. That being said if you notice I have replied to several other posts of yours and if I was actually upset I wouldnt have bothered. Anyway speed on their forum has improved recently about 85%. It might actually be on your end. You might grab CCleaner free version and le
  14. Congrats on the anniversary. As for fond memories of bailing hay I didnt realize that was possible. I set a lot of pipe and bailed a lot of hay and the only fond part was getting paid. :) But what I do remember was actually running the equipment and that I do have fond memories of. I will take any day on my tractor over sitting at a desk coding or fixing systems. And Camping tops being on my tractor... specially if Im far enough out that I dont get cell service. Enjoy your trip!
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