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  1. Hello all, Been a member for a decent chunk of time on the forums and I had some questions early on but the answers were pretty slim at the start. So I have had my Oliver for a couple years and we always leave the bed setup. My wife and I spend the majority of the time outside and find the little dinette plenty if we are inside. Early on I was looking for a sleep number type bed but kept running into issues be it a Queen size short and then you have space along the mattress that was left empty or you stuff pads in or a regular size mattress turned size ways but jammed in. At any rate I found the perfect mattress for the location and its very comfortable. We ordered two Ghost Bed Twin size. Ghost bed gives you 100 days to try out the mattress. We placed them inside the house and tried them out and found them comfortable. The attached images show them in place. It is a tight fit and the corner of each mattress at the curve in the back is pushed in slightly but not enough to cause a issue. I will be writing a different post in the modification section to show you how I handled access to the fresh water drain while the mattresses are in place. On a side note the mattress being two twins sit tight in place so they don't move around and also if you had to move them to get access its as easy as stripping the sheets off and lifting one side and placing it on the other. UPDATE Hello for some reason Im not able to reply to my own topic so I am doing this through edit mode. I have my bed setup as a permanent bed. My hull is 087# My cushions for the bed area are stored in my house. The reason I went to a Ghost bed is I have a bad back. What comes from the factory will make me sore after one night of sleep. The mattress I ordered was a Twin standard because the XL is too long to fit into the space without modification. These mattresses I originally thought I would have to slightly modify by cutting corners but as it turns out they as a pair fit in fairly snug with only slightly bending the corners. I also looked at other twins on the market (Bed in a box aka. online beds) and none seemed to have the same measurements. Most would be too large or require more modifications like cutting them. At any rate my update for this is the camping trips I have had so far after the mattresses have been some of the best trips I have had in years. Previous to my oliver I had a Toyhauler that had a full size sleep number queen bed and that was great. That being said I would highly recommend avoid toy haulers because man from year one I typically had to pay 1k to 3k a year in repairs. Turns out that back wall missing sure causes issues with the entire thing flexing more. Anyway we love our Oliver and the only thing I would recommend would be Oliver to rethink their black/grey water system. I have owned TTs and RVs and the Oliver sadly has been the most difficult to deal with when it comes to draining. The rest were as simple as pulling the handle and it drained. With the Oliver if you do not raise the tongue height you never fully drain it. At least thats my experience. Sorry off on a tangent. Anyway at the end of the day some of us keep our beds down full time for ease of use. And the mattress I purchased Im thrilled with.
  2. Hello all, I created a access port for the fresh water drain valve. The reason behind this is so you dont have to take your bed apart each time to gain access to the drain valve. I simple lay down on the floor and can reach the valve. This mod isnt for everyone specially those that have a issue laying the on the floor to reach it but I find it much easier to use then having to take my king bed up each time. In another post today I will show you the perfect mattress setup for the king floor plan. At least the best mattress set I have found for it so far. I purchased a Five Oceans Marine white screw in deck plate off Amazon. I went with the 5" Deck plate for 10.99 and with Prime its free shipping. The location I chose was just above the drain valve and even with the vent and I think it turned out well. I did this mode using a metal cutting blade in my jig saw. I chose the metal blade for smaller teeth. Have your wife or friend use a spray bottle on mist setting and spray it while you are cutting it with a towel on the floor it will collect all the fiberglass dust. Be smart and wear a mask anyway. Also tape the entire area. I used painters tape and over taped. This will keep the fiberglass from having issues cracking and also keep your jib from busting or scraping up the inside. There are lots of youtube videos on doing deck plates in boats. Treat it the same as those videos and things will be fine. UPDATE Oddly enough for some reason I am unable to reply to my own post. So I will answer some questions. My Hull# is 087. Its a 2015. I had 0 access to that without going through the top which ment taking apart my bed. I have made my bed a permanent or semi permanent down bed with a pair of Ghost bed mattresses. At any rate with the port I am actually able to access the fresh water drain. My Ollie has a on demand hot water heater as well so that is not as big a issue.
  3. Hello, Yes there is insulation on the door and mine is hanging loose which is why I think the previous owner had the issue before. I will try to get some pictures up. I might go the 3m Route that was mentioned but if Walmart has a easy fiberglass repair type that might be a better option. On closer inspection you can see how the screw basically pulled out of the tiny bit of fiberglass it has to connect to. Im thinking if there is some type of fiberglass repair goop I could put a dab on the location and place the screw back into its spot and let it dry and it might hold. Basically it has a bit of a bite left but it pulls loose very easy. Before I do anything I think I will get some close up pictures posted so I can get your opinions on what route you think would be best. I value this forum for its information. :)
  4. I agree with the design issue. Open up with support rod or side to side. The other option would be mounting it to something solid. Say a piece of chrome metal that is in the door as part of structure. Anyway I will have to reach out to them see if maybe they can give me a suggestion because I cant make a trip over to the factory being a west coast person that is a long trip for a screw repair. I guess if I did manage to get enough time off I could make the run and have them replace the fridge while Im at it. I am not a fan of the full electric fridge that the previous owner chose. Anyway thanks!
  5. Hello all, Looking for some advice. As you know I purchased my 2015 Ollie Leg Elite II used. On my last camping trip the cargo door cable came off. I have a feeling it was broken from the last owner and they had hot glued it back in place. Well as you can imagine it only took a single bump while pulling out my tire blocks and it broke free. This being said Im looking for suggestions on how to attach the cable back correctly. It looks like the screw that was in it was torn free and again just hot glued or maybe fiberglass patched back in. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as Im not a fiberglass repair person by any means. Should I take it to the local marine shop and have them do the repair? Thanks
  6. I was about 5 miles out from Mt Adams in Washington State. Bird Creak area. Very primitive camp ground. If you are ever in the area I consider it one of the best boon docking camp grounds. Over 5 days I think I ran into 3 other campers at other camp grounds in the area. I love riding my TTR225 while camping. So much to explore in that area and it was last year or year before that the massive forest fire rolled through the area so there was lots to look at. Anyway I chose to back in between 4 large trees. I think total I might have got 1 hour of direct sun light a day on my panels. I charge my iPad / iPhone in the evenings and the fridge would drop my batteries down to around 80%. I would then charge them back up next day while running the generator for about 5 hours. The Fridge was installed by Oliver at time of purchase. My Generator was a Champion with remote start. I purchased it off Amazon. View here Side note on the generator everything I read screamed purchase a Honda or Yamaha. The price of a 3000 watt Honda or Yamaha was literally double if not double & 1/2 the price of the champion. I was a bit worried about the sound but when I purchased my champion and fired it up I was amazed at how quiet it actually is. I was able to hear my sprinklers at my house running in the background. I imagine the honda is even quieter but I was plenty happy with the champion at 850.00 with a remote start system already on it. Very happy with this purchase. I will say if you go with that gen you will want to buy 10/30 oil up front as it doesnt come with any. I had it sitting at the tongue of my Ollie and when I was inside I could barely hear it. Also the purpose of my purchase was to be able to run the AC and it did that without a issue at all. Mind you I didnt start the microwave or anything of that nature because when camping I typically do all my cooking outside. Anyway the Novakool worked my batteries and I think I will be purchasing a 3 way down the road. Specially since I would only run it in DC mode when driving and we all know that while driving you get much more sun on your panels then while parked under trees. :) I can say on my drive home which was only 2 hours my batteries went up by I think 5% maybe 6%. Also the NovaKool seemed like it was on a lot. It makes a louder hum while running and would disturb my wifes sleep a bit. I tossed a ear plug in and was good to go. In the past we did exactly what Hap said on our other trailer which was LP off during driving but on while camping. We didnt even have solar at the time but I did have a built in Gen. Anyway I feel that the 3Way if it is anything like my past unit will be much quieter as well. That Nova Kool just seemed to hum or vibrate a lot while the compressor was running. My fridge wasnt packed full but it had a decent amount of stuff in it. Buzzy the tankless hot water heater the previous owner put in was a Suburban on-demand tankless IW60. I cant say I was impressed. It does a ok job and maybe it needs some tweaking to get it working the best. Right now with the fridge full on AC/DC the only thing I use the propane for is the tankless hot water heater. I dont cook inside typically so it just makes sense to get a 3 way. I mean I would have to use a lot of hot water to burn through 2 tanks of propane. Thanks for the info on the fridge.
  7. What is the stock Fridge that comes in the Legacy Elite II? I purchased mine used and went boon docking this past week. The previous owner had a 12v Novakool installed. My solar couldnt keep up with it. Likely my fault considering how warm it has been lately I picked a nice shaded spot. Anyway I think Im going to consider swapping out the Novakool for a 3 way and would like to know the stock model.
  8. Hopefully in the near future the folks that run the forum will enable the option when you select the Link button. When you go to make a link you will be able to select the gear icon and select open in new window. Once a topic is running it appears you can do that but not until you have posted.
  9. Thanks for your opinion. I spend a lot of time on the internet as thats part of what I do for a living. A lot of sites that are based on information exchange use links opening in another tab/window to allow you to quickly view a item or another bit of info without leaving the current information. Specially on step by step type items. Tech savvy people know to right click while others that are of another generation often dont and get lost. I know because I deal with those folks a lot as well. Nothing says you have to use the advanced links or not. Its your preference I can just tell you a lot of my customers appreciate the links opening in a new window. Another example is most City or Government sites do the same. The basis behind the opening in a new tab is to avoid having your customer or reader leave your site. Look at the forums for Fiberglass RV. They pop up a disclaimer anytime you click a link because its going to take you away from the site. Its a very common thing to avoid someone leaving the very content they were intending to read. Yes the right click open in new tab is in fact a option and many know that. Anyway the subject is clearly split so its not a big deal dont code it in but know that any post or topic I reply in will have the code placed in it if I intend on linking a item because I never want to have the reader leave the page unless they intend to. If I recommend a item or say how about this item they might just want to take a quick glance at said item and instead of having them leave the site I will do them the favor of making it so it opens in a new tab/window. If you are a person that right clicks opens links in new tabs every time that is great and this bit of code will not change the way that feature works so by all means continue using it. The code is mainly for those that dont know of or us the right click. iPad - Android Tablet - iPhone - Android Phone - Surface Pro - Surface book - Windows Phone - Mac - PC all these devices have similar but also different ways to open in a new tab. If the user knows how great ... If the users dont know how to use the right click then my example takes care of that. Again please understand this is for those that care enough to toss the code in. Its similar to realizing the most common screen size and knowing to avoid posting a picture larger than that size in order to avoid scrolling. Some people dont care if a person has to scroll to see the full image. Some of us do care because its what we do. Anyway in support of the links or not again thats up to you.
  10. Bill, I can speak to having a 8ft bed. It makes hauling lumber or my bikes very easy. My truck is rather large because it has the quad cab and 8ft bed. I think it comes in at just over 23ft. Add my Oliver and I have a long rig but the truck doesnt notice the trailer at all and the trailer tows like a dream staying right behind the truck. You can view my profile then look under pics and see it. FYI I dont have many pictures yet as I have not even been able to take my Ollie on a trip! It was on its original haul home that day. Anyway I priced out the fold-a-cover for my model in the G4 elite version and its right at 900.00 which isnt too bad. Buzzy thanks for the pictures. I need to do some more looking to make sure the line x wont cause any issues with the rails and cause it to leak. "Black widow spider found in container of grapes." Another reason to not be vegetarian. You never find spiders in packs of bacon!
  11. Bacon is a very common item in my fridge. :) Do you have any links for your cover? Or even a link to one of your youtube videos about the cover. Picture is worth 1000 words so that makes videos priceless. Think I seen a quote about bacon. If bacon causes cancer, I'll eat it all so no one else has to suffer. Not all heroes wear capes. Link me that youtube video.
  12. Hello all, For years I have owned a Toy Hauler and pulled it with my Ram 2500 so I never lacked for storage options. Since my Ollie Purchase I have come to realize that its time to leverage my tow vehicle. I typically camp with 2 easy up shades/netted cover areas extra propane tanks for my cooking / lighting needs and my new generator shows up this coming week. That being said I will now be loading my Dirt bikes into the back of my truck along with all the gear. I do a mix of regular camping and boon docking with my dirt bikes. So what Im looking for is some suggestions on a Cover that is secure for when Im camping without the bikes in a more populated area but is easily able to be removed when Im taking the bikes with. Does anyone have one they already use? I seen in one of Buzzys videos a cover so Im hoping he will weigh in on this subject and Im positive most of the people here are running trucks instead of SUVs.
  13. Just a regularly offensive kinda guy arnt you? :) Seriously John do you not read what you type? Im not angry Im just saying dont roll up into someones post and crap on it. Thats like rolling into my house and helping yourself to the bacon in my fridge without me knowing you. It just doesnt go well for anyone involved. That being said if you notice I have replied to several other posts of yours and if I was actually upset I wouldnt have bothered. Anyway speed on their forum has improved recently about 85%. It might actually be on your end. You might grab CCleaner free version and let it take a look at your system. It will clean out a lot of left over crap that ends up on your system and slows it down after time.
  14. Congrats on the anniversary. As for fond memories of bailing hay I didnt realize that was possible. I set a lot of pipe and bailed a lot of hay and the only fond part was getting paid. :) But what I do remember was actually running the equipment and that I do have fond memories of. I will take any day on my tractor over sitting at a desk coding or fixing systems. And Camping tops being on my tractor... specially if Im far enough out that I dont get cell service. Enjoy your trip!
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