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  1. I sent Donna a PM, and yes still love my Durango, taking my first long trip to Florida this week as a loner, be really missing my late wife Carol and my late dog Gunner.
  2. If you need to get in the bed of your pickup and don't have the stool handy, just put one foot on the rear tire and swing your other leg over and you're in. I just ordered a 1up bike rack, now I need to order the ebike.
  3. I would think after the first time, uh, no more head banging. I am 6'0 and have never hit my head
  4. Probably need a oversize permit to run that thing down the road.
  5. While we had our trailer in the shop for some upgrades, we needed a place to stay Monday night. We chose Meriweather B & B right off Main St in Hohenwald. What a pleasant surprise, it's really a top notch place to stay. Melisa, the owner, allowed us to check in early and check out late while waiting for the trailer to finish. She goes out of way to make her guests feel welcome. Only down side,,,no kids or pets, but this time we left our dog with our son. And a big thank you to Oliver for having a level with electric spot to overnight at the sales office. Nice touch.
  6. I just use a couple of 4x4 blocks between the tires and some 6x6 plus 4x4 blocks for leveling. I moved my gas bottles a couple inches forward and installed some grating and that's where I store the blocks. That way they don't clutter up the basement storage area. Stan
  7. Here is a heads up on the drain tube that goes through the floor. That tube can pull out of the hole and if not caught all your tank water will be inside the trailer. As I was getting ready to open the drain, I noticed light coming through the floor, not normal, then I realized it was the hole for the drain. Something to keep an eye on. Stan
  8. I still like the idea of a window right behind the sink. The type of window in the bathroom would be the right size with clear glass. Seems like it would be a easy fix. Stan
  9. Dwain, My wife is the same way, she refuses to setup camp unless there are other campers in the area. Drives me nuts, but just have to go along, a fight I will never win. Even so, we have camped at some great areas from Montana to south Texas and a lot of places in between. Stan
  10. Jeez Bill, gotta keep those dang deer and elk from looking in your window when you're in the back woods. Now speaking of windows, I requested a small window right behind the sink area, but was shot down. I was given a stupid reason, but I still think it's doable. Since the door window is frosted, it would be nice to have another window on that side. The bathroom window with clear glass would be perfect for that area. Probably something I would want done at the plant. Stan
  11. I have always had a problem with the black tank valve not closing when I use the handle in the back. Solved that problem by manually pushing the valve closed under the dinette seat. Someday we will go by the plant and get it fixed. Stan
  12. How do I find a persons forum name if I only know their real name? Stan
  13. Bill, you could just keep that snow down there in N.C. So far we have about 6" here in Blacksburg and supposed to snow all day. When it stop I'm for sure going to have to walk the forest trails down the street from the house. Nice fairly level trail that runs along the Wall's Branch to Strouble's Creek. Love a quiet, still, snow covered woods trail. Stan
  14. We had a pop up camper, before the Ollie, and if we were staying more then 3-4 days, we would unload the camper at the campsite. Yes, it was a pain to unload and load, but it was worth it to not be hauling the camper around the mountains. It worked well for us when we were doing the camping with horses thing, but horses are gone and we moved on to another style of camping. Our Durango does great, but the down side is the low clearance level, so that is some restriction. Stan
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