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  1. Hello to the Oliver southbound on I81 near Harrisonburg PA on Thursday 6/23. We were headed home with our new Ollie!
  2. I'm a one-cup-in-the-morning gal and hubby does not drink coffee. I'd like to skip bringing anything big or electric, and the French press is too acidic for me, so I've been on the hunt for a non-electric, easy clean, no effort coffee (I appreciate an excellent brew but I'm not picky). I found this - MyJo single cup coffee maker online. Yes, it is a "made for TV, Presto" product, so I may be wasting my $25, but I'm going to give it a whirl. It takes Keurig cups or reusable pods you can refill. If anyone has feedback about this little gadget it would be appreciated! Plan B is a filter #2 pour-over set up.
  3. Thanks everyone! Dud and I are so happy to finally get the ball rolling!
  4. After much anticipation we are finally sending our buildsheet in! Now I have to make the tough decision about colors. Can anyone please tell me what the Wild West ultrafabric really looks like? It is very hard to tell if it is brown, tan or grey from the booklet. Update - the virtual tour has a great close-up of it!
  5. Perfect! That was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Bill!
  6. My husband and I placed our order for an Elite II today! This forum has been wonderful so thank you all for the wealth of info you have offered. I am interested in DIYing some zipper bedding for our twin beds (upgraded mattresses) while we are impatiently awaiting our delivery date on 7/26. Is there a template out there somewhere? I haven't been able to locate one despite much searching. Stephanie B
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